June 30, 2012

Up or will we tolerate these horrors?

Chronic published in Maroc-Hebdo of December 2009

Always topical, alas!


Each day brings us a series of misfortunes and scandals. Each day, of this land called holy but if bruised, come from information on a new escalation in the horror. We think of its Jews of the diaspora who have the gaze turned to Israel and who do not understand. We think of these Israelis if proud of the country they have built and who see the implementation of so many years from unravelling. We think of all these survivors of the Shoah and their descendants who see with horror, in Israel, the acts that they had hoped no longer review.

The arrogance and the impertinence of the Israeli right, the blind fanaticism of the religious, are in the process of destroying, more likely than there would be no intifadah, the State of Israel.At the end of this year, we would like to find reasons for hope and wishes to formulate reasonable. Unfortunately, 2009 has brought only disappointments and hopes of betrayed.The path of peace does not pass by the destruction of Palestinian homes, the non-respect of the right to freedom of movement of people and goods.The path to peace is through dialog, by the sincerity of the commitments, the newfound confidence among the interlocutors and the will to succeed. Far away we are! Faced with a dying process, to say more, the temptation to renunciation and the resignation is great. This must be resisted by denouncing the maneuvers of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The continuation of the colonization, it is the theft of another's property, the dispossession high under cardinale by a government of which we would have liked to see that a majority of Israelis do not recognize. This is the government that prevents the Palestinians to build or operate 44% of the West Bank under the pretext of military zones and the safety of the settlers. These restrictions imposed on Palestinians by Israel are intended to put the barriers to the development of necessary infrastructure, such as roads, schools, medical centers.

But the worst was to come. The rumour of the levies of bodies imposed to the Palestinians, a horror in which no one wanted to give faith and horror and damnation, it proves true.The statements of the Israeli doctor Yehua Hiss, a former director of the institute main medico-legal of Israel Abu Kabir, leave no doubt. It confirms: "The corneas have been levied on the corpses of a informal way. No permission was requested to the family. " He said that since 1987, a year before his arrival, the military surgeons used of the skin levied on body for transplants of burned.

The Ministry of Health has just to recognize the facts by stating that he had been put an end to these practices it was ten years ago. At the time, he adds, the rules were not clear. Poor excuse which is contrary to the first of the Jewish Law that considers the body of a deceased person inviolable, in result of the Nuremberg code (1947), of the Declaration of Helsinki (1964), Tokyo (1975), Venice (1983) ,Hong Kong (1989) and simply to the ethics of the medical world.How can one believe that we can build peace with both of ignominy. The dream of a just peace, allowing a cohabitation of the two peoples, in the respect of human dignity is well placed to evil.When the peace-loving Israelis will stand up as one man to say "enough, are you in" to the current men of power, when they will return to their utopian dreams, these extremists, gravediggers of the State of Israel, a dream that has lulled generations both of Jewish, then the hope will return.The impunity cannot be perennial for these spoilers of the peace.

Not having the genius of Charles Baudelaire, i borrow a him to conclude, these few to of its warning to the reader in his work: The flowers of evil.

"It is the devil who is the son that we have left no stone unturned!

"Repugnant to the objects we find be based;

"Each day toward the hell we descend to a not,

"Without horror, through the darkness that stink.

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June 29, 2012

Noises of boots at the border between Syria and Turkey

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It is in murmuring, the talk was up to these days, of civil war in Syria. Today, the taboo is falls: the United Nations say: Syria is entry into civil war.To see more closely, the Syria faces, in fact, three wars, who derive their origins in the uprising of March 2011.

The first is the one that leads the power of Damascus against the civilians, peaceful demonstrators, with its batch of deaths which neighbor, today the hundreds of victims per day.The second is the one which sees face the regular army with the Syrian armed formations premises, forms of civilians and military deserters. It is the elite soldiers against groups of self-defense, united under the label of Syrian Army free, which have as strengths that their courage, the mountain and the rage before the massacres. Adds to the confusion, the infiltrators of Al-Qaida , who try to impose their law.Finally, the last and the more unbearable, the massacres of civilians by Sunni villages Alawites do. It is a war of religion, which brand of his seal of infamy, the tragedy that life since 2011 the Syrian people.


The Arab League and the United Nations, are disarmed by the veto sino-Russian, to the Security Council. The interest of the mission entrusted to Kofi Annan, was essentially to have led Russia to be an active part in this mediation attempt. One could rightly be said that a failure of the mission, would also be a failure of the Russian diplomacy.It took quickly undeceived, because, in spite of the clear failure of the mission Kofi Annan, Russian is still planted on its positions of refusal to call Bashar El Assad to leave the power.

The only possibility of a military intervention remains the Turkey. Article 4 of the NATO Treaty provides that any member may request the intervention of NATO forces, when he considers that its territorial integrity or its security is threatened.seized of the aggression suffered by Turkey, which has had a plane shot down by Syria and another aims, the secretary general of NATO has said: "The security of the Alliance is indivisible. We are to the sides of the Turkey in a spirit of strong solidarity" .Assad stated already that Syria is in a war situation. Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, meets in echo: "The Syrian regime has become a clear threat and close to the security of Turkey as for his own people" and to add: "Any military element which would pose a risk and a safety hazard to the Turkish border from Syria, will be considered a military target".

The noise of wellington boots, at the border between Syria and Turkey, are becoming more and more strong. Lead-they the Russians to review their support to the Syrian regime? This is the question.

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June 24, 2012

The ostracism is not the path to peace

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The Palestinian cause has support, which sometimes, denote a ignorance of the situation on the spot, and the real actions to undertake.It was not enough to sign a petition, or even scroll in a secure street in Europe, to believe have made progress in the Palestinian cause. It is not enough to mobilize the arab street in a demonstration, as important as it is, to believe have win a victory on the Israeli occupier.


Peace in this region of the world is constructed by the base. If it is not possible to reconcile the two public opinion, if it does not start the peace of course, never these two peoples, made to hear, will not conclude a just and lasting peace. We canceled a dance festival, because among the ballets, the dancers were Israeli, it throws the anathema on the organizers of a forum for peace, on the grounds that they had invited a personality Israeli policy and is thought to have made a step toward peace.Recently, the Council of Arab Ambassadors in France, has refused to grant the reward and the staffing to the Algerian writer, Boualem Sansal has decided, to which the jury had awarded the prize of the Arab novel, created by the said Council in 2008. Why? Boualem Sansal has decided is was made in Israel.

It is with its enemy that it makes peace. It is increasing the number of meetings, by promoting the one to recognize the other, that we will contribute to advance this process of moribund peace.This is by participating in the establishment of mixed universities, or young Israelis and Palestinian youth learn to know, that is by school exchanges and professionals, by the common actions, the way to assist the Palestinian people.The censorship and the anathema, it is ease his conscience at the lowest prices.

Palestinian and Israeli women have long understood that the dialog, the joint action, the development of relations with the other, contribute much more, and much more likely, closer to peace.

k3619952.The international women's commission for a just and sustainable palestinian-israeli peace, for example, brings together women Palestinian, Israeli and international, who are trying specifically to make their stone of the building.Jerusalem Link, another expression of a formal cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli, was put in place.

And that say of these Israeli and Palestinian women, who mourn a husband, a child, a sister, a brother, victims of attacks or repression, who overcome their pain, to demonstrate together, for the peace.They have not chosen the censure of the other or the anathema.

Other similar actions are carried out by doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists. The more they will meet, the better they will be, and more difficult will be the task of a Benjamin Netanyahu, who murdered, all the days, a little more, the peace.expect to help the Palestinian cause, ignoring the Israelis, it is not having understood nothing of the painful problem of the Palestinian people, and the needs of peace.

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June 15, 2012

The States have no friends

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How many times it must be repeated, the States do not have friends, they only have interests.

The best way to develop harmonious relations between States, is to build interest crusaders, of economic, political and cultural relations. Only these interests, these relations, are the guarantors of a friendship perene policy. The last Israeli Government's volte-face, perfectly illustrates this rule.


Until these last few days, Bashar al-Assad has been regarded as a lesser evil, by the Hebrew State. If for the international community, these two countries were considered in war, it should be noted that the border of the Golan Heights, conquered and annexd by Israel in Syria, had always been a quiet copy, and this for more than forty years.

The Government of Netanyahu had kept low profile, since the outbreak of demonstrations in Syria, and had remained silent, despite the daily massacres of Syrian civilians.In effect, how to support the insurgents, gathered by a coalition of circumstance, composed of islamists and their sympathizers of Al Qaeda .The support of such a coalition was considered against-nature, and dangerous, by the Israeli intelligence services, and poorly to-about by the majority in power.Today, the hand on the court, the Israeli President, Shimon Perez said: "I would like the rebel victory Syrians that I admire for their courage. ". There are still a few days, the radio silence was to rigor, and the caution of implementation. That is the Israeli leaders who choose their camp, the insurgents.


Officially it is the barbarity of the repression, which has prompted Israel to put it firmly in the camp of the Syrian people. It is a people with women and children, which is massacre by his own government.That is what said the spokesman of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "We do not act by opportunism, but simply because the massacres have reached an unprecedented level " .In reality, this friendship and support, is justified by the interest of the Israelis to see Iran weakened. The fall of President Bashar el-Assad constitutes, in their eyes, the best way to weaken Iran, and see the Iranian aid to Hezbollah, through Damascus, dried up.

When I told you that the States have no friends, but of interest! Also, it is hoped for our binational, that relations between the countries of origin of these citizens, remain harmonious.

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June 08, 2012

The underside of the European crisis

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The crisis in Europe has persisted, and the rescue plans are unfolding. The European Union puts laboriously to the point, of plans to come out of the crisis, the diagrams to help the banks reverberated, particularly those of the countries of the south, all, consistent and likely effective. 2025965_photo-1338471651505-1-0_640x280But, at the point of decision, these plans are almonds, denatured, they become ineffective.

One may ask why the inadequacy of the projects, as well to aid that crisis-exit, with the reality on the ground. Why Brussels, who met the elite financial and economic experts, is not possible to set up, the perennial solutions, allowing the resumption of the market in front of the Union? Today, the European banks are on the brink of collapse and some at the door of the bankruptcy filing.Their fall, would endanger the banking system, by a game of dominoes fatal to financial institutions, and depositors and small savers would be severely injured.

The true problem, which poisoned currently the European Union, is the design that has, each of the member states, of what must be the Union. And each rescue plan, corresponds to the one or the other of the designs.There is the construction of a federal Europe, including Germany is a leader. This implies a gradual abandonment of a portion of the sovereignty of States, particularly in the economic and financial field.

There is the other design, of a whole solidarity, of an integrated market, organized around of agreements, without any surrender of sovereignty, which the current leader, is France. Germany wants to use the crisis to correct the errors of the original launch of the Euro, with a fiscal and social integration, and a strong Europe politically. The Germans are agreed to help and mutualize the debts, but with a strict control and more integration. For the sovereignists, we are united for the better and for worse, and the one that will better must help the other, each remaining master of its own.

As long as this matter is not clear, it will be seen succession of hybrid plans, which will maintain the States, the nose out of the water, but will not allow them to get out of the crisis and calmly contemplate a genuine revival.To consider a political Europe and monetary, it will take before any thing, out of the crisis and halt the contagion.

The reality is that the output of crisis calls for more Europe, and the different Member States must realize that they have no other choice than to delegate to the European Union some sovereign powers.

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June 02, 2012

Capitalism has never existed

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The financial crisis that hit all the savings, without exception, has seen resurface the myth of the end of capitalism. For many observers and analysts "well informed", capitalism has reached its limits, and there is an urgent need to establish a new economic system, to save the world economy and protect the small savers, the middle and working classes, the excesses of a system out of breath. There is no several economic systems to organize the relationships of men between them. The economy, which responds to the natural rules which him are clean, the Regente exchanges between the men, who, since the night of time are built around the law of the market.

One can certainly, violate these rules in establishing an economic dictatorship of State which is ignoring the law of the market. We control the possible fluctuations of the market, by denying the freedom of choice to the consumer. The USSR, for decades, has sought to impose a choice of company that intends to submit the market, that is to say the free enterprise to the political. We have seen what happened to that. The economy, when one transgresses its rules, sooner or later, presents the invoice, and that is the collapse.

karl-marx-t4996 The so-called various forms of economy are, in reality the expression of a power struggle between the classes, forming the society. The genius of Karl Marx, has been to crystallize this fight, especially of the working class born of industrialization, around a simple word, the Capital. It was, rightly, pulled the notion of capitalist system, or capitalism. The trouble is that the development of national economies, the increase in the levels of life, the robots and the new technologies, have practically disappear the working class in the developed countries, and its gentrification invalidates the slogans of the "Left". That is the problem that have met and still encounter some socialist parties in Europe.

The capital, real work in the reserve, has democratized in giving birth to the shareholding popular and to the savings. When that the less is consumed as the fruit of his labor, is capitalized, and his concerns become other, that the defense of the proletariat.We found today, in France, for example, that the tenors and the leaders of the socialist party, are in their majority, of the great bourgeois, capitalising a respectable family heritage and in many cases, superior or at least equal to that of the party leaders said on the right, defenders of the horrible capitalism. As the writing Guy Sorman: "When the right becomes Keynesian and that the anti-capitalism seems archaic, what place has the socialism in Europe? "

What is called capitalism, is simply the tendency of every human being to rise, to wanting to enrich, and to freely exercise its choice in its economic options and its expenditures. But the economy, as said above, there are rules, and it is the responsibility of leaders, to ensure by putting in place the necessary controls.

In the crisis we have today, these controls have failed, and left to dishonest men, free courses to their criminal manipulation. It must not pass over in silence, the criminal dimension of the financial crisis. If we must analyze the crisis under its economic data, we cannot conceal its criminal aspects. The crisis in the subprime, whose origins are located in the orgy of the appropriations and the bursting of the housing bubble in the United States, does not explain everything. The crime, whether organized or not, seeps everywhere or the money reign, including in the financial markets. It should be recalled that in May 2008, the minister of justice american, Michael Mukasey, had alerted the public opinion, on the growing threat to national security by "the market penetration by organized crime"

The fraud criminal of great magnitude, carried out by the executives of financial institutions, or banking, to discover every 51ccacffa5990ea8cc42b828302faf3eDay.The enormity of the amounts in question (the last known fraud amounted to more than $50 billion) demonstrates the ineffectiveness of guards fools, supposed to protect the financial circles in such actions. The current crisis is not the shortness of our economic system, but the result of an addition of facts, which have their origin in the environment, the abuse of the credit, non-compliance with the rules of operation of the fellowships, financial manipulation dishonest, and it must be emphasized, of fraud and criminal acts without such. Our economic system is universal, based on the natural aspirations of the men. The capitalism, such as the describe some Utopians, has never existed.

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