March 28, 2012

THE ingratitude of the Arab Spring

They more scavengers braved, to the men's side, the batons of minions of Ben Ali, Tunisia. They divided the blows and the brutality of the police, to the Tahrir Square, in Egypt.They participated, as the large, to the insurgency in Benghazi, Libya. It is still by their courage in defending their children against the abuse of another age, they gave the signal of the contestation in Syria.They, wives, sisters, mothers of families have screamed, before the other "Erhal", (Clear). Everywhere, they defied the dictators and participation on an equal footing with the men, to this upheaval that has been called "the arab Spring " .The dictators overthrown, of new political actors out of the shadows, we can not help but ask: But where are the women?

images-2With the arrival of the Islamists in power, the Arab Spring is in the process of becoming a severe winters for they.In Tunisia, the Islamist extremists have dared submit to the Constituent Assembly, a project which provided for the introduction of Sharia law in its article 10, and a higher Islamic Council, in charge of fatwas, to article 126.after much prevarication, Ennahda has finished by lift the ambiguity in opposing this proposal.Bourguiba, the father of the Tunisia independent and modern, must be turning in his grave.

In Libya, it is the sharia, which is topical. In Egypt, the Muslim Brothers take the top of the pad. The market toward real democracy, with a modern Islam and unadulterated, is well compromised.pursued by the authorities in power, they were based in the gray light of the anonymity.After leaving, the young and the less young, the women and the Bobos of the middle class, start the popular movement, they are income, sure of their right, wedded to their single "Thought" and want to bring back the women behind their they realize that it is another form of dictatorship, they invite the people?

After having demonstrated to the freedoms, after fighting for democracy, force is that women are the major missing the new shipyard policy.We don't see! They are inaudible, dreaming only to preserve the acquired rights. We are tempted to say: Any ca to ca ?You-loving men of freedom and justice, you the men who had, with your girlfriends, defied the indeboulonnables, what did you do to your ambitions, what did you do with your dreams. There is layer not in front of a few self-proclaimed prophets, be they well-organized and surfing on the ignorance of the poor.

The time of all possible cannot be gone so fast, as overwhelmed by a wave indomitable.of Tunis in Cairo, from Tripoli to Sana'a, they are outputs with you in the street, to denounce the dictatorship, the injustice and the absence of the most basic freedoms. These women will never forgive you for having confiscate the revolution, in the excluding of the recomposition of the society.It is hoped that they will not be silenced, and that they will continue to fight. Defenders of the rights of the woman should not come down the arm.

Religious extremism, of where he comes from, will not, long, refuse to women, the rights that their obligations and the place they deserve.all women, all the human rights defenders of the woman, must accommodate the award of the Nobel Prize for Peace, to the Yemeni feminist, Tawakel Karman, as a message of encouragement.

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Comments on the ingratitude of the Arab Spring

    What woman?!

    There is, alas, among these women, of women for the Shariah; women more virulent than men! In Morocco, there is a single woman in government and well chosen for his side "machismo" if it can be defined as well! I read his comments on the case of Amina Filali and that lunchtime Mrs.the Minister? A discussion on the Law in question. In other words, she proposed a moratorium on the rape! This is an example of a woman who should no longer be heard demonstrate in the streets! Unfortunately, in these countries you cite, the women have obtained certain social freedoms under the regime of dictators; therefore, manifest to obtain "more" is to ask the return of dictators! I think that the Islamists are doing this analysis (not to say "amalgam")!!!

    Post by Leila Cherif, March 31, 2012 at 07:50 AM | | Answer
  • It will take decades for that to change. The Arab spring has replaced a dictatorship "post nasserienne", "laico-modernist" sclerotic and corrupted by a dictatorship "religieuso-anarchist". In this state of global economic crisis, countries such as Egypt, Libya or Tunisia will go through very difficult times. Only a economic development can do change the simplistic ideas of these new "dictatorships of the spirit". China has understood that the political change should be a gradual; Morocco also in a certain way. The 3 countries mentioned previously have thought that their models could continue advitas eternity ...

    Post by hassantani, May 04, 2012 to 2:41 PM | | Answer
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