September 08, 2012

The Russians to return to Afghanistan?

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The army of the former USSR has conducted for ten years, from 1979 to 1989, a war in Afghanistan against the mujahidin. This war, because of the involvement of the United States, has been regarded as the last crisis of the cold war. Since then, there was the 11 September 2001, the largest terrorist attack of all time, with its three thousand victims. THE UNITED NATIONS responded by putting in place the ISAF, the intervention force in Afghanistan. It was the hunting to the members of the nebula terrorist, Al Qaida and its leader and inspirer, Osama Bin Laden.

And this is a new war in Afghanistan, this time conducted by those who had contributed to throw the Russians out of their zone of influence. A war being waged by a Western coalition, with the United States as the principal conductor of the orchestra and essential contributor. It is in the context of a war against terrorism and a hunted without mercy of Bin Laden, that the Boys Americans there were sent by thousands. The invoice in human lives and in dollars, is heavy for all participants, head in America.

The death of Bin Laden does not weaken the Taliban, but provides an excuse for Americans to accelerate the end of a military adventure become unpopular in the United States. It is of 2010, at the NATO summit in Lisbon, that the States involved in the Intervention Force in Afghanistan, had decided to withdraw their fighting forces in later in 2014. The coalition believes that the mandate given by the United Nations has been filled, by the pacification of a number of areas, such as the valley of the Kapisa, the death of Bin Laden and the training of the Afghan national army, estimated ready to take the relay.

Moscow does not share this optimism, both on the liquidation of the terrorism that the pacification. That said Vladimir Putin? I quote: "It is regrettable that many participants in this operation of Nato are thinking of the way to withdraw… they should support the burden and go up to the end. They have made commitments and should carry out their mission to the United Nations. "And his minister of foreign affairs to emphasize: "The precipitate withdrawal of the coalition forces, deployed in Afghanistan, has risks of destabilization in the region. " End of quote.


One may ask why Putin's Russia does it both to the presence of the fighting forces of NATO, American head, the doors of the great Russia. Moscow is experiencing two fears before the departure of the forces of the NATO, on the one hand the intensification of the trafficking of drugs in the direction of Russia, on the other hand, and especially, the resurgence of Islamic activities, or even terrorists, on the borders of the Muslim republics of Central Asia.

To fill the vacuum that will cause the departure of the western, empty that will not fill the Afghan army, the rehiring of Russia is not excluded. Afghanistan has always been regarded by Moscow as part of its areas of influence. No doubt that Moscow will go far enough to prevent those that she continues to call the terrorists, namely the Taliban, to take power there. In 1989, when Soviet troops leaving Afghanistan, driven by the Afghan resistance, no one could have imagined that twelve years later, the Federation would be to return. In the meantime, Moscow collaborated with those who have helped this Afghan resistance, tried to persuade them to sursoir at the outset, and even using for example the French forces to get away from the maze afghan by Russia. This may explain the infinite patience of western with regard to the Russian Federation on the Syrian track.

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