September 28, 2012

A unacceptable interference

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We knew the close links between the United States and Israel. They are expressed by a policy of support and assistance which has never been lacking in the Hebrew State. We knew the activism of the American Jewish lobby in Washington, in favor of the government of Jerusalem. We knew the unconditional support of the United States Congress in regard to Israel.

But, we did not know that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was part of the American presidential election. It is imposed in the duel Obama-Romney , by displaying its preferences, asking openly to the Americans to vote for the Republican candidate. Bibi Netanyahu has become a true actor of the US campaign, a position which expresses especially its embers to the regard of the president in office, Barak Obama.

Netanyahu knows that the re-election of Obama is going to translate by the requirements difficult to set aside, in the first place the judgment of the colonization, the dismantling of the settlements and wild the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations, with a goal, the establishment of a Palestinian State, coherent and viable. The first term of any president in the United States always expresses a policy constrained by the problem of the re-election. The second term, get rid of the electoral contingencies, allows the President re-elected, to express its entire policy and nothing that its policy.

Netanyahu knows more than anyone else. It is for this that he tried to mobilize the jewish electorate, traditionally democrat, in favor of Romney. It does not hesitate, by its posturing of goes to war vis-à-vis Iran to try to push Obama to the fault. The American voter would pay dearly to the tenant of the White House a perspective, see a promise of a new military adventure. While the Middle East is boiling over, that an American ambassador is murdered in Libya, that the training of Afghan forces is frozen sine die, Romney, using his new ally policy,Benjamin Netanyahu, will attempt to tarnish the balance sheet of the tombeur of Bin Laden.

The irruption of unacceptable Netanyahu in the US presidential campaign does not disassembled not Obama who said, I quote: "I share and understand his insistence on the need to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but in regard to the decisions of national security, the


Only pressure -he- feels is to do what is good for the American people. "And to add: "If Mitt Romney believes that we should engage a new war, he should say clearly. " End of quote. The tactic of Netanyahu is seen as counter-productive by many Israeli officials.Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game, that already, of the Israeli political, military officials at the highest level and some members of his cabinet accuse him. They consider that its policy will be much more apparent to a poker game.

The eventual election, and between we likely, to Barak Obama, is likely to cost a team Netanyahu.Barak Obama should meditate this reflection, old of more than a century, another politician: "God, protected me from my friends, my enemies i am in charge. "

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    The American support to the state of Israel is a investment divine ,the republicans know the impact and the positive impact on the social and economic plans.
    And the republicans have an interest and a duty to be with the state of Israel in all times and circumstances

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