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Know the entirety in the glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c

Connaitre l’intégralité sur l’hémoglobine glyquée ou HbA1c
Hémoglobine glyquée ou HbA1c

Glycated Hemoglobin, hemoglobin glycosolee, glycosylated haemoglobin or HbA1c

Knowledge of the interpretation of the HbA1c or of the glycated haemoglobin (haemoglobin glycosolee)

You need to know that The interpretation of the results of the HbA1c measures the average of the rate of glucose levels in the blood of your child on a period of three months, AND that the test of The HbA1c is measured in percentage…

Be aware that The concept of the test of the glycated haemoglobin has proved to be a tool for the reliability indicator of insulin therapy the child…
Each individual has a little bit of glucose attached to hemoglobin in the blood (At the level of red blood cells). We measure the rate of glucose which is fixed to the haemoglobin by a test called Glycated hemoglobin.

In scientific term, more the result as a percentage of this test is high, more is the amount of glucose that is fixed on the haemoglobin is great in the blood circulation during this period of 3 months.

A normal subject without diabetes presents a Glycated hemoglobin in the order of 4 to 5 percent of glucose which is connected to the red blood cells, To ensure a good basic operation for the body.

The American Diabetes Association recommended for people with diabetes to maintain a level Glycated haemoglobin less than or equal to 7 percent in order to preserve the complications that gettent the topic diabetic in the short and long term…

A study has shown that the maintains control of this test in the levels promulgated by the American Diabetes Association allows you to avoid serious health problems for your child to cause of diabetes such as:

  • The disease of the kidney leading inevitably to a dialysis,
  • A heart disease affecting the integrity of the heart,
  • A risk of hypertension,
  • The nerve damage devices with the great risk of amputation,
  • Problems related to the vision (alteration of the retina, leading to blindness),
  • Skin problems (itching, urticaria, etc. . ),
  • A poor oral and dental health linked to an imbalance glycaemic

Define what is a test of glycated haemoglobin?

This is a test used to have an idea of the average rate of sugar in your blood during The last two or three months. It is a true mark for health care professionals in the first place for To be able to judge of the therapeutic regimen adopted according to a relatively long period of time…

By against the analyzes of blood that you do every day to your child with a glucose meter, they give you only the test of blood glucose in a time T (that is to say a instant blood glucose) And can only give you information on the level of sugar in your blood which fluctuates between the various checks.

You will never have an exact reflection of the rate of average blood sugar with a glucose meter standard, Only the test of the glycated haemoglobin will you reveal a critical source of information on the average of the sugar (glucose) levels during this long period…

How should we perform the test of the glycated haemoglobin?

The test Glycated hemoglobin is currently done in your doctor's office or in a laboratory. The majority of doctors have the technology and the possibility to practice this review at their own level, by retrieving just a small sample of blood and then analyze it using a specialized device for instant results. This analysis is simple, fast and accurate…

In the otherwise or you'll opt For a laboratory, the results can ask the time of a day or half a day to have such a result.

The recommendations for the test of the glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c

According to the American Diabetes Association, the test of the glycated haemoglobin must be carried out:
  • To have a objective standardized, it is recommended to practice this test At least two times per year For the category of the subjects that target the objectives of a good diabetes management
  • For that which is in the other category of people who do not seek to meet the goals of a better management of diabetes or who are subject to large fluctuations in their sugar (glucose) levels. The doctor may recommend tests Every three months for in the purpose of making changes in their treatment plan.

In the end, for better support of diabetes of your child, A test coverage of glycated hemoglobin on a quarterly basis, would be a better asset to have a very enlightened idea, on how your efforts that have been made for a perfect management of diabetes…

The test of the glycated haemoglobin also allows you to diagnose diabetes…

According to a study published in 2011 by the American Diabetes Association, A rate HbA1c of 5.7 to 6.4 For one hundred Allows you to indicate that the levels of glucose in the blood are high, with no say for as long as it is in front of a diabetes.

We can officially about diabetes, when the rate of HbA1c is greater than 6.5 percent.

However for Values between 5.7 and 6.4 for cenT, we can talk about A pre-diabetes, Which means, that a subject with a HbA1c level in this interval would be a potential candidate for developing the disease, If changes in the dietary habits and physical exercise are observed to decrease the levels of glucose in the blood…

The subjects with type 1 diabetes (as the case of your child) may have a Test result of glycated haemoglobin higher if regular checks are not made to correct the different sugar (glucose) levels achieved on a daily basis.

The ideal goal is to target a glycated haemoglobin less than 7%. For a Result greater than 7, that is to say 8 For cenT Or more, These results seem to be good indicators to make changes in dietary habits or well in the therapeutic regimen adopted to manage better the levels of glucose in the blood of your child.

Signed, The Pharmacist

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A schizophrenic the looks behind the grids of the garden…
The type began to disassemble the wheel of his car, disturbed by the gaze of the "crazy" which the always look behind the sieves.
He takes his spare wheel and, always disturbed by the sight of the "mad", made fall the wheel nuts in a mouth of sewer that was just to side…

Very annoying to have mislaid the 4 wheel nuts he has just dismount, because he could no longer assemble his spare wheel, it is wondering what it will do…

When all of a sudden, the rang alarm bells at the idler and said to him:
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The type of car is speechless,

- Ben ca then! This is really smart, what you are telling me here, but what are you doing behind the grids of this asylum?
- Ben simply, I am crazy, but not of any con!

Éclat de rire

Sheen to laugh

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