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I open a new topic on this blog, who will speak of our adventure in the creation of business. You will know such as ca or all of this is, and it can still be interesting for those who want to follow the same path ...

We decided, me and cherished, to mount a manufacturing company in cosmetics, candles, and incense natural. We had found the name of the company there is a time, but a hic is presented: AquaLibra (association of Aquarius, the Aquarius and Libra the balance) was already removed for France by a Switzerland for the cosmetics. It was all around the bush, think to Aqua and Libra, dilly ... until it falls on a site aqualibra, italian, with almost the same logo as the our ... arggggggg!

Everything was to repeat, everything was to rethink, find a name that we match is not an easy thing ...

And then finally, the magic of the forest of Broceliande has operated, name and logo in the pocket, and trademark avant-hier ... It fingers crossed for it to be accepted, 6 weeks!

Make sure that you go in 6 weeks with the verdict, and if all goes well, I will withhold you name and logo!

A few useful links:

Check that the name of a mark is not already removal

Check the availability of a domain name (internet)

Make a deposit of a brand with the INPI: There you in uae some 200 euros for 3 categories, 40 euros per category in more

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This time, my creativity has been boosted by the famous almond milk powder that I received from home AZ for test.

This milk is in fact composed of granules which are transformed into milk in contact with water. The size of the granules is interesting for a face scrub. So I thought to myself: Why not do a body scrub oily, which decays into cream in contact with water? And the balls of almond milk would the exfoliation and then dissoleveraient. Hop, it is party!

I have done several tests of balm containing 50% emulsifier with Glycerol Sorbitan monostearate and olivem. The cream obtained was better with the olivem, but the emulsifier plant gave a better touch the balm. Hop, majority ofOlivem, But a little bit of Glycerol Sorbitan monostearate Also. And of the Cocosilicone To improve the sliding of the balm that should be sufficient to take a massage "dry".

I have chosen to the sesame oil, simply because it is suitable for most of the skins (and particularly to my skin mixed), is not greasy and is not too expensive. However, the mine has a smell of walnuts, which can disturb. I avoided to add a butter in order to do not thicken even more texture.

Of course, the star of the balm is the almond milk powder, that I added to the judge during the cooling.

The synergy of essential oils that I have used comes from the synergy Rainbow Meadow, you can still be found among Irene. The mixture of lavender , benzoin and lemon is divine, it looks like a pastry in the lemon! And not to spoil, i took advantage of virtues & and sedated from the lavender and the benzoin as well as those purifying and illuminating of the lemon. Perfect for a mixed skin, fat or even acne-like.

Recipe (The percentages do not fall fair because i otc readjust with the almond milk mit to the judge! ):

  • Olivem 31.8 %
  • 4.5 % Glycerol sorbitan monostearate (mine came from among MacosmetoPerso, but they do sell more, I do not know too much or it can be found now, if someone has a runway? I think that we can replace it by the VE (Glyceryl stearate)
  • 40.4 % Sesame Oil
  • 9.1 % Cocosilicone
  • 13.6 % Milk almond powder
  • 0.5 % Vitamin E
  • HEY: lavender (3 gt), absolute of benzoin (1), lemon (4)

Pazapas: It is sufficient to melt the olivem, the glycerol sorbitan monostearate, sesame oil, the cocosilicone and vitamin E sets. Once the all homogeneous good, remove from the fire, incorporate the almond milk powder and the HEB (if possible to below 40 °C if the texture allows) and put in pot!


Texture after you have added to the water: the balls of almond milk have melted and the everything was emulsifies immiscible to give a cream ...

Use: that of happiness! We applied on dry skin (but clean), it is ground. The balls of almond milk are doing their job well. Once the body scrub finished, it is moistened and we ground to transform the balm in cream. It is exhilarating, fun! We have to deal with a real cream on the face, the granules of almond milk have completely melted! We can then leave install as a mask. It flushed 10 minutes later, ca hand very easily! And it leaves the skin soft hyper ...

Verdict: I love the concept! Ca allows you to formulate without adding a conservative, perfect for those with allergies.

The secret is to make without a yota of water. Not even a surfactant, which contain almost all a remarkably beautiful water (except the solid, but for the melt in the bold, must cling), in order not to melt the balls of milk.

The body scrub is a bit punchier, to avoid for sensitive skin, and the texture is a little basis which would facilitate the spread and the massage. The smell is nice, but a remarkably beautiful too discreet to my taste.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 3 29 /08 /August /2012 9:50 PM


Refreshing by excellence, the mint is the star of the summer! Whereas the latter key at its end, I present you my Soap to 3 mints...

The essential oil of peppermint is especially gratifying in soap factory in cold, because it takes very well the soda. Dosed to 3% as here, the fragrance is very powerful: it has scented the apartment for more than a month during its cure and he has continued to embalm him under the shower! I think that there are a few years (prior to discover the essential oils in detail), was allergic to the smell and the taste of the mint, i discovered little by little its scent powerful but gentle. Nothing to see with the toothpastes who eke out the mouth, the syrups which want to puke or cosmetics disgustingly (thank you the chemical fragrances obnoxious! ), i am reconciled with the mint the true, that which refreshes, which gives the fishing in the middle of summer!

For this soap, I selected a synergy of 3 essential oils of mint different: peppermint , spearmint that smells the chlorophyll and the fresh mint ... For a result really nice and fresh!

Attention however, the essential oil of peppermint is prohibited to pregnant women, lactating as well as to children, because it contains carvone (ketone), neurotoxic and abortifacient in high dose.


I chose a recipe very rich in olive oil (40 % ), in order to have a foam to the creamy time, ultra-smooth and creamy taste. Bet wins! However, I found my know a little soft, who founded a little quickly. A review therefore, without doubt by adding a wax or of cocoa butter in small dose.


  • 40% Olive
  • 30% Coco
  • 10% Castor
  • 5% Sunflower
  • 15% Shea
  • Vitamin E
  • 3% Essential oils of mints peppery, fresh green and
  • Green oxide, blue oxide and titanium dioxide

IMGP1725Question form, i sank in a cylindrical mold of 11cm in diameter: A sleeve of PVC pipe. The soaps are very nice, unfortunately, they are little practices: too big to be well shims in the hand, and too thin to hold well awake during the cure!^^ By against, the demolding is very easy, not even need a blouse, ca is sticks all alone or almost!


Level and marbling, I made a marbling "to the bottle", as was baptised Performed In Translation Include, that is to say as a marbling to the spoon, but with the bottles to tips found at Zinette. I then marble a second time with a Chinese wand in the entire height of the mold to make a kind of snail.

In the end, I like this soap, even if it still lacks a few small things: a bit of hardness, without doubt a little satin of powder which the skin, and a form more practice! By contrast, the smell, the freshness, the softness, the creamy foam and the aesthetic side are at the appointment!

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Sunday 26 August 2012 7 26 /08 /August /2012 11:30

There is a time already, one of my aunts has asked me a cream for his face. Status of places: mature skin, hair, rather dehydrated with redness. And at the express request of the recipient, it should be a "super anti-wrinkles", but that is the least "fat" as possible. Hop, i am attached to my grimoires!


I started by a system but an emulsifier lightweight moisturizer: Olivem, glycerol and alcohol sorbitan monostearate cetearylique. I love the rendering with a concentration of fat less than 20 %, it is velvety and protector at a time. And of the Lecithin Degreased in the aqueous phase to booster the hydration. And to reduce the sensation of bold, 1% of Lauroyl sarcosinate lysine (Key Smooth among AZ), which gives a fantastic soft touch.

For oils, I put on the Its rice and the calophylle For the problems of redness, the Macerate of prickly pear Against the appearance of wrinkles and for its power anti-oxidant and the lawyer for his side but nourishing penetrating. A portion of coco silicone (Coco-octanoate) In order to avoid the white marks, a remarkably beautiful of Vitamin E As anti-oxidant and it is good!

On the side of the aqueous phase, I have done the lion's share to theHydrolat of camomile, Star soothing by excellence. I have added to theAllantoin, At the same time soothing and restorative. I have tried the Sodium lactate In place of the glycerine. It is in effect even more moisturizing, without having the sticky side of the glycerine. Any benefit!

I am well dropped to the level of assets:

  • Hydration with TheHyaluronic acid, The Sodium PCA, TheInulin And 0.5 % ofAHA
  • Anti-wrinkle with theConcentrated extract of aloe vera And the Protein Complex of argan (The two among Heliocosm), which has the property to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (tensor and immediate effect on the long-term)
  • Anti-oxidant with the Co-enzyme Q10, One of the pub! (Which is also anti-wrinkles at the crossing)

And finally, a synergy of'Essential oil of Rosewood(Excellent anti-age) and theVanilla oleoresin (Moisturizing and anti-oxidant).


Fat Phase:

  • Olivem 3%
  • 3% Glycerol sorbitan monostearate
  • 1% Alcohol cetearylique
  • 1% Oil of calophylle
  • 5% Coco silicone (AZ)
  • 5% Of its oil to rice
  • 5% Macerate oily of prickly pear (on sunflower) (AZ)
  • 3% Oil of lawyer
  • 0.5 % Vitamin E

Aqueous Phase:

  • 60.2 % Of camomile hydrolat
  • 1% Lecithin oil-free
  • 0.2 % XANTHAN GUM
  • 1% Key smooth (AZ)
  • 0.02 % Allantoin
  • 1% Sodium lactate (Zinette)


  • 5% Concentrated extract of aloe vera (Heliocosm)
  • 0.2 % Hyaluronic acid
  • 1% Sodium PCA
  • 0.6 % Protein Complex of argan (Heliocosm)
  • 1% Co-enzyme Q10
  • 0.5 % AHA
  • 1% Inulin
  • Geogard 0.6 %
  • The any diluted with a little rose water and added below 40 °C.
  • Essential Oil of rose wood and vanilla oleoresin

A cream which has rather to the recipient, since she told me again! And I think I have noticed some improvement in the quality of his skin ... ^^

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Saturday 18 August 2012 6 18 /08 /August /2012 5:09 PM

Here is one of the "what's new" Aroma area that the shop offered me to test. I put novelty in quotes because it is already a moment that it is for sale. I had not yet had the opportunity to try the coup!


Here's what in said AZ:

True "oil powder", this asset very innovative disperses in water to create a soft almond milk and nourishing for the skin and the hair. It is a wonder to achieve very simply lotions or gels enriched, sprays capillaries repairers ... It leaves the skin and the hair very soft and improves the hydration. Incorporated in the bath, this active softens the skin and reduces the dryness linked to the water and limestone for foaming products, particularly on sensitive skin.

It contains:

  • Essential Fatty Acid poly-unsaturated (PUFAS or AGE) or Vitamin F : Linoleic acid (omega 6): moisturizes and softens the skin and the hair.
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids (MIGA): oleic acid (Omega 9) : Moisturizes and softens the skin and the hair.
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherols) : antioxidant, prevents aging of the skin.
  • Vitamin A : Antioxidant and regenerating, anti-wrinkles.
  • Phytosterols (Including beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol): enhance the barrier function of the skin and the microcirculation, inhibit aging of the skin, calm inflammations and skin irritation, and protect against the action of UV.

Soluble in water, insoluble in the oil.

Dosage: 1 to 20%

Its richness in vitamin A and phytosterols makes me say that this asset should be good for the skins acneiques and sensitive (and therefore mine, owl).

In the next few weeks, I will introduce you the recipes including this almond milk. I notably very envy of the test in:

  • A soothing soap for the face
  • A soap for the body, by comparing with the same recipe without milk of almonds, to see if it has an influence on the foam, the softness, hydration
  • A lotion to the face
  • A mask for the hair
  • A cream for the face
  • A balm exfoliating, or the milk powder would be in suspension and be transformed into milk in contact with water: Balm body scrub and mask 2 in 1


Zoom on the texture which should make an excellent exfoliating on soft support oily ...

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