March 30, 2012

Or will the Europe?

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Europe, by the numbers, is the first global economy. But the Europeans do not seem to realize. By their doubts and self-derogation, they retard the recovery, which is confirmed in other countries, and have the potential to jeopardize the output of the crisis, which is announced.The time of the Europe dominating the world is over. But we can stay in great nations, if one does not lose his soul, in search of the time spent.

Europe is, today, in the face of profound change, human and structural. It is faced with the emerging economies and the partners who are challenging the leadership.Victim of a buffeting, she currently lives, a crisis in all areas.The financial has made that point out and highlight the shortcomings that Europe is facing: lack of demographic dynamic, low results in innovation and in the productivity gains, problem of the communities, poorly integrated. Some even consider, that the springs of the growth are broken.It is true that the decline on either is tempting, to many European countries, but they would leave for the Union, that the worst to manage.

images This is not the G8 Summit, this is not the G20 successive, who will emerge the Europe of the crisis. Europe a severe lack of governance worthy of the name. The great men are rare at the head of this global economic power.This is not the current President, flanked by his minister of foreign affairs, which can ensure the leadership of Europe and the impose in the concert of nations.This is not in Strasbourg, the European Parliament, that we will find the bearers of a policy to the height of the stakes. It is partisan politics which has the right to quote.

Europe has been the flagship of the world, it can and must become so.It can never be repeated often enough, before any thing, it must be more to Europe. It must be that the member countries shall bring into priority the Union and solidarity. It must go resolutely in more economic and political integration. 'Europe must be open to a globalized economy and avoid protectionism, genuine Malthusian policy. The globalized economy is not done to the detriment of European States, on the contrary, it expanded their fields of action.

Europe needs to return to the path of innovation, initiative, of the creation and the taste of the risk.The notions of left and right are exceeded. It is the majorities of ideas which are the world today. The conservative mind is found in all parties, just as the envy of change and reform.The desire for more social justice, to a better training, a real openness to the young, of more ethics in all areas, are found among all politicians, worthy of the name, whether they are left or right.

Only, a united Europe, strong without being arrogant, single, a Europe which is expressed, politically and economically, with a single voice, will be permanently out of the crisis, the nations that make.

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March 28, 2012

THE ingratitude of the Arab Spring

They more scavengers braved, to the men's side, the batons of minions of Ben Ali, Tunisia. They divided the blows and the brutality of the police, to the Tahrir Square, in Egypt.They participated, as the large, to the insurgency in Benghazi, Libya. It is still by their courage in defending their children against the abuse of another age, they gave the signal of the contestation in Syria.They, wives, sisters, mothers of families have screamed, before the other "Erhal", (Clear). Everywhere, they defied the dictators and participation on an equal footing with the men, to this upheaval that has been called "the arab Spring " .The dictators overthrown, of new political actors out of the shadows, we can not help but ask: But where are the women?

images-2With the arrival of the Islamists in power, the Arab Spring is in the process of becoming a severe winters for they.In Tunisia, the Islamist extremists have dared submit to the Constituent Assembly, a project which provided for the introduction of Sharia law in its article 10, and a higher Islamic Council, in charge of fatwas, to article 126.after much prevarication, Ennahda has finished by lift the ambiguity in opposing this proposal.Bourguiba, the father of the Tunisia independent and modern, must be turning in his grave.

In Libya, it is the sharia, which is topical. In Egypt, the Muslim Brothers take the top of the pad. The market toward real democracy, with a modern Islam and unadulterated, is well compromised.pursued by the authorities in power, they were based in the gray light of the anonymity.After leaving, the young and the less young, the women and the Bobos of the middle class, start the popular movement, they are income, sure of their right, wedded to their single "Thought" and want to bring back the women behind their they realize that it is another form of dictatorship, they invite the people?

After having demonstrated to the freedoms, after fighting for democracy, force is that women are the major missing the new shipyard policy.We don't see! They are inaudible, dreaming only to preserve the acquired rights. We are tempted to say: Any ca to ca ?You-loving men of freedom and justice, you the men who had, with your girlfriends, defied the indeboulonnables, what did you do to your ambitions, what did you do with your dreams. There is layer not in front of a few self-proclaimed prophets, be they well-organized and surfing on the ignorance of the poor.

The time of all possible cannot be gone so fast, as overwhelmed by a wave indomitable.of Tunis in Cairo, from Tripoli to Sana'a, they are outputs with you in the street, to denounce the dictatorship, the injustice and the absence of the most basic freedoms. These women will never forgive you for having confiscate the revolution, in the excluding of the recomposition of the society.It is hoped that they will not be silenced, and that they will continue to fight. Defenders of the rights of the woman should not come down the arm.

Religious extremism, of where he comes from, will not, long, refuse to women, the rights that their obligations and the place they deserve.all women, all the human rights defenders of the woman, must accommodate the award of the Nobel Prize for Peace, to the Yemeni feminist, Tawakel Karman, as a message of encouragement.

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March 23, 2012

Cuba, the Pope and the Revolution

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Things are changing in Cuba. The last bastion of communism, pure and hard, makes the weapons, not to small. The Che would have been able to cry: "But what have you done with the Revolution? "The tourists invade the beaches and the investors do not end up not to study the opportunities offered by the island.The law of the market and the freedom to undertake, in a word, the capitalism, are in the process of becoming impose in the last bastion of the "real" socialism at its recurrence on the public stage, four years after the crisis of health which was forced to abandon the power, Fidel Castro stated that the Cuban model no longer worked for the island. Embarrassed Silence, and then denied to the person concerned. He did not less true, that by small keys, we abandoned the omnipresence of the State, for the benefit of a private economy, which is becoming more and more necessary.

images-1 Of his coming to power, Raül Castro had announced structural changes and to design in the economic system of the island, although he defended himself to abandon socialism.In reality, Cuba will resolutely toward a market economy, and the island is beautiful and well in the process of changing their time.Even the migration policy, ultra restrictive to which most of the Cubans are submitted, will soon be reformed by the parliament.We are witnessing a true perestroika, resulting in the expansion of the private sector and a drastic restriction of the public sector.

Progressive liberalization of the economy, and the release of political prisoners and a relaxation of migration policy, right of movement for the Cuban diaspora, we assisted to a true spring cubain.compte view of the developments that are changing the given on the island, the United States, would be well advised to put an end to the embargo on Cuba.developments, social, political and economic in Cuba will have an impact in Latin America, and Washington has any interest to accompany the movement.

Even the Vatican welcomed the changes underway in the island. The next visit of the Pope to Cuba is not without arrears thoughts. It is part of an authorized return to the spirituality, the return in force of the Church among the civil society, return welcomed by the power in place, as can be seen in Russia, since the collapse of the former USSR." The advent of Benedict XVI is a great new and will be a great honor for all Cubans. The announcement of his coming is a great happiness and a great joy for all Cubans. "It is the President of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, which is expressed as well.The first and unique papal visit in Cuba date of January 1998, John Paul II was then asked for the end of the blockade of the island.

This should become, today, topical. We should have a decisive step forward on the subject, after the presidential election in the United States .

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March 16, 2012

But what is it that makes running the French political in Morocco

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Morocco has always been a popular destination for the French politicians, up to these days, for the holiday.Has the cold season, one sees the leaders of France, at the highest level of power, establish their neighborhoods of winters, for a few days, which in Marrakech, which to Ouarzazate, which in Taroudant or still in Agadir.last year, more than a dozen political personalities were chosen to fly to the Morocco, whose four potential candidates for the next French presidential election.The " Titis" Parisian of the microcosm, summarize this choice in a lapidary phrase: "If you're not on vacation in Morocco, if you missed your political career "It is true that Morocco has a tendency to attract more and more French politicians, And it is so much the better, for the development of tourism in the Kingdom.

But since the beginning of the presidential election campaign, the leaders of the French political parties, the spokesmen of the candidates to the Supreme Magistrature, crisscross the country, to believe that the thirty-two millions of Moroccans, have their word to say, in the choice of the next French President.The maneuvers will good train, especially for the possible coronation of the journey: an audience granted by the sovereign Mohamed VI. be received by the King of Morocco, seems to have become a "must" for the French politicians.We can understand, that effort to mobilize the French residents in Morocco, the representatives of the candidates explain just directly to these french, far from the mother country, the campaign promises of the pretenders to the Elysee.On the contrary, to Length of interview, statements to the press, of interventions to the radio, these door-words we explain their action to strengthen the links between France and Morocco.They brag about the affirmative action policy that they will follow to develop the North-south relations, and the icing on the cake, their humanistic policy toward immigrants. We did not know that the franco-german relations were Moroccan if decisive in the choice of french.It would be more convincing and useful, that these same men and women, French political fighting, among them, the derived anti Moroccan monarchy of a certain press and authors or journalists called to investigation.

But this phenomenon is not limited only to French politicians.What about the Israeli politicians, often of Moroccan origin, who dream of a photo with the King of Morocco.He must believe that the attention of the Cherifian Sovereign is a certificate of good conduct and serious, in the eyes of the Israeli voters.

So much the better, if these trends increase the radiation of the Morocco abroad.

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March 10, 2012

The Tsar Putin is to return

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It is done, the maneuver, initiated at the end of his second term, was completed, as planned, by the election of Vladimir Putin to the Presidency of the Russian power for twelve years, officially return to the first place, Putin will he be able to raise the major challenges facing today to the Federation?


The democratization is the first. The President-elect, not be able to evade the grooming that is imposed, today, in the exercise of power in the Kremlin. The citizens of all ages and middle, of young people trained and professionally engaged, are convinced that the time for reform has come, and they say loudly.The modernization in depth of industrial structures, the diversification of the economy of the country is necessary, because, even today, Russia is suffering of a economy of annuity, confiscated by an elite. This economy remains little productive, and its competitiveness left to be desired.The Kremlin has every interest to develop strategic partnerships, forged with the European Union and the United States .Vladimir Putin seems to be convinced. Has he not said, just recently, on the western press: "We do not want to isolate"

But who is this man who must face all these challenges? Who is Putin? In a rare book of interviews published in 2000, he explained: "We can consider that i am the successful product of the patriotic education of the Soviet man. "And for Russia, he added: "Russia, from the beginning, is created as a State supercentralise. It is inscribed in its genetic code, in its traditions, in the mentality of its people. "

This enlightens us on the way in which Putin intends to govern, and on its willingness to Russia at the center of world affairs, by becoming an indispensable partner.The unconditional support for the Assad regime in Syria, the ignoring of criticism from the Arab world, the European Union and America.He illustrates his ambition of influence in the world. This support, without flaws, with a regime that killed its citizens and bombed its cities, is explained by a desire to preserve the economic and strategic interests.In addition, Putin remains allergic to everything that could give a strategic role in NATO. It is true that the western world is powerless before the tragedy of the Syrian people. No one offers a valid alternative. The problem of the many and significant minorities, the divisions within the insurgents and their multiple chains of commandments, make it difficult for the west to engage beyond a diplomatic support and humanitarian, for the moment.

Vladimir Putin seems to have become the last resort. The new Czar of all the Russias, probably has a card to play in this tragedy.

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March 07, 2012

The veil, a useless polemic

The controversy over an editorial in the magazine TelQuel moroccan francophone, swollen, but must be stopped. It must be stopped, because the problem, if there is problem, is wrong.

voileThe veil, wear or not wear the veil, is there discrimination? Do not wear the veil, is it wrong? Some "guardians of the moral" self-proclaimed, especially by the time who laughs, the declare loud and clear. These charlatans have not of memory. It is His late Majesty Mohamed V, may God bless his soul, wanting to Morocco on the path of modernity, taking to release the Moroccan woman of archaic rules, who gave the order to his daughters, to leave the veil. They did publicly in Tangier, with a speech of the late Princess, Lalla Aicha, who has remained in the memory of number of Moroccans.

It is by a royal decision, by the will of the King Mohamed V, that the Moroccan woman has completely thrown his Haik.Free, today to some to return to the outdated traditions. Between the choice to follow the path traced by His late Majesty Mohamed V, grandfather of our highly respected sovereign, Mohamed VI, and the recommendations of a political leader, respected as he is, the choice is quickly done by many Moroccan.

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The Iranian atomic bomb, a strategic ambiguity

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For months, that dis-i of the years, the world is asking questions, become painfully, about the iranian nuclear.The international community, in its majority, is convinced that the regime of the mullahs seeks to develop the ultimate weapon.Its President, Ahmadinejad, is added the bellicose statements and promises to erase from the map the State of Israel.The European Union, the United States, multiply the sanctions, to bring the Iran to abandon its nuclear program, judge to military purpose.It is not, in virtue of what doctrine, we could prohibit, to a sovereign State, the right to own the atomic bomb? Other States, unstable or shaky have reached this status of nuclear power: the Pakistan or North Korea, for example.In the case of Iran, this is the regime that is the problem.


Over the years, we have maintained in the haunt of the bomb, and of a possible military conflagration.America, will it attack Iran? Israel, will he bomb the nuclear sites in Iran? Tehran, will he close the Strait of Hormuz? The Middle East, will he dive into a new murderous war ?Russia, Turkey, China, Pakistan, will they do hear their music discordant with the majority of the member countries of NATO?

All of these issues and still others, asking, in measuring our inability to weigh on the events.The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was added to the ambient voltage by pointing out "that they have found a lack of uranium". A lack which can be use for nuclear weapons.The last inspections of the agents of the IAEA have is running short and the report done state of serious concerns.To complete this table, Israel declares its readiness to attack Iranian nuclear sites, if… and the price of a barrel of oil to soar.has nine months of the presidential election, Barack Obama, who just remove its boys of Iraq and dream to do the same in Afghanistan, wants to avoid, at all costs, another war in the land of Islam.He multiplied its interventions, calls for restraint, from an Israeli government, which does not seem very receptive.

And then suddenly, the highly secret report of the 16 American intelligence agencies in 2007, updated in 2011, is disclosed. The New York Times, followed by the Los Angeles Times, in publish excerpts from and give an synthesis.For the United States spies, Iran does not manufacture the atomic bomb and does not want to provide. This conclusion has been overall reaffirmed in a new estimate of the National Intelligence Council (NIC). The Islamic Republic does not seek the atomic bomb!

Strange, this announcement comes too well, so that the Israeli threat is precise and that Barack Obama, is on the eve of receive the Israeli Prime Minister, for the convince d 'avoid the worst.The leaks of the report of the American services may hamper considerably the Israeli whims.

Would rather be in front of a poker liar, played by two illusionists, Iran and Israel.In fact, the enrichment program responds rather, from a desire to Tehran, to cultivate a "strategic ambiguity," and to increase its regional influence, by sowing the seeds of doubt, on its real capacity for military nuclear.

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