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Yasser Arafat et Shimon Perez

A life to heads of state: 11 pictures

Throughout my career, I had the privilege of meeting many heads of states and major of this world. Gerald Ford, the American president, to Arafat, in passing by Georges Pompidou, Shimon Perez, Jacques Chirac, Kissinger or Lawrence Eagleburger, here are a few of the major that I had the opportunity to mingle with.

Yasser Arafat et Shimon Perez Yasser Arafat, président de l'autorité palestinienne Gerald Ford K issinger, ancien secretaire d'état americain Lawrence Eagleburger, secrétaire d'état Georges Pompidou, président français Jacques Chirac Dany Rothschild Dr. Leonnel Fernandez Tahar Al-Masri AM8_1108