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"The life is doing what it can: health and disease are only two forms of this effort to live ... Who is the very life" Andre COUNTY-SPONVILLE

Your child can live an active life with the sport…

Votre enfant peut vivre une vie active avec le sport…
Vivez la passion du sport avec votre enfant

Experience the passion of the sport with your child

Your child can live an active life with the sport…

The practice of sport is Beneficial for the whole world, However, it may be particularly very beneficial for your child if it is reached of diabetes. Please be aware that the persons exercising regularly a sporting activity (of course, it is recommended by the treating physician) Are able to control their diabetes well…

Thus the practice of a regular sporting activity reduces to a considerable degree their risk of complications due to diabetes…

A regular exercise, can be one of the fundamental pillars for the control of blood sugar in your child. Always encourage or motivate your child to practice a regular activity (taking into account its school calendar), for the purpose of holding a plan of daily exercise…

The benefit of sport for a childDiabetic

It was recognized that if your child suffers from a diabetes, and that her diabetes is not well managed, or control, your child runs the risk of developing some problems related to his health including:

  • A cardiac disease (heart attack, a accident vasculo-stroke),
  • A eye damage (lesion of the retina)
  • A kidney damage (nephropathy with risk of dialysis)
  • A breach of the peripheral nerves (a problem with the nervous spectrum their…)
Only the recommendations of the treating physician for your child can save you the risk of developing complications in the long term; To condition to maintain the levels of blood sugar under good control…

Some studies have confirmed the thesis of the practice of a regular exercise Among the diabetic subject, by establishing the following findings:

  • A fairly significant drop in blood glucose levels,
  • Always be a very active element,
  • A very substantial decrease in blood pressure,
  • A decrease in the rate of cholesterol,
  • An increase in the sensitivity of the insulin,
  • A sharp decrease in the risk of a heart attack,
  • Allows a vascular training : weight training of the muscles,
  • A good ossification of the bones.
  • To have a good heart rate,
  • A considerable loss of weight,
  • A decrease in body fat in excess,
  • An increase in the tonus with the acquisition of a great energy,
  • Improvement in the strength and agility,
  • Strengthened the memory of your child,
  • A reduction in certain types of cancer,
  • Allows you to combat the anxiety,
  • A marked decrease in the level of stress,
  • A clear improvement of intestinal transit,
  • Allows you to spend and to burn the sugar in excess…

On the basis of all of these benefits, we can see that the children with diabetes have needed more than ever to practice The physical exercise to help them remain in good health and be able to pursue a healthy and long life

Signed, The Pharmacist

I think to embellish my articles with a joke on the health,

Just for the pleasure to make you laugh!

The story of a crazy…

A madman is held at the top of a large scale with a book.
-What doest thou ?, ask him a passing.
-I am of graduate studies.

Éclat de rire

Sheen to laugh

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