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The development at Camponotus ligniperdus as all the ants passes necessarily by the stage(stadium) nymphal, called also nymphose or nymph, this particular stage in insects says in " complete metamorphosis " or " holométabole » precede the grown-up stage(stadium).

Having weaved his(her,its) silk protection the larva, which stopped feeding living on its reserves, undergoes numerous and important transformations so internal as external.

The larva (pre-nymph) is not totally immovable but moves a little.

The series of photos below watch "quickly" the evolution which takes place normally in the silk cocoon. This stage of the life of the insect goes well heard(understood) on several days, at Camponotus ligniperdus are needed twenty in thirty days (see more) according to the temperature in which the nymph will be placed / exposed(explained) during this stage!

C. ligniperdus pre-nymphe

The descent of the intestinal contents of the larva sees itself clearly between both photos.

C. ligniperdus pre-nymphe

Eviction of the intestinal contents, the larva becomes white.

C. ligniperdus expulsion du contenu intestinal

…. The skin " frippe »

Camponotus ligniperdus

Camponotus ligniperdus 5

The appearance of the various visible and other appendixes operated during the nymphose (legs, eyes, antennas, etc.) is made in a few hours only (very fast).

From now on the ant is easily recognizable and is going to be colored in the course of days.

Camponotus ligniperdus nymphose

Eyes being the first ones to undergo this tint(coloring)!!

Camponotus ligniperdus nymphose

Camponotus ligniperdus nymphose

Camponotus ligniperdus nymphose

The duration of the development depends on the temperature And of the season.

Camponotus ligniperdus nymphe colorée

The young liberée ant is again little colored, the cuticle, the membrane extern(day pupil) consisted of chitin ( polysaccharide ), is going to harden in the contact of the air(sight) and to be colored in the course of days. This below we obesrvons sharply this difference between these two individuals. The right ant fraichement born and "clearer" than her left sister whom it is a little more " agée ".

Camponotus ligniperdus jeune imago

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