03 August 2012

The Tunisian President assassinated the UMA

Chronic policy of the Friday morning on luxury Radio


Last Monday, on the occasion of the feast of the throne, His Majesty Mohamed VI is directed to the Moroccan people.The first teaching that one gets from its address, it is "that there is a driver in the plane", and all the pessimists who declare that the you don't know where you are going, should analyze and meditate the royal message.In the first place, the events that the Morocco has just to live, in fact, a great leap forward in the democracy, the rule of law and social justice, are not the result of chance, nor the product of circumstances.

The message insists on the continuation of a policy, I quote: "well-thought out strategy and a gradual ", end of quote.Assuming the prerogatives, data to him by the new Constitution, His Majesty analysis the different steps, and trace to the executive, the guidelines to follow and the priorities.The Sovereign does not fail to remind, for those who have not integrated, that Sunni Islam advocates the just middle, tolerance and prescribed extremism, fanaticism and the ostracism. It is hoped that some ministers PJD, the Salafist and other activists of the wall will have received the message.


It is not in my comment here, to decrypt the statements of His Majesty, the King Mohamed VI. It is hoped that those who govern us, as well as the leaders of the political parties, will have to implement in music, the partition described by the Sovereign.No, I would like to refer to the passage devoted to the Maghreb Union. His Majesty wishes, I quote: "that this project kind of immobility and him either print a dynamic carrier of a sustainable and integrated development ", end of quote.To do this, it is necessary that the partners concerned, silence their resentments and regrets, and above all, respect the schemes in place, and as far as we are concerned, the Moroccan monarchy.

In effect, three days before the feast of the throne, the Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, speaking to the elected representatives of the Tunisian constituent, in the presence of the Ambassador of Morocco, said, I quote: "the monarchy, even if she cohabited with values of equality, individual freedoms and other human rights, remains a contradiction regime with democracy, and that at the head of the State is found a citizen who has a right which he is the sole depositary, there remains for life and transmits it to a heir of his choice without the people having a say "End of quote.

Certain have the character Marzouki as a naive, see an idealist. I believe above all that he is neither a politician, nor a diplomat, even less, a head of State.When that is declared Urbi et Orbi, that one is for the Maghreb Union, and this, as soon as possible, it must be said, more, that he murdered rather the Union, because the indispensable precondition, is the respect of its potential future partners.forced to conclude that the President of the Republic of Tunisia, has, through his remarks, to plunge the UMA in a much more profound lethargy.

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    Thank you Mr. Banon for having pointed out the double Tunisian speech at the recent broadcast of "conflict in the Sahel" Radio broadcast on luxury.

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