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At Camponotus ligniperdus, the swarming take place generally at the end of the day between 4:30 pm and 8 pm after sunny day, no or low(weak) wind, of the end of May in July following the village and the height. The flight of the sexual can be observed several following days for the same colony(summer camp).

The fertilization of the queens by males(mates) takes place in flight(theft) at high height when they fall again on the ground they separated. The queens have a heavy and noisy flight(theft), it does not pass unnoticed in the ear in their fallen again.

The next days it is easy(well-to-do) to find young founders under stones "unstuck"("taken off") in the edge or in the middle of roads or simply still wandering in search of a habrit.

== > Looking like the changing room, here of a founding young person Camponotus herculeanus, under a stone.

Essaimage reine Camponotus ligniperdus

Nid présence sexués Camponotus ligniperdus

Having been fertilized the young queens hurry to tear away(to extract) their wings not by having no more the utility and becoming génantes in their travels(movements) on the ground. Smoked wings To the sort(species) and cell(unit) discoidale Absentee.

- Both pairs of wings (previous and later(posterior)) of the queen Camponotus ligniperdus.

Ailes Camponotus ligniperdus

- Previous straight(right) wing being 17 mm.

Camponotus ligniperdus aile

- Queen Camponotus ligniperdus After swarming in search of a site of foundation. She can measure from 16 to 20 mm!

Reine Camponotus ligniperdus

- The male(mate) Having fertilized the young queenIs totally delivered to him even. His(her,its) only intention being to pass on(to transmit) its genetic paquage to immortalize the sort(species) He(It) will eventually die naturally or will be subject to predation of the other insects and\or the birds.

Male(Mate) measure approximately 9 in 10 mm.

Essaimage mâle Camponotus ligniperdus

- Reproductive organ - or Genitalia- Of the male(mate) Camponotus ligniperdus

Genitalia mâle Camponotus ligniperdus

Genitalia mâle Camponotus ligniperdus

- Both pairs of wings (previous and later(posterior)) of the male(mate) Camponotus ligniperdus.

Deux paires d'ailes du mâle Camponotus ligniperdus

- Previous straight(right) wing being 10 mm.

Aile antérieure droite du mâle Camponotus ligniperdus

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