10 August 2012

The mysteries of the death of Arafat

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Each year, the thesis of the poisoning of the Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, is in the media, particularly of the Qatari television channel, Al Jazeera. This time, it is with the polonium that could have poisoned the Rais. This product, is only accessible to a nuclear power, under heard Israel. Suha Arafat, widow of the Palestinian President, who filed a complaint against X, stressed that it is not accusing the Hebrew State, but wants to know the truth.


The Israelis had no interest to remove Yasser Arafat. Four years after the second intifada, deducted in its Mouquata'a of Ramallah, encircled by the Israeli army, it is very weakened, as well in the territories that from overseas legations. The Hebrew State had beautiful game to declare, that he had no valid and credible partner with whom to negotiate. Then, if there has been poisoning who had interest to do so? In July 2009, Farouk Kadoumi, leader of the PLO political department, Tunisian since his retirement, had accused, on the same string Qatari, Mahmoud Abbas and Mohamed Dahlane.

Today, Souha, in an interview, told me that an American journalist came to see. He said he was investigating for ten years on the real causes of the deaths of President Arafat. Convinced, it gives him the last effects of Arafat, who were sleeping in a cardboard for ten years.The latter, demonstrating a high level of intuition, sends directly and immediately these effects to the radiological institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, expert on the problems of radiation. The results of the analyzes conclude to a abnormally high dose of polonium, still present, despite the time elapsed since the death of Palestinian leader.

The foundation Arafat, having made public its complete medical record on the Internet, several French experts have analyzed. Given the quality and dimension of the character, the doctors to indiscutees skills, at the military hospital in Percy, have not wanted to make assumptions. If this document does not conclude clearly on an accurate diagnosis, however, it can offer a number of information that contradicts the thesis of the polonium poisoning. According to these experts, the Palestinian leader died of severe blood clotting disorders linked to a drop in platelets, in other words, of red blood cells, associated with a significant disruption of hepatitis and functions of digestive disorders. :Gold the polonium poisoning causes


Different symptoms. That said the professor Roland Earth, a member of the Academy of Medicine, a specialist in the radioactivity, I quote: "the intoxication to the polonium caused a general radiation, with the strife that is well known. The first symptoms occur on average a week after the intoxication and are reflected in an alteration of the mucosa of the intestine with loss of water and bloody diarrhea. In addition, the internal radiation reaches the bone marrow and then causes a anemia with an early fall of the white blood cells. " End of quote.The polonium is a radioactive substance that is rapidly disintegrating with the time. However, if low doses have been found on the effects of Arafat, and that would be the trace of a contamination of ten years ago, the administered dose has the be massive, in the order of 500,000 times higher, for it is still detectable today. Arafat would not been irradiated but would become radiating.

Then Arafat, if he has been poisoned, it is by what, by whom? The mystery remains integer.has there been a settlement of account interpalestinien? It may be noted that the disappearance of Yasser Arafat end of 2004, favored the entry of Hamas on the front of the political scene and the advent of Mahmoud Abbas at the head of the Palestinian Authority.

Most of the great men have a tragic end or unexplained. This death which the causes are imprecise or mysterious, is part of the myth of the icons of peoples.Arafat would have liked that there is less talk of his death, and more of his work, namely, the creation of the Palestinian people and the gathering of all the families in this concept, the Nation.Let the mythical father of the Palestinian nation, the secret of his death.

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