September 22, 2012

The misfiring of the Arab spring

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It will be enough of a so-called film of inflammatory propaganda, to ignite the arab street.

Forgotten, the Americans and the Europeans, who are required to the sides of the revolutionary movements, up to engage militarily, to help the overthrow of the despot of Tripoli and elsewhere.

Forgotten, the speech of the Cairo of Obama, extending to the Arab world.

Forgotten, this symbol of a brotherhood of struggle that had become this diplomat out of the common, Chris Steven. Arabic style with passionate, he had shared the anguish of the inhabitants of Benghazi during the endless summer 2011.

Forgotten, the millions of dollars paid to help the Arab populations in Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

It will be enough of a handful of fanatics irresponsible to trigger the anger of the arab street. To whom? Toward the ideal scapegoat, the


United States . In truth, the arab street is a bomb to the provision of all the extremists, which exploded at the request, provided it is given a target, preferably American, and of simple slogans and mobilizers, as defend Islam and its prophet. It can be seen today, how easy it is to throw it in the street of hordes of excited, everywhere in the world. There is one more time, the manipulation of a Islamist fringe which has long been committed to confiscate the Islam.

The Salafist do not like these political transitions that have taken place in a democratic framework. These jihadists do not like those revolutionaries who have been deprived of speech as program. This new solidarity, between western and Arab children of the spring, is considered by these same jihadists, as a mortal threat to their movement. It is this community of ideas, that of preachers of hate across the Atlantic and terrorists in Cyrenaica and elsewhere, are striving to break down. The outrages that represents this vile video, are the work of small groups which do not handle other weapon than a hate propaganda and desired a provocation, the violent consequences desired.

This is to say, if the events in which we are witnessing, fill with easy these provocateurs. In the current context, the intolerance and xenophobia are thriving, and we blame easily of scapegoats, between other, America. After the arab spring, with globalization, we come to a crossroads, where the choices are clear, either the establishment of democracy, it will have to defend at any cost, or waive it for a time or never. The uncertainty that La Ronge in many countries, poor governance that prevails in many others, are the bed of extremism and the political paranoia.

A infected video, the inexcusable violence, give me to paraphrase Tocqueville, if the law allows the citizen to do everything, at least that the moral of it all, dare to defend.

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