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The data this below are the fruit of a personal observation on
Workers of a colony(summer camp) of breeding of less than 5 years. They rest(base) on a follow-up (average) of the deaths noticed on the workers of the first one(night) and the following generations.

Important precision:

- Life expectancies(cycles) include a wintry period with low temperatures of several months (period of cold) compulsory for the workers.

- Worker's caste consists of sous castes or we can observe said workers " minor », "media" and "chief warrant officer"("major company"). Life expectancies(cycles) differ maybe from the one in the other one. The distinction is not made here.

- He would know how to about it be so otherwise on workers of a colony(summer camp) prospering in natural environment the old workers being under the blow of the predation of numerous animals as well as a different food(supply).

== > life expectancy(cycle) averages of a first generation said worker: 10 in 14 months.

== > life expectancy(cycle) averages of a worker of following generation: 24 months and more ( 2 years).

Worker Camponotus ligniperdus:

Ouvrière Camponotus ligniperdus

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