July 28, 2012

Morocco and the language of Aesop

Reflections on a nagging problem in Morocco, the lingua franca.


Aesop, this Greek fabulist, considered that the language is the most beautiful and the worst of things.The most beautiful thing, because it allows the praise, the soft words and the sharing of knowledge.The worst thing, because it allows for the insult, the anathema, the injustice and falsehood.The Morocco, him, suffers from abundance of languages, Arabic, the Amazigh, the Darija and the way one should not speak, the French.

Yes, the language develops the concept of belonging to a Nation, but it is, before all, to convey the thoughts and to share.It is not a political instrument or a sign of recognition, but simply the opportunity to be understood by the other. It is also necessary for the other you include.In our beautiful country, it is obstinate to speak in arabic literary, ignoring the fact that almost forty percent of the population is illiterate, and a large part of the rest, is talking about, as the entire population of the kingdom, that Darija.


Last Friday, 27 July, I was invited to a Ftour-debate by the President of the IMRI, Jawad Kerdoudi.This event was organized by the newspaper "The Truth" and the Moroccan Federation of media. The program was very tempting, the subject: How will the Morocco? The panel were provided for the participation of gentlemen Karim Ghalleb, Mustapha El Khalfi, Salah Eddine Mezouar and Habib El Malki, moderators: Abdallah Amrani and Jawad Kerdoudi. Mr. Mezouar will not.The invitations have been broadcast in French, just as have been developed the introductions of gentlemen Lamrani and Kerdoudi.When tarpaper Ghaleb takes the floor, it will in arabic literary. I am the note, but he said that he had informed the organizers in his time. What does the will prevent not to derail his words of phrases in french, as: "a point of GDP". Of course, Mustapha El Khalfi him will follow.

Being in a Ftour-debate and not in a formal ceremony, i was expecting that it would ensure the success of the debate, in speaking French, or even Darija, in order to be understood by the greatest number. Habib El Malki, is being expressed in French, was the only one to see the room react, in interrupting his speech by much applause. Normal, the whole world the included.

This is true, and all the speakers have pointed out, the problem of language is far from being resolved in Morocco, and wanting to the hegemony of literary Arabic, a challenge. All Moroccans speak Darija, and speak to them in arabic literary, it is as if in Paris, the ministers were directed to their fellow citizens in latin.Certainly, literary Arabic is the language of the sacred book, the Koran, like the latin, the is to the Christian Bible.

Public education, by the exclusive, vis-à-vis the Amazigh, the darija and of the french, form, in the words of an great playwright and intellectual, a Tunisian youth dog.on crutches, unilingual, our young people are not armed to the world of work.National Education, should it continue to produce of unemployed graduates, and our policies to speak in arabic literary, flaunting of their knowledge, by ignoring the people who elected?

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July 27, 2012

Syria, as can the America?

Chronic policy of the Friday morning on luxury Radio


The balance sheet of the game of massacre which took place under our eyes in Syria, amounts, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, to 19,000 killed, a countless number of injured and at the bottom word, 140,000 refugees in neighboring countries. And this will unfortunately continue.The will of the international community to put an end to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, is hampered by the successive vetoes of Russia and China.If the support of Russia to the Syrian President has been perceived, at the beginning, as the fact of a reliable partner and friend, it is more of the same in the Arab world, or the image of Moscow is deteriorating at an increasingly rapid rate.

Of course, the Secretary-general of the United Nations has declared Syria in a state of civil war, of course, the High Commissioner for Human Rights has considered the events of Syria as crimes against humanity, but this has been and currently has no effect on the Syrian leader.The successive vetoes, have not allowed the United Nations Security Council to make use of article 7 of the Charter of the United Nations, allowing an armed action against Syria.Susan Rice, the American representative to the United Nations, has summarized the situation by calling the action of the Security Council, of complete bankruptcy. This bankruptcy and that of the mission of Kofi Annan, put an end to the hope of a political transition controlled in Damascus.


So, what can the America, what do they think the members of the Security Council of the White House. What initiatives can take the strategists of the American department?

Barak Obama has just declared that Bashar El Assad would be committing a tragic mistake if he came to use the chemical weapons.ll was reacting to the announcement of a Syrian spokesman, according to which, the scheme is there would solve that in case of external aggression.This thing we have to learn from it is the official confirmation, for the first time, of the existence of these weapons of mass destruction, by Damascus.

But the American administration remains shared, on the interpretation of signals received from the field. The idea is strengthened as a sudden collapse of the dictatorship, on the Tunisian mode or Egyptian, becomes possible.But to others, believe, that we have to prepare to a long and fierce war, the minority Alawis wrack, will play its will-while practicing the politics of the land burned.

Today, the Americans are obsessed by the fear to see Syria evolve toward chaos, including, after the fall of the dictator.That is why Washington wants to, now, anticipate the after Assad. Because there is a real risk that extend the conflict, the two weak links, that are the Lebanon and Jordan.a sudden influx, of hordes of refugees, would eventually destabilize these two countries.Also, American diplomacy no longer seeks a international concerted action, but a direct action to support the overthrow of the regime, controlling, if it can be done, its evolution, and in preparing a stabilization plan for the day J.

The America, in the light of the different meetings sterile with the opposition in exile, is wary of these opponents, and insisted on an opposition to bring together all the actors, on the ground and on the outside, without exclusive.Washington, plans to organize at the end of the month of July, or at the latest during August, a general meeting of all the opponents, both internal and external, may be in Bulgaria, to discuss the challenges of the after Assad, and especially preserve the territorial unity, without forgetting the nagging question of the protection of minorities.In the case, possible, or this meeting proved difficult to maintain or unsuccessful, the Department of State is considering the establishment of a stabilization force.

For the Americans, this force could be put in place under the leadership of Turkey, with the official support of the Arab League.It will remain to convince Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, American ally, and as a member of NATO.These last ones consider, now, let it be forgotten the United Nations, and put in place of the direct actions concerted with the interested.In the meantime, we will continue, each day, to count the victims of the dictator of Damascus.

It has not finished talking to Syria.

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July 21, 2012

Of Intolerance

God, the great architect of the Universe, has, in his great mercy, with the rights of free will. He has given him the ability to think, choose, accept and reject.God has created a balanced world, or all, has its reason to be, or everything is balanced.

The evil allows to distinguish the well, the unbeliever give meaning to believers, Satan allows believers to resist the temptation and to affirm their faith. Each thing in its reason to be, some justify the existence of the other.No one has the ultimate truth, apart from him.

Intolerance, it is the negation of this balance, that God has wanted. Intolerance, it is the negation of the very essence of the human. It is a crime against humanity, a intolerable sin, in the eyes of the Divine.In these sacred days of Ramadan, for my Muslim brothers, in these sacred days of Techaab, for my brothers Jews, i requested that the Morocco, or tolerance and coexistence are not, to this day, of the vain words, is not reached to this plague that is intolerance, that him either save the reign of the obscurantism and the laws of the extremes.


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July 20, 2012

Israel, Jewish state, a scheduled end

Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio


Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, had established a commission to study the legal aspects of colonies in the occupied territories. This commission, formed of jurists and headed by the former judge of the Supreme Court Edmond Levy, was composed, especially, of the Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and the minister without portfolio Benny Begin.These brilliant personalities come to get their report which concluded that the "Judea", in clear, the West Bank, is that a territory "disputed", on which Israel is free to consolidate its base, waiting for a negotiated solution. The settlements are legal and the report denied any military occupation, these land belonging to no State.What can be learned in this report, is that the Palestine has never existed, thus erasing any part of the history of the region.There is the question: the Israeli government he prepared, simply the annexation of the occupied territories. Are we moving toward a single State, or Israelis and Palestinians live side by side. But will they have the same rights and duties? This is doubtful.


Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, has denounced the conclusions of this report, emphasizing the dangers of a colonisation all azimuths. He said, and I quote: "the settlements in the areas with a high density arabic could cause a demographic change which we will do well to take into account, and to add, without a Jewish majority, it is doubtful that a Jewish State can remain Jewish. " End of quote.The Head of State, holder of symbolic powers and intended to embody a national consensus, has found, as soon, in the collimator of the powerful lobby of settlers.Fathers, of the Nobel peace prize, realistic champion of the State of Israel, genuine concern, by the continuation of the colonization, the balance of forces between the communities is being seriously questioned. However, today, we are forced to recognize that this scenario is in market.

When two years ago, in my latest book: The sharing of the memory, I wrote: "The continuation of settlements in the occupied territories, may, very quickly, indeed render impossible a two state solution. In this case, there could be no more that a single State, Israel, who should then integrate the Palestinian population, the entire Palestinian population" and i concluded more far, "in the very short term, the majority of the population will be Muslim therefore, that is to say, the end of the Jewish State if dear to Netanyahu", this analysis i garnered criticism and insults, on the part of Jews and Israelis, who did not like that we do not believe like them. Labeled a traitor by extremists, still dreaming of Greater Israel, some were not words quite harsh, to qualify my sacrilege.That is that today, the highest authority of the State of Israel, pulled this same sound the alarm. It says nothing different from what I wrote two years ago, he fears a demographic imbalance and the international isolation of the Jewish State.

When Arafat stated that its best weapon was the belly of the Palestinian women, one cannot help but observe that he had done for a long time the tower of the question.

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July 15, 2012

Thinking aloud

Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, went to Paris, to meet with the French President, Francois Holland. Apparently, he wanted to convince his interlocutors to act firmly to revive the israeli-palestinian negotiations.

This posturing is unnecessary, and Abbou Mazen must know. That may be Holland, mired in serious domestic economic problems. He has no authority recognized by his colleagues in the European Union, and the courtesy of the President Obama, to the egars of French President, during his meetings, has not been given any whom Voisine cushion, on the international level. The other concern for Mahmoud Abbas, the financing for the expenses of the year, it is not in Paris, it will find the millard of dollars missing. The depleted post-France, begs for the aid of Germany, and is in no condition to do any of the largesse.

Israeli side, the conditions are still not met, to allow a significant breakthrough in this dramatic problem. Yes, Israel will make efforts to help the Palestinians to go into debt, pending the international aid promised, thinest it is in its interest, particularly safe.

Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, know, all two, that there is nothing we can do make progress, before the American presidential elections.If Obama is elected, the hope of a revival of serious negotiations, is allowed.

Until then, there is nothing else to do, that to wait.

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July 14, 2012

The European Union face to its contradictions

Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio



It is no longer the time to the effects of announced and to the triumphalist speech, confusing conduct diplomatic and listened politely, of his interlocutors.

The French president, Francois Holland, travelled to London, on the one hand to warm relations for the less fresh with the British prime minister, David Cameron, and on the other hand propose to this last its design of the European Union. Between the willingness of Angela Merkel for more Europe and an England which is considering a referendum on the future of the British in the European Union, François Holland, sought a consensus utopian.

The facts are stubborn and the laws of economics do not have a state of soul. France, such as Spain and Italy, have lived in recent decades, above their means.IS acre overcenter hex on acquired benefits, refusing the restructuring of the state administration which is required, leaving its industry to the drift by the loads which have eroded its competitiveness, developing a doctrine pernicious to work less and earn more, France is located today be a sick member of the European Union.

Designate the globalization as the responsible for the descent into the underworld, is neither true, nor constructive. Globalization is a chance that countries such as Germany, Sweden or the Netherlands, to name but a few, have been able to seize, by reforming and structuring and protecting the competitiveness of their industry.If before the subprime crisis, it was estimated that the globalization benefited primarily to the western countries, it has to be noted that this is an opportunity that the newly developed countries, like China, India or Brazil, have been able to seize.If you do not build a strong Europe, with a real economic coordination, financial, social, and political, France and the European countries of the south will be exceeded, in a few decades, by countries such as Mexico, Thailand or Nigeria.

Europe is not built from a menu option, but a firm choice of civilization. At the time of this globalization, both decried by


Some, only the Union will be able to stand up to the new intercontinental emerging giants, such as Brazil, China and India, in the meantime other.The French president, Francois Holland has said, after his talks in London, I quote: "We need to design a multi-speed Europe, each coming from at its own pace, taking what he wants in the Union, in the respect of the other "End of quote.The hostel spanish, what is the multi-speed Europe, described by the French president, is not the answer to the challenges we face today, the Europeans.If Holland persists in this track, we do not see how Germany, Finland and the Netherlands will accept to make available to the members in difficulty, their financial means And their credit on the international financial center.

You need to be able to go the other, to be able to dream and impose its views.

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July 06, 2012

A political transition death-born

Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio


They are put to five, the scapegoat of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, the Arab League, the European Union, the United States of America and Russia, to give birth to a project of a political transition in Syria, which has not survived to the simple reading of the communicate.These powers, meeting a few days ago in Geneva, have sought a political solution to the tragedy of the Syrian people.The meeting has been uncorked, very seriously, on an invitation to the two camps in the civil war, to reach agreement among themselves, by mutual consent, following the same terms of the communicate final.


The mind boggles, ask the victims to hear with their executioner, directly, to establish a transitional government, that would bring together representatives of the demonstrators and those of the present power.Kofi Annan added: I am sure they will not in this transitional government, men in the blood-stained hands.No reference to the departure of President Bashar Al-Assad , the international justice is passed over in silence, not a word of the embargo on arms to Damascus, it is a capitulation, in the face of Russia intractable.The opponents Syrians have reason to characterize the Geneva agreement of farce, allowing the dictator to save time.The document, valid in Geneva, wants to put in place a provisional government entity, which would be The full executive powers.But nothing is said about the how and with what authority the impose. It is neither meaningful nor realistic.No calendar is imposed for the political change. The aberration is, that the reference back to back, the Syrian regime and its opponents.

In reality, Russia has imposed its views to the west, with the complicity of the United States .they do not want of waves with Russia, in this period of presidential campaign, with the hope also, to put his side, Moscow, in the current arm of iron with the Iran.In making concessions in Geneva, Washington think especially in its relations with Moscow, for other crises that are on the horizon.During this time, Assad continued killing his people, the dead continue to be added to other dead and of women and children continue to die under the guns of the dictator.

After all, it is far the Syria, and, as the said Putin, we cannot interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign State.And these masters of the


World will come, the hand on the court, we speak of human rights, democracy and peoples to determine their own fate freely.The international community is prepared to help the Syrian people in revolt, but on the condition that the it is not during the election campaign, that Russia have joined the world of "bisonours", and that it will not bother not too the diplomatic relations of the major powers.And who knows, there may be, the problems of gas, trace of pipeline, fossil energy, which complicate the given.

The truth is that the Syrian people has not ends to suffer.

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