17 August 2012

Egypt: the president Morsi mutiny

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Sunday 12 August, Mohamed Morsi took the Egyptians by surprise by announcing the retirement of the marshal Tantaoui - minister of defense and chief of the Supreme Council of the armed forces. The arm of iron between the army and the Brotherhood of the Muslim Brothers, dominated the political and social life in Egypt, by its twists in a constitutional disorder. The president Morsi has also canceled the constitutional declaration of the Supreme Council of the armed forces, and was granted the power to legislate, pending the election of a new parliament. Its exorbitant powers do not exist for the time that on the paper, the absence of a Constitution does not enlighten on the real prerogatives of the function. In addition to the minister of defense, the dismissal is also the chief of staff and number 2 of the AFSC, Sami Enari, and the heads of the three branches of the armed forces, earth, air, sea. Given for dull and clears, the president Morsi begun here, a maneuver apparently daring, which is an attempt to resume in hand on the military institution. It should be noted that these changes at the head of the army, dramatic as they are, were done in coordination and with the agreement of the military. It is Morsi itself which confirms the information. Also, it should be noted that all the removed have received important posts, such as Tantaoui - appointed presidential adviser, as well as Sami Erani, or of very lucrative positions, as Mohab Mamich, chief of the navy, appointed to head the directorate of the Suez canal.

No doubt that these decisions have received the endorsement of the great American sponsor as well as the other funder that became the Qatar. It should be noted that shortly before the announcement of these decisions, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and Leon Paneta, secretary of defense, in Washington, were in Cairo, just as the Emir of Qatar. These changes are, by contrast, a hard blow for the Saudi Arabia who lives badly the ascension of the Muslim Brothers, competitors of his religious leadership. It is also a bad news for the Israelis, who are powerless to the departure of all their contacts.


What will now be the reaction of the military on the new powers that has granted the President, that is going to say the all-powerful High Constitutional Court? Even if the military considered that it is a generational change, that the elevator in the military promotion has resumed its market, it is no less true that the president Morsi has scored points, paring the powers of the military, in a search for a balance more positive for the civil power. Shade of the table, the appointment of the vice-president. It is the judge Mahmoud Mekki, one of the ringleader of the sling of judges against the Mubarak regime in 2005, who won the seat. Shade of the table, because at the time of his election, Morsi had promised to choose a woman and a Coptic as vice-presidents, in order to reassure the Christian minority and those who fear the establishment of an Islamic order.

However it is still far from the end of the military regime.It is hoped that this arm of iron, with its successive blows of theater, to come to an end quickly, and that this balance between military power and civilian power, is quickly found.It is time that Egypt must resume its place in the Middle East, and that the current chaos, left the place in a social peace in a political climate economy soothes and a discount on the rails.

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