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The graph below represents the evolution of the staff(size) of a colony(summer camp) of captive Camponotus ligniperdus but also the mortality listed(counted) at the workers over these last 4 years.

The year of foundation of the queen the number of first generation workers varies from 1 to 10 more generally from 3 to 7 workers.

The number of workers died over the year 2009 was very important, the figure is 282 deaths according to the accounts that I was able to make grace for the follow-up of this colony(summer camp) and by cleaning the areas of harvests connected with the nest but the curve would reflect a "normal" evolution.

*Erreur *

At the beginning of the year on 2007 big larvas made the expenses of the mandibles of the workers.

On 2008 in seen also a number of still white nymphs (not colored) wasted(destroyed) unceremoniously, amount who(which) amounts to good around thirty for those whom I was able to count(record) at least; this figure is not listed in the graphic evolution.

I think that it is here about a completely normal cannibalism for the sort(species), observable to the others let us tax besides unless it is « partially at least » about a result(profit) of the captivity or about a not viable brood. This cannibalism saw observing as well over the year 2009 but with less importance than on 2008 according to I noticed. This decrease would be maybe the fruit of a contribution in vitamins and minerals brought in 2008 in the food(supply) of the colony(summer camp) to try to check this problem to observe in the time(period).; nevertheless a "peak" in this destruction of the brood sees itself every year in exit(release) of diapause: the "biggest" larvas of the prize(lot), fed in prerequisites, are destroyed by the workers!

There or the bottom(stocking) hurts concern the births which fell(flopped) significantly in 2009. This year the heating was less supported than the previous years (volunteer) and had to allow me to observe the effects on the seasonal duration of development of the colony(summer camp) - extension or not of this duration - and is there very certainly the cause express...

The sort(species), for the queens of heights quite at least, is characterized by a short duration of the development is a long diapause over one year. What is the negative point in the breeding to this sort(species). A lot of patience is needed!!

- Cannibalism

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