July 27, 2012

Syria, as can the America?

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The balance sheet of the game of massacre which took place under our eyes in Syria, amounts, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, to 19,000 killed, a countless number of injured and at the bottom word, 140,000 refugees in neighboring countries. And this will unfortunately continue.The will of the international community to put an end to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, is hampered by the successive vetoes of Russia and China.If the support of Russia to the Syrian President has been perceived, at the beginning, as the fact of a reliable partner and friend, it is more of the same in the Arab world, or the image of Moscow is deteriorating at an increasingly rapid rate.

Of course, the Secretary-general of the United Nations has declared Syria in a state of civil war, of course, the High Commissioner for Human Rights has considered the events of Syria as crimes against humanity, but this has been and currently has no effect on the Syrian leader.The successive vetoes, have not allowed the United Nations Security Council to make use of article 7 of the Charter of the United Nations, allowing an armed action against Syria.Susan Rice, the American representative to the United Nations, has summarized the situation by calling the action of the Security Council, of complete bankruptcy. This bankruptcy and that of the mission of Kofi Annan, put an end to the hope of a political transition controlled in Damascus.


So, what can the America, what do they think the members of the Security Council of the White House. What initiatives can take the strategists of the American department?

Barak Obama has just declared that Bashar El Assad would be committing a tragic mistake if he came to use the chemical weapons.ll was reacting to the announcement of a Syrian spokesman, according to which, the scheme is there would solve that in case of external aggression.This thing we have to learn from it is the official confirmation, for the first time, of the existence of these weapons of mass destruction, by Damascus.

But the American administration remains shared, on the interpretation of signals received from the field. The idea is strengthened as a sudden collapse of the dictatorship, on the Tunisian mode or Egyptian, becomes possible.But to others, believe, that we have to prepare to a long and fierce war, the minority Alawis wrack, will play its will-while practicing the politics of the land burned.

Today, the Americans are obsessed by the fear to see Syria evolve toward chaos, including, after the fall of the dictator.That is why Washington wants to, now, anticipate the after Assad. Because there is a real risk that extend the conflict, the two weak links, that are the Lebanon and Jordan.a sudden influx, of hordes of refugees, would eventually destabilize these two countries.Also, American diplomacy no longer seeks a international concerted action, but a direct action to support the overthrow of the regime, controlling, if it can be done, its evolution, and in preparing a stabilization plan for the day J.

The America, in the light of the different meetings sterile with the opposition in exile, is wary of these opponents, and insisted on an opposition to bring together all the actors, on the ground and on the outside, without exclusive.Washington, plans to organize at the end of the month of July, or at the latest during August, a general meeting of all the opponents, both internal and external, may be in Bulgaria, to discuss the challenges of the after Assad, and especially preserve the territorial unity, without forgetting the nagging question of the protection of minorities.In the case, possible, or this meeting proved difficult to maintain or unsuccessful, the Department of State is considering the establishment of a stabilization force.

For the Americans, this force could be put in place under the leadership of Turkey, with the official support of the Arab League.It will remain to convince Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, American ally, and as a member of NATO.These last ones consider, now, let it be forgotten the United Nations, and put in place of the direct actions concerted with the interested.In the meantime, we will continue, each day, to count the victims of the dictator of Damascus.

It has not finished talking to Syria.

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