February 24, 2012

Has this France who cried, lamenting and claimed

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French, look around you, the Greeks were suffering, the Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese, stoically waiting for better days. Look at how Germany, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Poland have addressed the crisis.France, it, the traverse in backing up the essential, with the art of shout before to suffer.French, look around you,lA reality is any other.

The evil-live of the French, beyond the mind impertinent that the characterized, expressed the submission to the politically correct, and the misinformation that is spread over most of the media.Under the leadership of the President Gorges Pompidou, the France of seventy years, returned to full foot in the industrial era, conforta its image and high-power, despite the loss of its colonial empire.while Germany was debâtait with the problems of the reunification, the French industry galloping to the head of the European countries.But the reforms undertaken by the Germany of Gerald Schröder, the spiraled to the head of the European Union, while France, arcboutee on its benefits acquired it, deindustrialized to forced marches.


The social security, desired by the General De Gaulle, has endowed the France of a health system that all countries envy him, just as the system of retirement or even the allowances for the unemployed or disabled.But the French has a propensity to denigrate his country and to deny the obvious.

"All the misfortunes come from the emigrants and the rich! "Let's be serious, immigrants have helped the glorious years of the French economy and provides a response to the demography deficient of the country. They have made the menial tasks that the French, belts of social benefits, were reluctant to assume.The rich provide the investment that only create jobs, the State could not create that posts of officials.

It is true, there is a France with two speeds, a half of officials, the professions protected and the employees of the largest corporations worldwide, the other half, the workers, fewer in number, the employees and the small independent.the first half has an unemployment rate of 3 %, the second more than 15 %. The first has the security of employment and the other is malleable. This is the first half which parade, which claimed, the second is too busy to ensure its service, when it is not the unemployment.The first half crying and bemoans the purchasing power to be that it is seriously begun, the other half the greenhouse teeth and hope the end of the crisis.

Paradox, this does not preclude the plugs from the departures of the end of the week and those on vacation. The ski resorts of displayed complete and in August, it will be the same of resorts.The output of crisis, because there is a crisis, past first and foremost by the newfound confidence, the abandonment of prejudices, nationalist, ethical or religious and by most of Europe.It is by consolidating the European Union, by giving him the instruments of his ambition, that will open another glorious era for the economies of the countries forming the European family.

For the Westerners who succumb to the doubt and the fatalism, a message of hope has been embodied by the Arab spring. He stressed that the values of freedom and the individual dignity, in the center of the western civilization, remain the dream of a great majority of mankind.

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February 21, 2012

Iron Arm of EDF/European Union

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In the war of currencies, dollar against the euro, in the economic war, that book Washington to Europe, it seems that all the shots are allowed.The favorite weapon of the US administration: the regulation, on the pretext of the protection of the American banking system against the taken of risks exaggerated, aims, beyond the American banks, all the European banking system.in question, the "Volcker rule ", from the name of its initiator, Paul Volcker, former governor of the EDF, the central bank of the United States .This rule, which wants to supervise the intervention of American banks on the markets, goes much further.In fact, any economic actor foreign country, in this case the banks, present in the United States, or dealing with American partners,will have to comply with it.


In the clear, any activity deemed too risky by the American administration, should be abandoned.such an assessment, can, in the rigor, be scope by the American administration on US banks, but how this administration may it be based to judge the risk of an operation in Europe, what is more, between two European organizations.The "Volcker rule" goes further, that the trading for their own account, it is supposed to prohibit. It would exclude from the fields of restrictions, that the public funds Americans, (mutuals funds), that is to say the financing of the sovereign debt american, quite simply forgetting to exclude from the fields of application, the European sovereign debts.

The United States, being the first center of the savings in the world, these restrictions are not harmless.Michel Barnier, the European commissioner, has, by email sent to Ben Bernanke, the boss of the EDF, asked: "that the sovereign debt securities of the European Union, receive the same treatment as the sovereign debt securities Americans " .The banks and European governments, have done their share of criticism, to the American authorities. You need to know, that the law in question, must enter into force in July next.

What will be the next step, in this arm of iron, which seems to seek to make, even more painful, the output of crisis for Europe.

Case to follow!

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February 10, 2012

The irrational in the conquest of the policy

If we let the irrational invade the political sphere, the religious encroach on the individual freedoms, the tagging along religious become the merits of the political strategy, the Arab world reserves then other revolutions and of other aftermath which catatonic.


An Islamist parliamentary calls for the prayer, in full meeting of the Egyptian parliament and has been called to order. An Egyptian artist of renown, is sentenced to prison closed, for films shot several years ago and judges contrary to Islamic morality. In Tunisia, the court prohibits pornographic sites judges and contrary to Islamic morality. In Morocco, an Islamic leader said: "Do not be in agreement on religious law, is to be against God". There are a few months ago, a Moroccan parliamentary, in full meeting questions to the government has declared, urbi et orbi, that all Friday, he prayed for the death of all Jews. Outcry, tub and article that I have committed and that i reproduce below.

Article published in Maroc-Hebdo of march 2011

Why the hairdressers?

fanatisme1A quidam a little drunk every moment between in a bar in shouting: he must kill all the Jews and the hairdressers! The room, as one man, answers him: why the hairdressers?

Mohamed Oumouloud, member UC, elected to the Nation, saving the hairdressers. He wants to "only" the annihilation of all Jews by the virus of the H1N1 flu virus. It leaves them not even the choice of their death. This "Death to the Jews" of memory loss has no place in Morocco and of " nazillons" as the sieur Oumouloud should not have the right of cited, were they elected by an electoral body abuse. This member of Imezgane, without smell and tasteless, shown unknown, said at the meeting of oral questions and confirmed to the press: "i asked God that he exterminated the Jews and the swine flu descends on them. "

If such utterances were made during a drinking party in an estaminet any, they would not have exceeded the walls of an institution. But it is in the solemn forum of Parliament that this affront to common sense and decency has been made and more is, by a member of the national representation. Oumouloud has failed in its mission of elected in the Nation. It is supposed to represent and defend all the elements of the Nation, ensure the unity of the Moroccan people and to respect the interests of minorities. Instead, it has betrayed its King and the legacy of His late Majesty Mohamed V on the subject. In response to the insistence of the occupants during the last world war, he said: "I have not of Jews and Muslims, I have that of Moroccan citizens, they are part of an indivisible whole. If you insist on, among other things, the port of the yellow star, then me and my children will be the first to the porter"

Our King, such as the Constitution says, is the protector of rights and freedoms of citizens, social groups and communities. His Majesty Mohamed VI has always standby to the unity of the Nation and to the protection of minorities. The link almost carnal that linked, the Moroccan Jews to the throne cherifian has never distended, be they in Europe, the Americas or in the Middle East. He has betrayed his party, the constitutional Union, Bouabid Master of fire. Created by a handful of men, Muslims and Jews, concerned for the general interest, UC has always fought for the development of the people without exclusive. Does he know, this nazillon in herbs, that the CPU has had a Jewish member, Oj O'Hana, who was president of commission to the Parliament and Simon Levy of Agadir adviser to the second House. He has betrayed the Constitution which stipulates in article 6:The Islam is the religion of the State, which guarantees freedom of worship to all. It must be recalled that the preamble to the Constitution declared that the Morocco reaffirmed its commitment to human rights as they are universally recognized. Because the connection of Oumouloud is really an attack against the minorities and an incitement to violence.

The competent authorities should focus on this case and decide the legal suites which are needed. He has betrayed the Islam that by the holy book, the Koran, recommended the tolerance and respect for the peoples of the book, the descendants of Abraham. He has betrayed the Morocco it is supposed to represent. It is attacked to the image of the country, always cited as an example for its tolerance and the peaceful coexsistence of all components of the people, including the Jews. It is a case of the sorcerer's apprentice who plays with the words which the exceed. In the morgue, the carelessness and stupidity, Mohamed Oumouloud adds the lie. We do not pray every Friday in the Mosque for the disappearance of the Jews. Since these long years of his life that he requested the Eternal, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Ismail and of Muhammad, and that the Jews are still there, it does not seem that the Almighty is decided to fulfill his vow. Logically, it should either stop to pray, either to convert.

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Toward a new cold war?

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Homs, martyred city of a Syria in the throes of a real civil war, does not end to count their dead. THE UNITED NATIONS, from resolution to resolution, to veto in veto, can only see its inability to fulfill its duty to protect civilian populations. It is far from the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library which said that she had not intended to take us to heaven, but to protect us from the hell. The Syrian people are pressed by the day in this hell, stressing the impotence of this united nations say! The double veto, Russian and Chinese, has shown the limits of the Arab plan within the Security Council. China has only follow the Federation to which it is linked by a mutual aid agreement within the Council. Russia with regard to it, to flower of skin on the Islamic matter, sovereignist opposed to any interference, hooked fiercely to the defense of its unique ally in the Middle East, continues his dream of greatness restored, and key player in the affairs of the world. In the lounges of the discrete tower New York of the United Nations, Russian diplomacy asked for a more balanced resolution and advance its unstoppable question: what do you have planned for the After? Will we find a situation similar to that which we find in Libya or still in Iraq? A permanent insecurity, the massacre of minorities and the fight without mercy of different religious sects?

2012-02-09T174557Z_1_APAE8181DCN00_RTROPTP_3_OFRTP-SYRIE-HOMS-20120209It must be, in effect, stop there a moment and reflect on the way in which will be protect minorities Alawites do, Christian, Kurds, Druze and Armenian. The placards held by some of the demonstrators, do they say not: "Assad and Alawites to the coffin, the Christians in Beirut". This concern must not make us forget, that the power of Assad, fired the canon on the neighborhoods of the city of Homs and elsewhere. The international community should put a stop to this. While the West is concerted with the members of the Arab League, Russia placed its military advisers, in the different parts of the Syrian army, and book of the ground-to-air missiles to Assad, in anticipation of possible to the NATO bombing.

It is in the midst of the cold war, and one cannot help but think of the Cuban missile crisis, or even Afghanistan, the time of the USSR. The Syrian situation led to the formation of a front arab-western. European Union, the United States, Arab League, on one side, in the face of Russia, which does not intend to cede what it calls: a unlawful interference and unnecessary. It is to this arm of iron, that we are witnessing today. It is hoped that the right of the Syrian people in freedom and democracy, will triumph in the respect of minorities.

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February 03, 2012

The Grand Maghreb, a utopia?

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The Grand Maghreb is not a utopia, but a distant project, a reality under condition and a long walk.

The European Union, and well before, the United States of America, have always advocated for the construction of this large socio-economic system in North Africa. They see it as a coherent project, which, sooner or later, will be applied to all governments of the region, in the best interest of their peoples. The agriculture of Morocco and its phosphates, the gas and oil from Algeria and Libya, tourism and the economy of services of the Tunisia, plead for a union, which would, of these States, USA, to what was going to join the Mauritania, a Maghreb whose economic power would be more to demonstrate.

maghreb(2)The Grand Maghreb would be a common market for more than 90 million consumers, including the first beneficiaries would be, first of all, the country the component. It is estimated that the establishment of the Maghreb Union, would lead to the region, by a two-point increase in growth. The World Bank estimates that building the Maghreb could increase the real GDP per capita in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, 34, 27 and 24 %, respectively, and this in ten years.

One may ask why the Union is not start of construction. Why the logic not taking on the arrears political thoughts, why the general interest is not the special interests. If everyone is aware of the possibilities and the advantages of the Great Maghreb, all the world is also aware that there are still gray areas and preconditions. With the growing awareness of the different components of the peoples of North Africa, of their identity and their respective histories, it must be before any do more talk about the Arab Maghreb, but of the Maghreb Union. The peoples of the Maghreb are Arab, Berber, Kabyles and Moors of origin Beidanes or Harratins. The Union of populations will not be able to build on the hegemony of one of its components.

The prerequisites do not lack. Morocco and Algeria should normalize their relations, and certain signs give hope that a political will in this sense, is in train to assert themselves. It will be necessary to resolve the problem of the Sahara by the establishment of the status of autonomy proposed by Morocco, and proceed to the reopening of the border between Morocco and Algeria. The coming to power of parties said "moderate Islamic" in countries such as Tunisia or Morocco, cannot be a brake on this market to the Union. The character, Islamist or not, men in the business, do can fundamentally change the situation: the economic constraints, geopolitical and globalization, impose the pragmatism and far exceed the religious referents. If the Maghreb is the only region in the world that knows no regional construction, this construction will not be able to put in place without having previously, settle different liabilities which dominates international relations communities, and this, only by steps.

The economy is in general the locomotive of the approximation of peoples and of the regional construction. A great project, industrial, commercial, or infrastructure, Maghreb, can and must be one of the first markets to this great Maghreb that all peoples of all their wishes. That is, not to not, project by project, that we will be able to play the card of the economic integration, beyond the political or ethnic cleavages.

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