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Space out Galilee® and Space out Carrel®
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Quite unique Celtic Ancestral Vibratory and quantum Sacred top-place® !
Crowned top-place R.P. Joseph Carrel - Secrets of Abbot Julio - Maker of Secrets ®
Carrier of Ancestral Tradition of Masters Guérisseurs by True Power of the lineage of Jean Sempé®
The Sacred Magic of Phials capable of gathering all the Sacred Places of the Whole world!
Release itself défintivement from Burn-Out
Road of Raisse 30 - CH-2855 Glovelier - 41 32 426 43 37 - 41 79 763 28 08
Boulevard of Pérolles 57 - CH-1700 Fribourg - 41 26 424 24 01 -41 79 763 28 08

Discover all our services and produced [Kits of Magic to make oneself, Exorcisms, Training remote Reiki, Ayurvéda, Floral Waters and Hydrolats, essential Oils, Oils of Unction, Candles Luxes Aeternam, Alchemical Statues, Quantum Quantum Alchemical, Religious Esotericism, esoteric Jewels, articles, Feng-Shui Authentique.

Reboutement Vibratory and Quantum according to the Classic art integrating Celtic tradition Power of the Royal Order of Hospital workers, Antonines and Thor's hammer ® or Celtic Ancestral Bonesetting is not a technique of any massage, but a precise tool affecting the nervous structures, by leaving of the most impressive to the finest which travel all the physical body. The ancestral technique of the Celtic Bonesetters consists in restoring in the body the relief, the balance and the immediate well-being, the origin and the causal point at the heart of the evil appears immediately by the intuitive scanning.

Discover All our services and produced in Alive Alchemy and Quantum Alchemy. Active and alive Post-mortem statue to keep the Intact Memory of Your Dear Missing persons. The Secret of Former revealed in a new combination integrating the common Authentic Members of a religious order. Ashes or memories of your links will remain whole and you will be in direct connection with the Migratory Memory off the beaten track the Biggest Necropolises of the Stay of the Deaths. Offer to those who marked your life the Liberation and to yourself the Freedom. Post-mortem Asset or the Real Liberation of your close friends

A question disrupts you or means a lot to you? You are in a state of doubt or questioning in the face of a situation of life? We are there to help you has to make the good choice and to make the good decision. Consultation of Clairvoyance live Flash.

Clairvoyance without indulgence, precise consultations, hearing Medium, the sound of your voice allows me to start resonating with my flashes which come spontaneously. Loan to be lit you and to guide for your success. Warns you of opportunities and you flash of lightning in your decisions. Accompanies you towards the happiness by answering your questions d sentimental, professional or material order...

During the personal meeting in 1987 with Marcel Belline in his cabinet in 45 street Fountain, in the IXth district, I gleam asked, tell me more on the oracle and its possibilities. His answer was direct as in the accustomed during our various meetings, forget the oracle, everything is in you, draw at the source of the Information, stay in your freedom to see and to hear the subtle voice on wings of the wind. Remain yourself, and we settled other meets.
Reality of Life: Space out Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Flash

EnTreprise : The Quantum Life Coaching ® and the Quantum Thaumaturgy ® which proposes the Space Carrel ® address companies, private individuals as well as sportsmen. We activate the ancestral power outside the karma and the lines of the time to allow you to reach results, by straightening your reality, by urging you to take out off the beaten track and to reach your goals.

Allow to decrease and to reduce massively the absenteeism, the présentéisme, the states of stress, nervousness, emotional states to the work. To solve effectively the conflicts of your staff, to avoid tire them, the physical tensions, the diverse addictions. Lower the levels of ineffectiveness and the motivation of the staff, the rate of greater absenteeism, engendering costs raised for the company. Avoid being affected by a deficient economic health of the company due to a staff whose efficiency is questioned. Find Motivation and efficiency in the work.

Born in 1844 to Cossé-le-Vivien in Mayenne, more known under its abbot Julio's pen name, he was known with its activities of quack and magnetizer, by using formulae of prayers mixing authentic Christian prayers, formulate gnostics, theosophical and spiritualist. Son of a construction worker. In 1870, he is a vicar of Grand Oisseau. When the war bursts, he goes volunteer and becomes a chaplain of the western Volunteers of General Henri of Cathelineau. In his reports this one insists on the praises concerning the heroic conduct of nice Abbot Houssay.

R.P. Joseph Carrel (Galilee)®Priest-exorcist of the Gallican Roman Catholic Church, Metaphysician, Researcher Quanticien, Garbage man, Cleaner, Ink eraser pen, Quantum Sewer worker and Causal Extractor, uses two forms of Quantum thaumaturgy To push you in Be cured Of your wounds of the Past and of all your Tears of the current life.

Kits of High Theurgy, to make oneself and possèdant in his heart a column of light integrating the algorithm floating HLVP8. All the Kits of High Theurgy are personally handled and coded according to a process of quite unique Quantum Encryption!

The Energy, vibratory and quantum Candles Light of Eternity "Lux Aeternam" of the Space Galilee are prepared by craftsmen and inspired by colors and flavors which offers to us the nature. They are of rustic aspect, available in two different sizes [? 70x 120 mm and? 70 x 170 mm] ] and in diverse colors. The candle is an Alive Light, it must be used in a respectful way and in the respect for the current safety regulations.

The harmful waves exist for a long time, but our modern said way of life considerably amplified them, to such a point that we should name them mortal waves. He was proved scientifically the existence of houses to cancers ... and these are more and more numerous. As well as houses with suicides. We are all poisoned of rather harmful or negative waves.

Real estate!

The ayurveda is the traditional medicine native of India also practised in other continents. The ayurveda, ayurvéda or still the ayurvedic medicine devanagari:???????? The "science of the life", of ayus (life) and veda (science, or knowledge) draws his sources from Véda, set of sacred texts of antique India.

After the aéro-ionization and the air fresheners, ASTRALAIR invents the hygiene of the air by plants, true answer to the pollution of ambient air and to the bad smells. FLORILO system ®: a bowl, hydrosoluble essential oils in the service of her Health for a better air quality than you breathe.

It is vital and essential to free perfectly this zone to find the fluidity and the internal freedom. So disappear, the pathologies installed for several years resting on the past experience of life, the present and the intended.

Leadership Intuition and Personal fulfillment, u n powerful tool to strengthen the process of decision-making in your life deprived and the professional. "With the logic which we prove and with the intuition which we find." Henri Poincaré

Biological Floral Waters of Father Galilée, Stemming from the organic farming, coloring Without, without conservative... Our floral waters or Hydrolats of the Sun do not contain conservatives. They are only consisted of distilled water and from 2 to 5 % of essential oils.

The Reiki is a system of therapy Nature of energy harmonization based on the laying on of hands To facilitate a process of cure and harmonization. The energy, which penetrates and spreads in our universe, is channelled in Fault the hands of the practitioner Reiki and sent back to the conductor.

The orgone is an essential, omnipresent cosmic source of energy at the heart of universes with variable density and distinguish themselves electromagnetic strengths. The bioenergy is the vital energy which livens up quite form of life in the cosmic scale and which exists, in a natural way, under several forms. His presence in the atmosphere acts directly on the forms alive on the surface of the earth under the aspect of biological energy.

A zome is a form geometric compound of lozenge ordered in double loop, the weft of which aims to be harmonious. Zomes is also constructions of polyhedral type, made generally in materials light.

A zome is a form geometric compound of lozenge ordered in double Loop, the weft of which aims to be harmonious. Zomes is also Constructions of polyhedral type, made generally in materials Light.
To know and to see, it is to be able to act and not undergo …

R.P. Joseph Carrel (Galilee®) Leads you to the clarification of your personal situations and Professionals …, to find the full self-confidence and Allow to regain control over his fate as long as he is there Even time …, nothing is impossible! Not of Clairvoyance Of indulgenceJust the truth which serves to thwart the traps … Release itself défintivement from Burn-Out.

Help in her Luck and the Success Of your companies in everyday life. Quantum Life Coaching® In the way of her N Ouvelle LIFE. Discover finally the true personal and professional way, not you Persist not for nothing in a narrow gauge and stemming without! Go of The front, offer yourselves the reality which leaves the childhood to the old age. Free the daily karma, do not let you extend beyond anymore in them Difficulties, It is necessary to eliminate... Beauty And The truth! Beauty Is The truth!

Marie-France Carrel
After more than 30 last years in him World of the Pharmacy, the work experience in this time of Change is at your disposal for your Well-being. Wonderful world of the alternative medicines met at the beginning of the 80s,Traveled for more than 30 years in parallel by my activity, and enriched To the son of the years by uncountable trainings in Homoeopathy, Spagyrie,Flowers of Bach, Hydrolathérapie, Aromatherapy, etc. ... became for I today "Obvious fact". > > > read the continuation > > >...
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