April 27, 2012

The money of organized crime, to the rescue of the sovereign debt

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The freezing and forfeiture of assets of the organized crime, has been the subject, on 12 March last, of a proposal, by the European commission, to a directive in this direction.gone unnoticed, it is in the general indifference, that the so-called commission has called for the adoption of this directive, struck by the corner of the common sense.What is it? A ambitious directive, which should, for once, collect the unanimity of the Member States.Do you think so, in a period of public finance crisis, one could see the States to enrich of EUR 100 billion. That is what represents, alone, the drug-trafficking in Europe.

crime-organise In October last year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and crime, felt the products of these traffic, to 2000 billion by years.This directive of the European commission, is part of the rare measures, which do not lend themselves to flank any criticism.She wants and should harmonize the various laws, of the twenty seven members of the Union.It goes even further, in addition to strengthen the existing devices, it expanded the powers of the authorities, who are fighting against crime, as well as repressive than preventive.

Article 7 will allow to freeze, in a manner temporary and conservatory, of goods that are likely to evaporate in the nature.This directive is, without disturbance, in the legal landscape of some countries, such as France, but other, more thrifty on the fundamental rights of the person, precluding criminal, will have to assume a rapid evolution in the matter.The other novation, is that the directive extends the confiscation of assets, to all of the proceeds of crime, and no longer only to products, directly related to the infringement. It provides for the forfeiture of the assets to a third party, who would have benefited. You need to know, that the financial sanctions, are the most feared, by organized crime, which sends, more often than not, to the sidekicks, sacrifice, in the face of the custodial sentences. The prison is no longer that a passage obliged, in the life of a mobster.Face to the puzzle that represents the sovereign debt, and the resources to master, we should welcome this initiative to the considerable financial potential.

Some slogans call to go to take the money, where it is located, among the rich. It is incomplete, we have to get the money, where it is located, among the rich thugs.

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April 24, 2012

"The air of time"

When the Moroccan minister of justice and of freedoms, Mostafa Ramid, skidded in public, in front of television cameras and journalists photographers, I am the first to condemn it.

But, when his home, between friends, in a private dinner, he joked on his marital status of bigamist, it concerns, and him only. It has not broken the law, because the bigamy in Morocco is not prohibited.

It is wrong to fight, it is the law that needs to be reformed. Rescind its connection, making them the hot grooves, does that contribute to the development of this "air time" that the Moroccan magazine, TelQquel regret, and rightly so.

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April 21, 2012

Die for the freedom and dignity


Published in the number of April 2012 of the magazine Prospects Mediterranean, under the title:

"Die for the freedom and dignity"


Moroccan Jewish who has accompanied by Yasser Arafat in his fighting for peace on Palestinian land, Gabriel Banon has not escaped the frontal attacks which it is the object. Neither the insidious campaigns that are trying to discredit her. Not of what achieve this sherpa broken to the ploys of negotiations impossible. Always alert, its statements remain edifying when the meaning of the shots of accelerator that the Arab world has in the past few months.


You criticize the fact that some reduce your role with the Chairman Arafat, in a single mission of negotiations with the Israeli authorities for the resumption of the pension fund for Palestinian employees. Your comment?

- Some journalists, particularly of the Lebanese installed in Paris and of the Israeli bloggers (extremists) minimized my role with the Chairman Arafat, the returning to a one-time mission, the negotiation with the Israelis and the organization of the Palestinian pension fund. In doing so, he sought to discredit my testimony about Yasser Arafat, a man sincerely seeking peace, with the installation of a Palestinian State in Israel, in a peaceful coexistence, as befits between "cousins" as well as he liked to say.

Suite to what you call "disinformation campaign obvious", you just to even publish a facsimile of the letter of Yasser Arafat addressed to the Secretary of State of the American era, Warren Christopher, informing him of the extended to your mission……

- I have to repeatedly making corrections in the biography that Google me spent. But, being a document that is open to all, regularly, some stakeholders, wanting to be more informed that the concerned, were conducting corrections that I consider to be of the pure disinformation. Also, is in excess, I have decided to make public the letter that I submitted to the American Secretary of State on the part of the President Arafat. It not only describes carefully my role to the President, but is attached, copy of the decision taken by the Palestinian National Authority, proving that this was not a presidential initiative, but a decision discussed and adopted by the PNA. (Palestinian National Authority

You feel that the controversy around the editorial of the magazine TelQuel moroccan francophone should stop because the problem, if there is problem, is wrong. In what sense?

The problem is wrong, because it is not a question of whether yes or no, the Moroccan women must wear veils, but try to understand this resurgence of Moroccan women veiled since the arrival of the PJD in power.For me, the question of the wearing of the veil has been settled once and for all, when, late Mohamed V, King of Morocco, Commander of the faithful, has asked his daughters, the princesses, to the exit and thus give the example. They did publicly to Tangier, where the late Princess Lalla Aicha made a speech, including the former to remember.

What reading do you make of the Arab spring?

Before any thing, the Arab spring has demonstrated, jellyfish in the world, particularly western, that the Arab world could fight and die for the freedom and dignity.It has demonstrated the rising power of the middle class and the new generations broken in new techniques, particularly those of communications, such as the Internet.

What are the lessons that can be drawn from this revolution?

- These revolutions, which are far from being completed, cannot conceal the economic problems which must, sooner or later, impose the new leaders, be they Islamists, realism and pragmatism, in a globalized economy.

What future for the Arab world after these upheavals?

After these upheavals, the future will be what the Arab world will be. Either a move toward democracy and development, i.e. a decline on oneself, and the return to the obscurantism. But this return, will not only delay the maturity and the taking into account the aspirations and problems of peoples.

What future for the israeli-palestinian negotiations?

Today, the peace process is dead, it must be said. The current attempts are pathetic, when we know that no progress is possible, as long as the American presidential elections are not completed.

Have you read "The King predator", if yes, what is your comment on the contents of the book and the controversy that he created?

I read "The King predator". It was a lot of honor and credit that was given to him, in the censorship.The authors, who say they are: investigative journalists, have relayed the against-truths, of the "we-said" and "he-seems ". They have made a "survey" to load, without try to provide a coherent economic analysis. That gave me all the air of a regulation of auditors and from a rule against attack in some people, who have as default, than to serve.

As an economist proved, you feel that consider the company as a whole under the hegemony of capitalism would be a mistake….

. The Company is the fact of three actors and partners: the capital, the work and the State. The capital is represented by, the shareholders, the work by the staff and the State by the supervisory authority. The management of the enterprise orchestra all these players, in seeking the best possible advantage. The problem is not the profit, but its distribution. That one of the parties do not know the other, and we have ended up, then, to a hegemony unacceptable and dangerous.

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April 20, 2012

Why I want a Jewish religious program

The Morocco a period of turmoil, economic, political, societal.The globalization and the development of information media, font that no country, no government, cannot make his kitchen in a corner, without the world and the concert of nations, attentive to human development, human rights, democracy, no added their grain of salt, by granting or removing their confidence.

The confidence, fraught with consequences, is merit to both inside and outside the country. Heavy consequences, because it was the one that was that the economy is animated, that the investment, domestic and foreign, are growing. It is she who fact that the account is taken of the floor of the country, in the international forums, becomes audible.This confidence, this is the case of the government, political parties, civil society, the citizens.Aware of these truths, the leader of the Government of Morocco, Abdelilah Benkirane, of its decision-function, visited abroad, meet the economic actors, and spread the good word.But an uneasiness has been installed, as a result of unfortunate statements and inappropriate, see the quirks, of ministers, responsible for important portfolios.The latest specifications of the chains and public radio, for the least incorrectly explained, add to the confusion. The reactions are not made wait, both at home and abroad.

Islam is the religion of the State, there is nothing to say or to refute, on the place importance and priority, which is given him, in the new specifications.But, the Constitution also says, that the Moroccan identity is multiple, and that all citizens are equal, in their rights and obligations. It does not provide for at no time, second-class citizens.

I am a Moroccan, of the Jewish faith. After a career abroad, i returned to my hometown, bring my skills and experience, to the construction of a democratic Morocco, and on the development of its economy; to provide an answer to all these young, bright and promising, who arrive each year on the labor market.This is for the sake of make my stone to confidence-building, that I think it is necessary to have in addition to the cultic emissions Muslim, a Jewish religious program.I think there are various benefits:

- The demonstration that the harmonious coexistence between the communities, the tolerance which characterizes the country, is not a slogan, but a reality.

- That all citizens, have all the same rights and responsibilities.

- That the opportunity could be given as well to better know the Jewish religion, will show to our cousins muslims, it is closer than they think.

- That such an initiative, abroad, will deliver the Morocco in what it has always been, the most democratic country of the Arab world. It will erase the effect of different "misunderstandings" which the media have gloated.

The confidence, it is a work of all days. Who knows, perhaps that of the Moroccan Jews, remained committed to their country, including the nostalgia is still alive, will find that it is time to abandon of shorelines and mirages, sometimes hostile.

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Iran: the unnecessary military option

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The group of six, namely, the five permanent members of the security council, plus Germany, has met with the 13 last April, Iran. In Istanbul, on the table of negotiations, the nature and the become of the nuclear program of the Ayatollahs.In spite of Iranian relations turco in Bern, the tensions between these two candidates for the leadership of the Arab Muslim world, the Islamic Republic has finally accept Istanbul, as a place of discussions with the West.

1756_150794625_iran1_H134043_S The Syrian folder is a real bone of contention, between Tehran, true guardian of Damascus, and Ankara, support of the political opposition and army to President Bashar el-Assad.The collaboration between these two countries is now, openly defiant, and even frozen.It must be recalled that the Turkey, close to the United States, a member of the Atlantic Alliance, strictly applies the international sanctions.The negotiations were able when even, take place in Turkey. Of these initial discussions, everyone has wanted to convince, that something had moved to the country of the mullahs.The next few months, we will say, if significant advances, allow you to hope the end of the arm of iron present, between the West and Iran.

The military option, expensive to some, remains on the table. Are we to believe in such an eventuality, when the last wars, against the weapons of mass destruction, have shown their limitations.Since a few years, there is developing a new strategy of disarmament: the war.The use of force, is shocking and inoperative.The dialog, the world opinion, the concert of nations, must arrive to control the excesses of some States, including the prime concern, is the maintenance of a political regime, often disparaged by his own people.

To arrive at a real disarmament, in a abandonment of a military nuclear program, if it is demonstrated, the bombing is not enough. It will be well until the end of the reasoning.After the bombing, it will take a ground intervention, a occupation, to arrive at the necessary change of regime.The Iranian people is a people, proud and nationalistic, weld it around the current regime, by a war, and he will not say his name.a military action, to prevent Iran from access to the atomic power, will be unproductive, and the surest way, to push to the proliferation.It is hoped, that the negotiations started in Istanbul, will go up to the conclusion of a historic agreement, putting an end to several years of tension, in this region of the world.

images If Obama is unacceptable an atomic bomb Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Guide, answers, in echo, that the detention of an atomic bomb was not only a sin, but that it was, and I quote: "useless, harmful and dangerous," end of quote. The services of American intelligence, CIA, including confirm that Iran does not seek to have the atomic bomb.sooner or later, there will be agreement, an agreement which will enable Iran to continue to enrich uranium for civilian applications, in exchange for a transparency on its programs.

Fight the war by the war, is not the best way to ensure peace.

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April 16, 2012

The political power face to international Finance

Writing a November 11, 2011, and it is always true!

Sometimes, I wonder if I have changed, or that is the world that market on the head.i am for the freedom to undertake, but not in anarchy. I am for the law of the market but not for its imperialism. I am for the free movement of capital, but not for their hegemony.

a96965_a597_8-bird-revenge2Berlusconi is party, Papandreou is party. No one will regret.But what bothers me is that this is not an effect of democracy which the thanked, but the international finance.the imperialism of the markets has been stronger than the game of democracy.

An observation, a regret.It is true that the Cavalier had finished by embody the bankruptcy of a certain European elite, also pushy that parochial.The bulldozers of markets rearranged the economic spaces at their convenience, to the detriment of the makers politiques.comment it is-it come about?

It is party to a unfortunate decision taken by Georges Pompidou, who was then President of the French Republic in 1970, it was forbidden by the Bank of France to lend to the State which should henceforth borrow from banks. Decision which was followed by virtually all European countries, for the sake of the sound management of public funds.

In reality, the political power has abandoned here a part of its sovereignty.The financial, become the creditors of the State, could not that ensure the quality of their risk and become as all lenders, demanding and invaders.We are today in the midst of war between the policy and the international finance.We must go back to the rules that the former called: a management in good father of family, and the political resume the authority and responsibilities that the voters have entrusted them.

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April 14, 2012

Gabriel Banon is told

In front of the stubbornness of certain media to continue to give incomplete information, see tendentious ; despite a upgrade to the point that I have published, in y making public, by facsimile, a letter from President Yasser Arafat to the Secretary of State of the United States, detailing my mission, I resolved to write my own biography, according to the well-known saying: "it is never better served than by itself. "

IMG_0015 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am not a January 6, officially in 1928, in Casablanca, Morocco.civil engineer, graduate in law, I am an economist, international consultant and advisor to Heads of State. I share my life between Morocco, Switzerland and the United States. In recent years, I am more often in Casablanca, or i Sevis fee in a private radio station: Radio luxury, as a consultant and columnist.

SCAN0001 I have developed a dual career, industrial and public.From 1957 to 1961: director of plants is married and has of the Banque Worms. From 1961 to 1971: director of plants and then Chairman and CEO of the Swedish company Alfa-Laval . From 1973 to 1980 CEO of Siersatom, then of Sofinem from 1981 to 1984 at which time i party in America. Associated with the former President of the United States, Gerald Ford, and the former deputy of Kissinger in Washington, (it will become Secretary of State under the chairmanship of Gerges Bush (the father), we have created a society of investment, Winvest.

In 1969 I was called to the President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou, in my capacity as a councillor for industrial policy and appointed head of the IDI (Industrial Development Institute) which was the first Director (1969 to 1973). National Vice-president of the center of the young leaders (CJD), a member of the Council of the national Committee of the French organization and the National Foundation for the teaching of management, I have always devoted time to advocate for the good management of enterprises and the good governance policies.In the United States, i was member of the advisory council of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, from 1986 to 1992.

At the signing of the Oslo Accords, in 1993 I was called to the President Yasser Arafat in quality of economic adviser. My mission was detailed by the Council of the PLO, a copy of which was addressed by Chairman Arafat at the American Secretary of State, then, Warren Christopher, the April 3, 1994. We may take notice of this letter, on my blog, under the heading: analyzes and reflections in bulk. I will assume this position, despite the criticism of a part of my community from 1994 to 2004. There have been many problems to resolve, including the most publicised of the pension fund, that I am describing objectively, in my latest book: The sharing of Memory.SDPA i headed, to the account of the Chairman Arafat, premiered in 1996, with the Palestinian news agency, Wafa, the Palestinian Economic Letter. It ceased to appear at the end of a year, in the absence of adequate information, the Palestinian economy that does not yet its growth.

In June 2005, i was appointed for one year, advisor to the Board of Economic Security of the Russian Federation. My 100_0447Mission has been to promote and ensure the development of economic relations with the Arab countries.Today, I am still the economic adviser of two Heads of State, secretary general of the working group israeli-palestinian Caux (Switzerland) for Peace and Reconciliation, consultant and columnist geopolitics at Luxury Radio, in Casablanca, Morocco.

Author of various publications technical, economic and political, i continued to collaborate with different publications, Moroccan, French and American.I dared write several works:

- The sharing of memory. Co-publishing the Crossroads and Atlantica/Seguier. 2010.

- The Peace of all dangers. Ed the Archer, Val" France. 1998.

- Not of Orchids for the company. Ed the ink. 1983.

- Undertake why do? Ed Denoël. 1971

- The Party of the company. Ed Fayard. 1968.

- Futile Search. Ed P. Bory. 1955 ;

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THE UNITED NATIONS puts the happiness in equation

Chronic policy of the Friday mornings on luxury Luxury Radio


The United Nations come to publish the first Global Report on happiness. Command to the famous American University Columbia, it classifies the different countries of the globe, according to the happiness of their peoples.The happiness, as everyone knows, is not a quiet river, but a suite of moments of happiness. Each of us, expected or short after this happiness, which is the salt of the life.

images No one is expected to be quantified, or put it into an equation, subject to the criteria that determine if a citizen, or a people, is happy.The English at the University of Leicester, Adrian White, has defined five criteria: health, wealth, education, the national identity and the beauty of the landscapes.A group of researchers from the University of Rotterdam, on the other hand, have defined 953 criteria. In both cases, as in the UN report, Denmark is deemed the country the most happy of the world.The result is puzzling. In Denmark, it is raining or it a snow day on two, the sun is rare in winters, the life expectancy is the shortest in Europe. Youth suicide is not uncommon, alcoholism is not absent in this model society. With the crisis, unemployment is rising and the falling GDP.The Danish writer Carsten Jensen explains: "a Danish who would recognize that he is not pleased would the sense of betraying his country". Carsten Jensen denounced a happiness elevated to the rank of "patriotic duty " .The happiness, as we can see, does not have the same meaning in all latitudes.

Our century, became a century of claims, after the right to weekly rest, paid holidays, to the right to difference, the orgasm, the economists configure, today, the right to happiness.The President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, has asked a group of 25 personalities, including five Nobel Prize, conducted by the American, Nobel Prize in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, to study the best measure of economic performance and social progress.Their report was presented to him. He concluded that the GDP is no longer a sufficient measure to assess a country's level of development. There has to be added to other criteria, sometimes subjective, which determine the happiness!

I have great respect and a real admiration to the many winners of the Nobel Prize. They are unique in their field. But our society of today, confuses notoriety and universality, fame and versatility.The Nobels, not more than the stars of the film, theater, or of the song, the major of the football, rugby or stages, do not have an answer for everything. Come out of their field, they have an opinion, that cannot be imposed more, than that of the citizen lambda.But our rulers, fond of new ideas, give mission to personalities say "qualified", to provide the answers to a company wide blue yonder, to the research of welfarism.The media contribute to this research of Messiahs successive, which does have the merit, that excel in their field.

Since the study of society has become a science: the social sciences and humanities, one sees the sociologists say the law, lawyers make the laws, the doctors prescribe the standards of health, but never yet economists, format the happiness and define its right. Has this train there, and soon you will be watching demonstrators parades in Paris, London, in Rabat and elsewhere, claim their share of happiness, say their dissatisfaction with life, and claim to the government, measures guaranteeing them their share of the Nirvana.

As said Alain-Gerard Salma: "the artists and intellectuals have become, via the marxism, the heralds of the socialization of happiness. The idea, once so dear to the jacobins, has become a right " .The happiness is an integral part of individual freedoms, renounce it, is to open the way for a society, to the best kafkaesque totalitarian, at worst.

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April 06, 2012

The Left stunned by the nostalgia

Images-2Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning Luxury Luxury on Radio.


Has the time or the elections are routine, a little everywhere in the world, to the hour or the capitalism triumphant yielded to a liberalism, integrating the social dimension, today cannot be separated from a good governance, it is important to ask the question of the future of the left.It is now accepted that the concept of left and right is exceeded. It is no less true, that the company remains organized around two poles, the remaining permeable, which includes both men and women, the social sensitivities more or less assertive.

printpreview While the proponents of the green capitalism, and the champions of the computer, we promise of tomorrow who are singing, those of socialism, are strikingly absent from the major projects of the future.a long time ago, that those who wanted to make a clean sweep of the past, to default to redo our world, cling to the programs, which the seniority has rendered obsolete.They want in their refusal to take into account the evolution of the society, their refusal to question, given the challenges facing our society, they want to revive the "thirty glorious years" , which for a long time, are no more than a distant memory.

The world or the working class accounted for the majority of the workers, is gone. The world or the intermediary bodies of work dreamed of the struggle of classes, is gone.This reflects the helplessness of the strategic left. The struggle of social inequality, the place of women in society, social progress, equal opportunities for all, is no longer the exclusive property of the left.All these battles have become those of the good governance, that the leaders are of the left or the right.It is thus, in France, Morocco, than anywhere else.

We can no longer consider the economic model of the after-war, able to reference of the social justice.In reality, from the beginning of the cold war, the impetus to found the Liberation, has resulted in the defeat of socialism.The private remains the grand master of production tools, and the planning to the French, has a character rather than liberal or socialist unionist.socialism new look has not been able to offer intelligent solutions to the crisis of capitalism, who comes out stronger. It is becomes stronger, because it incorporates the social dimension, which was the basis of socialist theories.The nationalization of the means of production, the egalitarian democracy, the demondialisation, are of the utopias which do mobilize more than the people, apart from a few nostalgic socialists of the time spent.

If we want the capitalism completed its morph, with a financial world become responsible, it must be a left regenerated, which looked toward the future, boldly, without nostalgia.The financial crisis has been hounding the ideological cards, by pointing out the contradictions of the liberal world, and the need for a left, carrier finally of a draft conqueror.The future remains to be invented, yet is it dare to go beyond the divisions that have more reason to be.

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