• Collective and Lab

    Disruptive People operates as a think tank and gathers a collective of free styles convinced of the necessity of promoting the critical mind.

    Our ambition aims at living him together contemporary and Awareness of the citizen In his capacity to take care of its economic, professional, family and social fate.

    Zététiquement yours!

  • Network Activiste*Humaniste

    An alive, powerful, influential, active network ... of Disruptors

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  • Mission with Disruptive People

    Disruptive People is an ambitious project which aims to be contributing of a better world which would begin in the awareness with each of us of the impact of our microgestures of the everyday life, since the digital technology until the environment ... via the human being!

    Set up processes one-of-a-kind of innovations!

    A pool of disruptors imagines, creates, proposes …

    Participate in the evolution of the behavior!

    Help to understand and to arm itself in front of big stakes in the moment (digital technology, secularism, ecology …)

    A committed diffuser

    Spread the ideas...

    Original works!

    Production and distribution meaningful "objects":




    Outsource the management of the marketing!

    A vital stake, of development? Ideas and search in €!

  • Our philosophy

    Our mission : To resuscitate, at the heart of the city, the thought criticizes such as the philosophers awakened her since Antiquity.

    To examine always, such is the approach of Disruptive People in of her zététique contemporary,

    Our inspiration : The Lights, Kant: "have the courage to serve you of your own understanding!".

    Our intention : Porter the art of the doubt within institutions and the popular education, to put at the disposal of every citizen to become there or current, tools to regain control his thought.

    A methodology: Spreads in educational workshops, in conferences and other experiments, leaned to a think tank of specialists, intellectuals / actor of the civil society, who built their legitimacy on their works or a social action in the public interest.


    Digital technology / Philosophy / Economy / Outbuildings / Environment / Health