April 20, 2012

Why I want a Jewish religious program

The Morocco a period of turmoil, economic, political, societal.The globalization and the development of information media, font that no country, no government, cannot make his kitchen in a corner, without the world and the concert of nations, attentive to human development, human rights, democracy, no added their grain of salt, by granting or removing their confidence.

The confidence, fraught with consequences, is merit to both inside and outside the country. Heavy consequences, because it was the one that was that the economy is animated, that the investment, domestic and foreign, are growing. It is she who fact that the account is taken of the floor of the country, in the international forums, becomes audible.This confidence, this is the case of the government, political parties, civil society, the citizens.Aware of these truths, the leader of the Government of Morocco, Abdelilah Benkirane, of its decision-function, visited abroad, meet the economic actors, and spread the good word.But an uneasiness has been installed, as a result of unfortunate statements and inappropriate, see the quirks, of ministers, responsible for important portfolios.The latest specifications of the chains and public radio, for the least incorrectly explained, add to the confusion. The reactions are not made wait, both at home and abroad.

Islam is the religion of the State, there is nothing to say or to refute, on the place importance and priority, which is given him, in the new specifications.But, the Constitution also says, that the Moroccan identity is multiple, and that all citizens are equal, in their rights and obligations. It does not provide for at no time, second-class citizens.

I am a Moroccan, of the Jewish faith. After a career abroad, i returned to my hometown, bring my skills and experience, to the construction of a democratic Morocco, and on the development of its economy; to provide an answer to all these young, bright and promising, who arrive each year on the labor market.This is for the sake of make my stone to confidence-building, that I think it is necessary to have in addition to the cultic emissions Muslim, a Jewish religious program.I think there are various benefits:

- The demonstration that the harmonious coexistence between the communities, the tolerance which characterizes the country, is not a slogan, but a reality.

- That all citizens, have all the same rights and responsibilities.

- That the opportunity could be given as well to better know the Jewish religion, will show to our cousins muslims, it is closer than they think.

- That such an initiative, abroad, will deliver the Morocco in what it has always been, the most democratic country of the Arab world. It will erase the effect of different "misunderstandings" which the media have gloated.

The confidence, it is a work of all days. Who knows, perhaps that of the Moroccan Jews, remained committed to their country, including the nostalgia is still alive, will find that it is time to abandon of shorelines and mirages, sometimes hostile.

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Comments on why I want a Jewish religious program

    Salvation GABRIEL!

    I am moroccan , Muslim is strongly I share your point of view, but also I welcome your commitment to your Moroccan soil that you preferred to the songs of sirens.

    I would say that as it was authorized chains AMAZIGH , there is place to also allow chains to our Jewish community and to allow him to straighten the bridges with the rest of the Moroccans few either their membership and
    This will also be the opportunity to develop an important part of our history while caregiver some lesions of our memory.In our days the united who respect are investing in the soft power and not in the business kind communitarianism terminals au Lz Morocco is a shaft to the multiple giant roots; none of them cannot pretend to be exclusively the only

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  • Mr Banon, a Moroccan muslim i am proud to be your compatriot. The Jewish community has been the right to have a religious channel dedicated to the same way as it ya of the yeshiva and the rabbinical courts.
    I have often complained that the community has left his country in earth.

    Morocco has need of people like you and by you i stretch not "Jewish" but "patriot"!

    God bless you

    Post by O, April 23, 2012 to 1:09 PM | | Answer
  • Religious program

    The media in general would benefit from not to publicize the religion. The religion this is the practice in the mosque, to the church, at the temple or the synagogue. Islam and Judaism are an integral part of Morocco and its practices of life. I think that the media should confine of emissions cultural rather than religious programming that tends to reinforce separately the religious communities. Cultural programs are much more educational and inclusive and rich. This, of course, is that my humble opinion.

    Post by hassantani, May 04, 2012 to 2:11 PM | | Answer
  • Religon publicised

    I listened to hand your recovery point of view in order to have a Jewish emission in the Moroccan media, I just want to have an answer in relation to this subject:

    1: The muslims French, Spanish, Dutch ..... have a right to those Islamic emissions in the European media?and if it is yes is that it is applied in the countries that you say democrats?

    Thank you to you

    Post by Zou, May 12, 2012 at 11:43 AM | | Answer
  • Jewish Emission

    I am a Muslim and I entirely agree with your idea ,it is not more patriotic than the other ,a Jewish emission has its place on our screens

    Post by keazy, May 18, 2012 at 08:16 AM | | Answer
  • Nothing to complain about

    MR. BANON,

    I support this initiative with all my heart because the civilizations were born and have perdurees in knowledge and the taking into account of the other.

    There is one sentence in the Koran, which has always moved me and that i found in the central religious vision and which is: "We've created peoples and tribes so that you may know between you. " ...

    What a beautiful phrase,

    Well to you and to the pleasure of seeing you again.


    Post by draoui, 03 August 2012 at 4:38 PM | | Answer
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