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"The life is doing what it can: health and disease are only two forms of this effort to live ... Who is the very life" Andre COUNTY-SPONVILLE

Your pharmacist

Votre pharmacien
Blog diabaide de l'enfant

Blog diabaide of the child

The Word of The Pharmacist


First and foremost, I want to thank you loyally to have begun the process to come to my blog. This means that you are interested in the good health of your child diabetic or that of one of your loved ones and that you share the same vision that that i'm to undertake…

And it is As well as all started for me, created a blog for parents of diabetic children…

Pharmacist, i will be your privileged interlocutor for the support of this chronic disease.

This blog would never have seen the light of day without the help and support of my dear Sisters and Dear Brothers. Here, I would like to thank them all and all, not to mention the associations of people with diabetes and parents of diabetic children for their valuable advice and their support in all the steps of the creation of this blog.

After a year of reflection on the creation of this blog, with the encouragement of my small family, " Diabaide of the child" my blog has been able to see the day…

My little girl News is upsetting to Diabetic

Very cordially,

T. BENZEGANE Doctor of Pharmacy

Signed, The Pharmacist

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