July 28, 2012

Morocco and the language of Aesop

Reflections on a nagging problem in Morocco, the lingua franca.


Aesop, this Greek fabulist, considered that the language is the most beautiful and the worst of things.The most beautiful thing, because it allows the praise, the soft words and the sharing of knowledge.The worst thing, because it allows for the insult, the anathema, the injustice and falsehood.The Morocco, him, suffers from abundance of languages, Arabic, the Amazigh, the Darija and the way one should not speak, the French.

Yes, the language develops the concept of belonging to a Nation, but it is, before all, to convey the thoughts and to share.It is not a political instrument or a sign of recognition, but simply the opportunity to be understood by the other. It is also necessary for the other you include.In our beautiful country, it is obstinate to speak in arabic literary, ignoring the fact that almost forty percent of the population is illiterate, and a large part of the rest, is talking about, as the entire population of the kingdom, that Darija.


Last Friday, 27 July, I was invited to a Ftour-debate by the President of the IMRI, Jawad Kerdoudi.This event was organized by the newspaper "The Truth" and the Moroccan Federation of media. The program was very tempting, the subject: How will the Morocco? The panel were provided for the participation of gentlemen Karim Ghalleb, Mustapha El Khalfi, Salah Eddine Mezouar and Habib El Malki, moderators: Abdallah Amrani and Jawad Kerdoudi. Mr. Mezouar will not.The invitations have been broadcast in French, just as have been developed the introductions of gentlemen Lamrani and Kerdoudi.When tarpaper Ghaleb takes the floor, it will in arabic literary. I am the note, but he said that he had informed the organizers in his time. What does the will prevent not to derail his words of phrases in french, as: "a point of GDP". Of course, Mustapha El Khalfi him will follow.

Being in a Ftour-debate and not in a formal ceremony, i was expecting that it would ensure the success of the debate, in speaking French, or even Darija, in order to be understood by the greatest number. Habib El Malki, is being expressed in French, was the only one to see the room react, in interrupting his speech by much applause. Normal, the whole world the included.

This is true, and all the speakers have pointed out, the problem of language is far from being resolved in Morocco, and wanting to the hegemony of literary Arabic, a challenge. All Moroccans speak Darija, and speak to them in arabic literary, it is as if in Paris, the ministers were directed to their fellow citizens in latin.Certainly, literary Arabic is the language of the sacred book, the Koran, like the latin, the is to the Christian Bible.

Public education, by the exclusive, vis-à-vis the Amazigh, the darija and of the french, form, in the words of an great playwright and intellectual, a Tunisian youth dog.on crutches, unilingual, our young people are not armed to the world of work.National Education, should it continue to produce of unemployed graduates, and our policies to speak in arabic literary, flaunting of their knowledge, by ignoring the people who elected?

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