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Catégorie voyageI am fascinated by the computing

Since the age of 10 years I wanted to become an IT specialist because I dreamed to become next Bill Gates. Thus I began to study all this on the famous site OpenClassrooms.

Those was not easy to juggle that with the school but nevertheless I managed to hold levels more or less. Certain people I helped / learnt for this thing. For me the computing will reinvent the world such as I or other dévelloppeur. I also have create the site Strab8 Musique which group all the news music which go out on YouTube or on platforms of on-line streaming such as: Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster...

This site I am even going to make there thing as Strab8 Musique Without the help of Webnode.There will be essentially of music Christians / Rap Christian / gospel.

(Rap Christian) Here is music of Lecrae - Messenger Ft. King and Country music
(Gospel pulled of the movie Tea Fighting Temptations) musical Video of Beyoncé and Walter Williams, Sr. (Of Tea O' Jayes) who makes He Still Love Mr. © 2003 Paramount Pictures
(Gospel) Here is Kirk Franklin's music - I Smile
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