June 30, 2012

Up or will we tolerate these horrors?

Chronic published in Maroc-Hebdo of December 2009

Always topical, alas!


Each day brings us a series of misfortunes and scandals. Each day, of this land called holy but if bruised, come from information on a new escalation in the horror. We think of its Jews of the diaspora who have the gaze turned to Israel and who do not understand. We think of these Israelis if proud of the country they have built and who see the implementation of so many years from unravelling. We think of all these survivors of the Shoah and their descendants who see with horror, in Israel, the acts that they had hoped no longer review.

The arrogance and the impertinence of the Israeli right, the blind fanaticism of the religious, are in the process of destroying, more likely than there would be no intifadah, the State of Israel.At the end of this year, we would like to find reasons for hope and wishes to formulate reasonable. Unfortunately, 2009 has brought only disappointments and hopes of betrayed.The path of peace does not pass by the destruction of Palestinian homes, the non-respect of the right to freedom of movement of people and goods.The path to peace is through dialog, by the sincerity of the commitments, the newfound confidence among the interlocutors and the will to succeed. Far away we are! Faced with a dying process, to say more, the temptation to renunciation and the resignation is great. This must be resisted by denouncing the maneuvers of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The continuation of the colonization, it is the theft of another's property, the dispossession high under cardinale by a government of which we would have liked to see that a majority of Israelis do not recognize. This is the government that prevents the Palestinians to build or operate 44% of the West Bank under the pretext of military zones and the safety of the settlers. These restrictions imposed on Palestinians by Israel are intended to put the barriers to the development of necessary infrastructure, such as roads, schools, medical centers.

But the worst was to come. The rumour of the levies of bodies imposed to the Palestinians, a horror in which no one wanted to give faith and horror and damnation, it proves true.The statements of the Israeli doctor Yehua Hiss, a former director of the institute main medico-legal of Israel Abu Kabir, leave no doubt. It confirms: "The corneas have been levied on the corpses of a informal way. No permission was requested to the family. " He said that since 1987, a year before his arrival, the military surgeons used of the skin levied on body for transplants of burned.

The Ministry of Health has just to recognize the facts by stating that he had been put an end to these practices it was ten years ago. At the time, he adds, the rules were not clear. Poor excuse which is contrary to the first of the Jewish Law that considers the body of a deceased person inviolable, in result of the Nuremberg code (1947), of the Declaration of Helsinki (1964), Tokyo (1975), Venice (1983) ,Hong Kong (1989) and simply to the ethics of the medical world.How can one believe that we can build peace with both of ignominy. The dream of a just peace, allowing a cohabitation of the two peoples, in the respect of human dignity is well placed to evil.When the peace-loving Israelis will stand up as one man to say "enough, are you in" to the current men of power, when they will return to their utopian dreams, these extremists, gravediggers of the State of Israel, a dream that has lulled generations both of Jewish, then the hope will return.The impunity cannot be perennial for these spoilers of the peace.

Not having the genius of Charles Baudelaire, i borrow a him to conclude, these few to of its warning to the reader in his work: The flowers of evil.

"It is the devil who is the son that we have left no stone unturned!

"Repugnant to the objects we find be based;

"Each day toward the hell we descend to a not,

"Without horror, through the darkness that stink.

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    Who are you?

    You criticize too Israel!Attention!
    The next article BHL-the philosopher billionaire- you will d and anti-semitic ameutera all intellectuals against you!

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