May 25, 2012

A sham: the Jewish Nakba

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Last Tuesday, on 15 May, the Palestinians have celebrated, and others with them, the Nakba. This day or by the thousands, they have taken the path of the exile.In response to these demonstrations, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has wields the Nakba of the Jews. Instructions have been given to the Israeli embassies, to deploy all their efforts, with a view to do take into consideration, the fate of thousands of Jews forced to leave the Arab countries. They took the path of the exile, in leaving their property, he says. They, too, have a right to compensation and must be considered refugees.It is the very radical Dany Ayalon, vice-minister of foreign affairs and member of the nationalist party which leads the charge.A parliamentary commission, to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, more expensive in stating that the issue of compensation of 850000 Jews, expelled from the Arab countries, must be part of the final settlement israeli-palestinian.

images-2Does he realize that speak of the Nakba of the Jews, that is remove any legitimacy to the State of Israel? .As the stated if precisely, the Israeli historian, Tom Segev: "If Israel is the homeland of the Jews, and that all Jews who settled there return home, how could they be refugees " .On the other hand, it is difficult for me to follow him, when he said, with another Israeli historian, Benny Morris, that the Jews of Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, have had to leave, against their will, their native land. That the pogroms took place, and that the amount of the dispossession of the Jews of the East represents billions of dollars

I cannot testify to the other Arab countries, by contrast, the affirmation of the expulsion of the Jews of Morocco, is a counter-truth coarse.The Jews of Morocco have left, against the wishes of the authorities, the Morocco, for some, the fringe the more poor, for Israel. By fear, a fear maintained by the sent of the Jewish Agency, they have abandoned a land, where they were installed, well before the Arabs.There they remained committed, both at home and on the throne cherifian.

Up to this day, they return, Israel, Canada and elsewhere, regularly, without problems, visit friends, the rest of the imagesFamily, or even join in the pilgrimages.Yet, recently, 5000 Jews, of any horizon, have come to collect on the tomb of the saint, Rabbi Amran tribe figure Ben Diouane to Ouazane.It is the least unseemly to speak of expulsion, where it is known, particularly in Israel, that fire the King of Morocco, Mohamed V, in recognition of his heroic action in the defense of Moroccan Jews, during the last world war, has been designated as righteous among the nations, by the Israeli institution Yad Vashem. He has had to negotiate with his son, the late King Hassan II, to allow the departure, in a group, of Moroccan Jews to Israel.For the goods, mainly real estate, auto Jewish exiles, if they have not sold, are still there, to wait for a problematic return of their owners.For the property fell into disuse, they are returned to the Jewish community, by the law.The Morocco has neither expel, or stealing from, no Moroccan Jewish, albeit unwillingly he travelled to Israel, respond to a call, which he is the sole judge.It is a real sham, that to speak of the Nakba of the Jews, originating in the Arab countries, in particular, for those of Morocco.

images-1 The Israelis know the truth, in their great majority. It is unfortunate, that for reasons, obscure to many, for a communication, for the least demagogic, it leaves spread of such counter-truths.The Israeli government, in particular, the Department of Foreign Affairs, must keep in mind, that in due time, they will have need of Morocco, to the moment or peace with the Palestinians will become credible.

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May 18, 2012

The America and political Islam

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In a course to the School of american war, a lieutenant colonel, professor, formed his pupils, of officers, to the total war against Islam.This is truly a "counter-jihad" that he taught, not excluding, neither the use of the atomic bomb, or the genocide of Muslims.A high, shocked, is address to his hierarchy, who has ordered an investigation and immediately suspended the professor.

c USA Muslim girl3It is true, that in any military school, all scenarios, the most inconceivably, are considered and studied. But from there, to teach the genocide and the use of the atomic bomb against the civilians, there is a limit never crossed, up to this day.The scandal has been followed, immediately, an invitation to expunge all manuals, documents, guidelines, of any word discriminatory, see infamous, concerning Islam and the Muslims. The CIA, as all intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Pentagon, have been invited to have a more constructive approach, of the Muslim world.It must be naive to believe, that this scandal has spread in the media, by a any indiscretion.The publicity given to this teaching, as well as the steps that have been taken, has been orchestrated and desired by the highest spheres of the State.

We are in front of a revision of the wrenching approach American policy, in regard to the Arab world, Islam, and its various components.The lessons learned from the "Arab Spring" have been rendered obsolete the simplistic reasoning, who wants that Islam equals terrorism.The Americans, jellyfish, have discovered that the Arab peoples, can fight and die, for the liberty, dignity and democracy.The extremists, they are to be found everywhere, among Muslims, certainly, but also among Christians, Jews, the "developed" countries and the other.What is admirable about the Anglo-Saxons , it is the faculty to give flat a political approach, when it appears incorrect. And we go right to the end of reasoning.

Political Islam has been integrated by Washington, also, revised it without complex, and the data, the attitudes and targets, and Islamic Center of Toledo in USAAll the american strategies, whether they be military or diplomatic, left to give new meaning to the alliances.The American presidential elections past, if, as it seems, on the day of today, Barak Obama is re-elected, no doubt that his speech from the Cairo will resume force and force.With him, probably will begin a new era for the arab-israeli relations-american, and a real chance of a revival in the israeli-palestinian peace negotiations.Barak Obama, get rid of the mortgage of the second mandate, will be able to give all his measurement, in the management of the affairs of the world.

This explains the recent maneuvers of the Israeli Prime Minister, who wants to have the support of a majority coherent, in the shelter of the blackmail of the small formations, in the face of a President of the United States, free and decided.other also, draw conclusions of the Arab Spring and of the American policy "New look": the monarchies of the Gulf. They reactivate the Unions, are trying to improve and to open to other Arab monarchies, were-they far from the gulf, the time that they are credible military powers.

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May 12, 2012

Hollande-Merkel: Arm-of-iron with a view

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The arrival of Francis Holland to the chair of the French Republic, risk of create, very quickly, the tensions with the partners of the European Union, in particular Germany.The tandem France Germany, real locomotive of the European Union previously, will very quickly encounter two designs of the recovery necessary for growth, diametrically opposed.For Angela Merkel, we must look for the growth in savings and not by the deficits. Given the program defended by François Holland, during the presidential campaign, it is in front of profound disagreements.already, the German Chancellor has informed the President elected, that the covenant European budget was not renegotiable.

photo-montage-francois-hollande-angela-merkel-10692750mpvvf_1165 The franco-german relations fall into a stage of uncertainty and tension, see clashes, due to the constraints of domestic policy, difficult to reconcile, on the one side and the other.members of the cabinet of chancellor wish, and I quote, "We hope that Francois Holland will follow the example of Gerhard Schröder, who has been able to transform, to carry out the reforms that have contributed to the economic health of the Germany. He will have the necessary breakthrough, given the economic difficulties of France, on the basis of the model German social democrat", end of quote.

It is true that the fiscal pact, having been negotiated and signed by 25 countries, seems difficult to renegotiate. It is considered as the cornerstone of the European policy of Angela Merkel. We must recognize that the substantive differences of separate the Paris new and Berlin, strategy of the recovery, public deficits, fiscal discipline, and social policy. It can be seen that the thorny subjects and discord, will not be missed. The crisis has revealed deep structural weaknesses, among many of members of the Union. The more worrying is the addiction to public expenditure. The fact of the crisis, Europe has redesigned, in depth, its financial regulation. He should have, now, to do the same, in economic and industrial. We can no longer avoid to open debate on these two areas, eminently political.

For many, the time is ripe for a European growth initiative, but which and especially how? The upcoming meeting of the elected President, François Holland and of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, we will set very quickly, on the chances of a real cooperation between the two leaders. Europe is built in a suite of crises, it has always been able to overcome. Hope it will be the same, this time, in the interest of the peoples of Europe and of those who are associated with it, such as Morocco.

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May 04, 2012

A cold war which is not to say his name

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Block the anglo-saxon, America in head, is it always the staunch ally of the European Union? Economic Competition, the defense of the dollar, the rule required, for American banks and the City of London, font that speculation against the euro area, bat its full.other times, other places, the western solidarity seems to be today, a distant memory.

The crisis is passed there, even among the great America. The paris on "the inevitable downfall of the euro "multiply.They are wrong, and the recovery of the European economy has begun, and will continue, at its own pace. No doubt, that the attitude of the anglo-saxon world, leave traces. But it has led the Europeans to look elsewhere, to China, Russia, the Arab world. Barak Obama, him also, developed a new strategy middle-eastern. It has integrated, the inevitable fact of the rise in power, of political Islamism.

imagesA long time ago that the Europeans, them, live compromises with political Islam. They have been forced to cope, to the problems of the suburbs and the Maghreb and Turkish immigration.

China, by its ability to investment, will become an indispensable partner, each day, a little more.A few are the criticisms that caused the policy of Putin, its violations of human rights, its violence against certain press, it is well to keep in memory, that tomorrow, Russia will become the main partner of Europeans. The European Union, which is open to the East European countries, must not lose sight of, that Russia is part of Europe. Also, one day, everything will become possible.

The maneuvers, aimed to establish a real cordon sanitaire, around Russia, must not find the European Union, part.This strategy of the cold war, still in the spirit of Washington and London, must not lead the European Union, to insult the future. This is also true, vis-à-vis this great nation, that is China.

Out of the crisis in Europe, past by most of Europe, by a Europe open to the East, and is taking resolutely to the gap, to any new cold war.

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May 01, 2012

A first of May, not like the other

This is the feast of the work, and the first of the new constitution.

Institutionalized by article 8, trade unionism is considered, as contributing to the defense and promotion of the rights and of socio-economic interests, of workers and workers he represents.This first of May has been the opportunity, for the trade unions, particularly the UMT, by the parades that they organized, to demonstrate their vitality, their representativeness, and their importance. They recall as well, they are the essential interlocutors, both for the public authorities, and for the employers' organizations.

imagesThe slogans displayed, and Marocaine des by the activists of the UMT, show that the message given by the new constitution, is well past. The place given to women, the sought parity in the banners, the show.I must pay tribute to the thousands of activists, which, since the dawn, have waited for hours, to testify and to welcome their union leaders, previews the time of a market.

A slogan has caught my attention: "Stop to continue the trade unionists". The trade union delegates do that fulfill the mission, that the labor vote entrusted to them. It is the elected representatives of a particular kind, other than the one of the parliamentarians, but of the elected representatives of the world of work.The representatives and delegates of the Union, should enjoy a certain immunity, in the exercise of their mission, namely, the defense of socio-economic interests of their constituents, such as the the Constitution says.A joint commission, formed of representatives of the various trade unions, representatives of the employers and the ministry of labor, would be expected to hear the lifting of this immunity, and it only.

A strong union, a labor to listen to her, the social dialog and a contractual policy, are the guarantors of the development.

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