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These photos allow to make a comparison picture of both nearby sorts(species) quoted in referant simply in couleurs* and which(who) will replace on no account the identification realized under bino and\or by a professional of the systematics.

Character ** distinctive between 2 sorts(species):
- Gastre sinks in full, matt, with a dense and rather long pubescence; dark scale herculeanus
- Gastre cleared up on the base, finely alutacé, gleaming in front of and with a more scattered and shorter pubescence; clear scale ................................................................................... ligniperdus

Worker "chief warrant officer"("major company") Camponotus ligniperdus at the top, Camponotus herculeanus below.

We observe here, on the specimen of the top, the front of the gastre (1 er tergite) of red, sharply visible color, which allows In theory To make the difference in situ; the specimen of bottom(stocking) as for him in him(it) uniform gatsre with a darker general color. Not always easy(well-to-do) for an uninitiated.

Queen Camponotus ligniperdus at the top, Camponotus herculeanus below.

Queen C. ligniperdus very gleaming.

Photos used in this comment belong to my friend Claude Lebas.

Their use is forbidden without its preliminary agreement. Thank you for respecting

The work of others.

For a sure identification == > AntArea

* Which could subtly vary, is not an exhaustive criterion of identification.

** Thanks to the Professor hour. Cagniant.

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