October 12, 2012

OPEC and GAZPROM in the turmoil

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Forget the theory of peak oil, the barrel of oil still more rare.

.Forget the great fear of an OPEC of gas.

Forget a OPEC triumphant, combining the trade to the policy.

Forget the prophecies of the engineer, Jean Laherrere, who announced in 1998, the end of cheap oil and the oil Peak for 2015.

Certainly, the discoveries of oil and gas are proliferating. The farm investments-production should increase this year by more than 13 %. On the first nine months of this year, more than 146 new discoveries of deposit have been identified in the world. This dynamism is due to massive investments, justified by the levels of price of oil.

But this does not explain everything. The role of the element provocateur returns to the American of shale gas. We attended the United States to a real gold rush black deposits of shale. Treasures of gas and oil have been revealed thanks to the technique of hydraulic fracturing of rocks. This upset the given energy and calls into question the political alliances and the reign of petrodollars.


The full power of the Russian Gazprom is in question, shaken up by this shale gas much maligned. It is a true revolution that the Russian giant has not seen coming. It has been, already, forced to abandon his project of exploitation of the Shtokman field, planned to supply the United States. The rise in power of the exploitation of oil in America, the gas production which is becoming a tidal wave, are in the process of achieving a real counter-oil shock. "Our annual costs of gas is of 500 million euros, it would be 200 million, if we produce to the United States," explained there is little the boss of the Belgian chemical group Solvay.

The Americans have more need of the Russian gas, much more, their surplus, as well as gas than in oil, will shake up the hierarchy between the different sources of energy. They are going to shatter all the rates for long-term supply required of Gazprom and Sonatrach. Sooner or later, they will end up doing drop the oil from its pedestal. We are going toward the $50 per barrel in 2015 predict already some experts. One thing is certain, the geopolitical consequences are going to change the global landscape.If the reign of oil at $180 a barrel key to its end, the countries who have lived so far on the manna of the petrodollars, will need to make revisions harrowing and likely abandon their search for religious hegemony. They will have


Adapt their foreign policy with the new geopolitical strategy of Washington who is going to follow. The Kremlin will have to revise its copy, not having more of this arm weapon of its foreign policy, convenient and efficient, that has been and still is, Gazprom. Remind you of the gas war with Ukraine.

The people of the investors is in the process to realize of this new state, and their influence on the world prices, will magnify this against-oil shock.

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