January 31, 2012

Upgrade to the point

Some continue to persist in a non-exempt error in bad faith. They want to, against winds and tides, reduce my role with the Chairman Arafat, in a single mission of negotiations with the Israeli authorities for the resumption of the pension fund of Palestinian employees.

To cut short to a campaign of disinformation evident, i published, below, with its translation, the facsimile of the letter that the President Yasser Arafat has directed to the American Secretary of State of the time, Warren Christopher, informing him of the extended to my mission. I had the honor of porter, myself, this missive to Washington and back to the Ambassador Dennis Ross, load the "desk" Middle East.

lettre departement detat

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January 29, 2012

Not of orchids for the enterprise

Fourth of coverage of Not of Orchids for the enterprise, To editions Editions Ink (Paris) 1983.

pas dorchidee pour lentrepriseConsider the Company as a whole under the hegemony of capitalism would be a mistake. For Gabriel Banon, the company is not a field closed or there is a contest between various social partners that make it up, but a living cell which imposes its truth. Agent of change, it is expected of it. Sometimes it is the burden of all ills, sometimes the door to the pinnacle. Believe that you can permanently change its evolution and adapt its conditions of life to any ideology is a deep misunderstanding.

The company itself is source of socialization, nationalization and even of internationalization. This awareness we will perhaps be the economy of a revolution.

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The Party of the company

Fourth of coverage of the Party of the company, Co-wrote with Daniel Huguenin, the Editions Fayard (Paris) 1968.

parti de lentrepriseThe prodigious movement of industrialization that characterizes our era gives the company a preponderant place: that is it which creates the wealth that is needed to desired development by all; it is she who is now the most effective tool for the transformation of society.

Has the time or a deep uneasiness avails itself of this society who hesitates to its aims and the pace to adopt to industrialize, to the hour or the distortions worsen between the political and the economic, it is necessary to take party. It must be recognized as a matter of urgency the importance of the "business phenomenon".

The object of this book is to show how this recognition can be done and the consequences it implies for all men. The nationalization, the internationalization, socialization, but also the participation and co-management are addressed only under the angle of the company. The rules of the growth of the company are set forth not as dogma, but as of imperatives for its development.

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The sharing of Memory

Fourth of coverage of the Memory Sharing, Co-publication of the Crossroads (Casablanca) & Seguier (Paris), 2010.

partage memoireGabriel Banon has been the economic and financial adviser to Yasser Arafat for 10 years. A collaboration that has created a surprising friendship between the adviser and the Jewish Palestinian president. And never use the language of wood or the "politically correct", the author makes us live from the inside what was his role with Arafat. Without taboos, it speaks to us of the relations of the leader of the PLO with the money, the rich Palestinian diaspora, the Arab world and fact state in his life, of all days. It reads as well the below of negotiations at Camp David or Taba, as the comments of Arafat, caught in the moment, on terrorism, corruption and even the Jews and Israel. An unpublished paper which lifted much of the mystery of a strong political figure and controversial.

In the annex, Gabriel Banon referred to the various meetings that have scarred his rich career and explain that it has become for the heads of states a counselor always very listening.

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January 28, 2012


Contributions, I have done for the written press, in Morocco, France and the United States, for the television, mainly French, and the radio, mainly Luxury Radio. But for a long time, I had the chance to see publish my books. Here is the list, to day, waiting for the next book.

livre- THE SHARING OF MEMORY Co-editions the Crossroads (Casablanca) and Atlantica Seguier (Paris) 2010

- THE PEACE OF ALL DANGERS Editions THE Archer (Val de France) 1998


- UNDERTAKE WHY DO? Editions Denoël (Paris) 1971

- THE PARTY OF THE COMPANY Editions Fayard (Paris) 1968

- FUTILE RESEARCH Editions P. Bory (Morocco) 1953

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January 27, 2012

The end of a war

Chronic Policy of the Friday morning in the morning on luxury Luxury Radio

Afghanistan, a war that has lasted too long, and who will leave, after the inevitable departure of Western forces, a country ravaged, in the hands of warlords and a government that does not exercise its authority that on the capital, Kabul. The weapons are flooding the country, the trafficking of drugs is flourishing and the corruption reigns up to the highest levels of power. But that is it went there for, the West? That is he gone doing in politics?

afghanistanSince December 1979, the date on which the defunct USSR has deployed its troops, weapons, up to this day have not killed. The imperialist war launched by Brezhnev at the pretext of the restoration of a favorable regime in Moscow, will last for ten years and its successor the one launched by Bush following the events of 11 September 2001. This second war, according to the Americans and their allies, is intended to capture Osama Bin Laden, destroy the organization of Al Qaeda and secondarily overthrow the Taliban regime. It should be noted that this war is particularly linked to the conflict in the Northwest of Pakistan and the tribal wars raging at the border. The America has engulfed more than 488 billion dollars in this punitive expedition and has close to 5000 people died. France, companion in misfortune of the United States, taking into account the last four soldiers killed in the enclosure of the quartering of the Afghan army, is in 48 killed. The civilian victims in their thousands and the atrocities multiply both on the side of the Taliban and the forces of NATO.

In fact, after the war conducted by the Russians and 9 years of war waged by the Allies, America in head, it is the chaos that has the air to impose in Afghanistan. No pipeline will little justify such a fiasco, still less the installation and the defense of a man as President Karzai and his entourage. Mikhail Gorbachev, of his arrival in power, in 1985, had had the foresight to judge the war in Afghanistan costly, unpopular and impossible to win. The tira the conclusions that are necessary, and had the courage to order the withdrawal of Russian troops. Osama Bin Laden is dead, the camps of Al QuaÏda in Afghanistan destroyed, Russia out of the game, the time has come to stop counting the dead and to order the withdrawal of troops.

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January 26, 2012

The peace of all dangers

Fourth of coverage of the peace of all the dangers, the Editions THE Archer

Palestinians in the territories and Palestinians from the outside, Israelis and Jewish communities throughout the world, Muslims and devout Christians, each holds a piece of the destiny of the Middle East Peace Process. Everyone wants peace.

la paix de tous les dangers webBut do they want the same peace?

Nobody wants war and yet the conflicts come and go under the next impotent of the international community. Nobody aprehendera precisely the realities of these lands too promised without taking into consideration four elements of reflection essential and central:

- The inevitability of the success of the Peace Process

- The inevitable coexistence of both peoples Israelis and Palestinians

- The need for economic development, the most important factor for the success of the Peace Process

- The reality of the true future Israelipalestinian , namely a federation of two States that some people do not dare whisper, that others avoid even to formulate but which everyone recognizes in his inner truth.

The author discusses in this book without convenience and at the risk of breaking up certain taboos of the different faces of the peace process Israelipalestinian . Has the time or the passions seem to continue to decide of the acts, it was important that the vision of the author, with his experience on the ground, and for his commitment, sheds a new angle peace, its dangers and its hopes.

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January 24, 2012

Futile Research

Excerpt from the preface of Charles Penz of Futile Research Paul Editions to Bory (Morocco) 1953.

vaine recherche-web... We will be able to make other discoveries If one carefully reads these pages whose main quality is perhaps the discretion. The snobbish to seek of sheep to five tabs do not find it in "vain search". This is not for them that this small book was written, but for all of those who, similar to the author, are trying to enter, and to guess, through what they are, what they will become.

It has often asked the question: "The me is it a gift or a conquest? ". The answer is given to us by this test: the me is both a gift and a conquest, and it is the solid construction of ourselves, after the inventory of our possibilities, which gives meaning to our lives.. Construction never completed, certainly, but it must start as soon as possible that is the best lesson that emerges from a book written at the age of twenty years…

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January 20, 2012

Standard and Poor's removed the AAA french

Chronic Policy of the Friday morning in the morning on luxury Luxury Radio

France has just lost its AAA rating among the company of notation Standard and Poor's and the retained among Moody's and Fitch. Beyond the economic situation of France, it is the European policy that it wants to punish ... The agency Standard and Poor's justified, in his commentary accompanying the announcement, the degradation of the french note by, and I quote: "the worsening of the political problems, financial and monetary policies in the euro area to which the France is closely linked. "And to continue: "the note of the France continues to reflect its healthy economy, diverse and strong which the workforce is highly skilled and productive. " End of quote. Apparently, this is the euro area, which is referred and the European Union which is being contested. It is clear that this is not only economic criteria that have been retained, but also, of political considerations.

triple-A-France-©-Onidji-FotoliaThe anglo-saxons are accused by some responsible employers and operators in Europe, of conspiring against the euro. Without go that far, it can not help but to see that the trouble of the euro began after the declaration of the China, to consider diversifying its reserves, for the moment mainly in dollars, in introducing the euro. It is also true, that the banks anglo-saxon could see in the difficulties of the area and its banks, an opportunity to gain market share. Some observers point out that the Americans have a pressing need, from a loss of credibility of the euro. Overburdened, with an economic crisis that has lasted, the country is doing everything it can to that investors continue to buy its debt. For this it must be that there is no substitute credible to the dollar.

The plan of exit from the crisis, for the euro area, defended by the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, provides, among other provisions, the strengthening of the European background of financial stability. Statements of the China, it retains that it would be willing to support the Europe and the euro. That she could participate in the strengthening of the European background, by an amount up to more than $100 billion. But to they conditions? At what price for the Union? There is no doubt that if China supports the Europe, it will wait for more understanding of its interests and less criticism on its breaches of human rights. It will also, on the part of the feasibility, be sure that the operation of the substance will be efficient and useful to help the European Union to control the situation. Beijing would want to be on that the mechanisms will be operational, and it is quite natural for the part of a future creditor of more than $100 billion.

On the other hand, the fact that China should invest in the European, the debt would automatically at least invest in the American debt. That is, for the time being, what Washington would like to avoid. If the China actively participated in the rescue of the euro area, this will mark a turning point in the international relations and will install the Empire of the Middle among the major players of world affairs.

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January 17, 2012

I interviewed God!

Article not published because it is considered too politically incorrect. :)

It is between the hallucination and the dream, between the reality and the illusion that suddenly God appeared to me. I recognized immediately since it has created in his image. Impressive, majestic but full of bonhomie that did not exclude a certain degree of irony. I launched and dared speak to him, little by little i am emboldened and i am in the process of obtaining the scoop of my life, an interview with God.

La-Genèse-de-Michel-Ange-chapelle-sixtineGB. Lord, look at a little here-bottom, look at what the man is in the process of making the Earth, thy creation. How can you let them do without reacting? See, the men are not interested in the nature, they the slaughtering in sheltering under the pretext that the development, progress and the needs of humankind are growing.

God. I created the Earth with love and great care. Nothing has been left to chance, every thing was in its place and each element its reason to be. Even what you call the harmful had and have their usefulness. But I also created the Man and in my magnanimity have with the free-arbitrator.

Then, the son of man is put to the research of the Paradise and in its blindness did not see that there lived, the Earth, with its wonderful sites, its wildlife in the air, on land and in the sea, the Earth, say-i is the Paradise.

In his wrath to live, in its determination to exist the son of man is on the other hand, in the process of creating su earth the Hell which i have never wanted to.

GB. I understand your anger and humbly the sharing. But Lord God, the man will respect you and te venerable, it kills even in thy name and to thy glory.

God. Nonsense, how dare they kill in my name? I do not need anyone to kill. I killed all the days and it does not recognize the right to person to substitute for me. I killed when i decided and or i decided.

When they come to me, they will have to answer for what I considered to be a crime of lese-majesty. Substitute for me, what idea!

GB. Lord, you cannot forget that the men have been fighting for thee, and each has its small idea of how te venerate and ask thee. Everyone is going for his explanation and each claims to hold the truth. Who is right, which is the closer to thee, who should we follow for te find?

God. I am God, unique, present and omnipresent. There is no other God than me, and in his search of the absolute, the man or that it should be turned toward me. I am the God of all and any person in particular. They are all my children, sometimes stupid children who are having a squabble, each wanting to take over the father of them all.

They pray to me under a name or another, that they are calling me under a banner or other, they make me thanks in a temple a synagogue, a mosque or a cathedral, regardless, all their prayers rise to me because i the encompasses all in the same love.

GB. But watched, Lord what is happening in this land called holy. This land where thou gavest them thy Law to Moses, or Jesus the Reformer lives the day, or Muhammad went up to thee,watched as they are falling out, the dead come after other deaths and hatred seems to have blind any the world.

God. No land precluding holy does not deserve the death of a man. No land is no justification for violence, humiliation and hatred of the other. Are they not from the same branch, their common ancestor Abraham do their inspired not the love that cousins should have the one for the other? A next day, their blindness will cease and they will realize finally that peace, this is not the victory of the one on the other, peace is not the annihilation (impossible) to one of them. The Peace, it is the fraternal coexistence, it is the observance of and on the other, peace is finally the victory on the hatred. It will collect the time or these cousins today enemies will be in their own interest. My patience has its limits and my wrath will be devastating if they do not realize quickly or is the path of their survival.

God, in all its splendour, disappeared in a cloud ardent and a rainbow appeared from Jerusalem to take a tour of the earth. This was certainly a hallucination, but the answers were so relevant that i could not prevent you from the report.

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