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Class: Insect

Subclass : Pterygote

Infra-class : Neoptère

Order: Hymenopteran

Subordinate : Apocrite

Infra-order : Aculeate

Super-family : Vespoidea

Family: Formicidae

Sub-family: Formicinae

Tribe : Camponotini

Kind(Genre): Camponotus Mayr, on 1861

Sub-kind(Sub-genre): Camponotus s str ( Sensus stricto)

Sort(Species): Camponotus ligniperdus ( Latreille, on 1802)

Village of the type(chap): France

Camponotus ligniperda( Latreille, on 1802) *

Formica ligniperda Latreille, on 1802: LATREILLE, 1802a; NYLANDER, on 1856.

Camponotus ligniperdus (Latreille, on 1802): ANDRÉ, on 1883; DE GAULLE, on 1908; COLLINGWOOD, 1956b, 1978; PERU, on 1998; LIVORY, on 2006; GROC and al ., on 2007.

Camponotus herculeanus ligniperda (Latreille, on 1802): EMERY, 1908a.

Camponotus herculeanus ssp. ligniperda (Latreille, on 1802): BERNARD, on 1968.

= Formica obsoleta Christ, on 1791: EMERY, on 1892.

BONDROIT, on 1918; SOULIÉ, on 1962; GASPAR, on 1968; BERNARD, on 1983; CASEVITZ-WEULERSSE and PROST, on 1991; DELLA SANTA, on 1995; TRAYS, on 2000.

- The correct name should be Camponotus ligniperda ; Camponotus ligniperdus would not any more be used Because the taxon was described as Formica ligniperda but...

- Here is a personal communication, always very rich in education(teaching), in Doctor Henri Cagniant on the use of the name ligniperdus or ligniperda who, with pleasant(kind) sound authorization, allows me to post her(it) here:

- According to the article 31b ii of the Code, if ligniperda is
Considered as an affixed noun, then he(it) keeps(preserves) his(its) ending
Of origin; according to the Latin dictionary, ligniperda seem in that case to mean:
Lignum = wood, tree, trunk and perda coming from perdo = to ruin;
Thus = "ruin-tree" which would be good a substantivée expression.
CORN : Lignum is of the neutral; thus as perda agree with him, it would be necessary
Say ligniperdum.
- The article 31bii is explicit: " a nominal expression in apposition keeps(preserves) the same ending about is the grammatical kind(genre) of the generic name with which (it) is combined(organized) (e) ".

Ex: Melanoplus femurrubrum is correct, thighbone being of the neutral.

Code of zoological list(naming), on 1985, p. 64.

- However, we could object that ligniperda is a " incorrect original spelling " because lignum being neutral he(it) should have been " ligniperdum " (some rotten wood), to see even ligniperditum (rotted is a participle). Art. 32c, p. 68; what would have given(looked), if Latreille had known about the code: ligniperditum Formica.

- For my part, I would be inclined to keep(preserve) LigniperdusConsidered as attribute
And dedicated by the use(custom) (to see for example in the catalog of B. Bolton).
H Cagniant.

Ouvriere Camponotus ligniperda nature

* - Text pulled(fired) of her(it) Updating of the list of the ants of France published by Janine Weulersse and Christophe Galkowski. Downloadable publication in the .pdf size(format) in link on Antarea.

- Of Bolton catalog of Ants of the World on 1758 - 2005.

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