04 August 2012

Israel/Palestine, a few figures to meditate

The figures are often revealing. They are stubborn and insist to bring to light, what some would like silence. I offer for your meditation a few. They speak for themselves, and provide a long speech.

See for yourself.


The population of Israel amounted to 7.740 million with almost two million Palestinians are benefiting from the Israeli nationality, or simple residents in East Jerusalem. A little more than a million Israelis resides outside of Israel (the United States, Canada, Europe, essentially).

The Palestinian population, living on the occupied territories, amounts to 4.3 million, of which 2.75 million in the West Bank and 1.54 million in the Gaza Strip. The density is 450 persons per km2 in the West Bank and 4279 persons per km2 in the Gaza Strip. The density for Israel is of 350 inhabitants per km2. Israel and the occupied territories have a density comparable to that of India, that is, one of the more high of the world. 48.6 per cent of the Palestinian population has less than 18 years. The literacy rate of young Palestinians (15-24 years) is 99 %. It should be noted that 19% of the budget of the Palestinian Authority is intended to education.

The Palestinian Authority received international assistance since the Oslo accords.After the Sudan, Palestine was in 2010, the second largest recipient of international aid in the world.From 1994 to 2009, the European Union has given 4.26 billion euros, figures which must be added a direct aid of the France of EUR 260 million.In 2011, the international community has given 1.12 billion euros to the Palestinian Authority. In 2012, the aid of the European Union is expected to more than 300 million euros.

We cannot talk about the settlements, even as a figure. Since the signing of the Oslo accords, the settler population has increased from 268,756 to 518,974 in 2010, an increase of 51 %, 80% of the settlers live in a perimeter of 25 km around Jerusalem.In 2011, there were more buildings by person in the colonies than in Israel.

Other figures must not pass under silence:

- During the operation "Cast Lead" 18 schools have been destroyed.

- Since the beginning of the second intifada, in 2000, nearly 7500 Palestinian children, between 12 and 17 years, were arrested and imprisoned.


- According to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, at least 24,813 houses were demolished in Palestine since 1967.

- In April 2012, the pic monthly record of 54 demolitions has been reached.

- The number of settler attacks per week in 2011, has increased by 40% compared to 2010 and from 165% compared to 2009.

These figures illustrate the policy of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, but also the battle of demography that the Palestinians are in the process of winning.

Sources: UN, EU, UNRWA, Platform of NGOS french for Palestine.

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July 28, 2012

Morocco and the language of Aesop

Reflections on a nagging problem in Morocco, the lingua franca.


Aesop, this Greek fabulist, considered that the language is the most beautiful and the worst of things.The most beautiful thing, because it allows the praise, the soft words and the sharing of knowledge.The worst thing, because it allows for the insult, the anathema, the injustice and falsehood.The Morocco, him, suffers from abundance of languages, Arabic, the Amazigh, the Darija and the way one should not speak, the French.

Yes, the language develops the concept of belonging to a Nation, but it is, before all, to convey the thoughts and to share.It is not a political instrument or a sign of recognition, but simply the opportunity to be understood by the other. It is also necessary for the other you include.In our beautiful country, it is obstinate to speak in arabic literary, ignoring the fact that almost forty percent of the population is illiterate, and a large part of the rest, is talking about, as the entire population of the kingdom, that Darija.


Last Friday, 27 July, I was invited to a Ftour-debate by the President of the IMRI, Jawad Kerdoudi.This event was organized by the newspaper "The Truth" and the Moroccan Federation of media. The program was very tempting, the subject: How will the Morocco? The panel were provided for the participation of gentlemen Karim Ghalleb, Mustapha El Khalfi, Salah Eddine Mezouar and Habib El Malki, moderators: Abdallah Amrani and Jawad Kerdoudi. Mr. Mezouar will not.The invitations have been broadcast in French, just as have been developed the introductions of gentlemen Lamrani and Kerdoudi.When tarpaper Ghaleb takes the floor, it will in arabic literary. I am the note, but he said that he had informed the organizers in his time. What does the will prevent not to derail his words of phrases in french, as: "a point of GDP". Of course, Mustapha El Khalfi him will follow.

Being in a Ftour-debate and not in a formal ceremony, i was expecting that it would ensure the success of the debate, in speaking French, or even Darija, in order to be understood by the greatest number. Habib El Malki, is being expressed in French, was the only one to see the room react, in interrupting his speech by much applause. Normal, the whole world the included.

This is true, and all the speakers have pointed out, the problem of language is far from being resolved in Morocco, and wanting to the hegemony of literary Arabic, a challenge. All Moroccans speak Darija, and speak to them in arabic literary, it is as if in Paris, the ministers were directed to their fellow citizens in latin.Certainly, literary Arabic is the language of the sacred book, the Koran, like the latin, the is to the Christian Bible.

Public education, by the exclusive, vis-à-vis the Amazigh, the darija and of the french, form, in the words of an great playwright and intellectual, a Tunisian youth dog.on crutches, unilingual, our young people are not armed to the world of work.National Education, should it continue to produce of unemployed graduates, and our policies to speak in arabic literary, flaunting of their knowledge, by ignoring the people who elected?

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July 21, 2012

Of Intolerance

God, the great architect of the Universe, has, in his great mercy, with the rights of free will. He has given him the ability to think, choose, accept and reject.God has created a balanced world, or all, has its reason to be, or everything is balanced.

The evil allows to distinguish the well, the unbeliever give meaning to believers, Satan allows believers to resist the temptation and to affirm their faith. Each thing in its reason to be, some justify the existence of the other.No one has the ultimate truth, apart from him.

Intolerance, it is the negation of this balance, that God has wanted. Intolerance, it is the negation of the very essence of the human. It is a crime against humanity, a intolerable sin, in the eyes of the Divine.In these sacred days of Ramadan, for my Muslim brothers, in these sacred days of Techaab, for my brothers Jews, i requested that the Morocco, or tolerance and coexistence are not, to this day, of the vain words, is not reached to this plague that is intolerance, that him either save the reign of the obscurantism and the laws of the extremes.


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July 15, 2012

Thinking aloud

Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, went to Paris, to meet with the French President, Francois Holland. Apparently, he wanted to convince his interlocutors to act firmly to revive the israeli-palestinian negotiations.

This posturing is unnecessary, and Abbou Mazen must know. That may be Holland, mired in serious domestic economic problems. He has no authority recognized by his colleagues in the European Union, and the courtesy of the President Obama, to the egars of French President, during his meetings, has not been given any whom Voisine cushion, on the international level. The other concern for Mahmoud Abbas, the financing for the expenses of the year, it is not in Paris, it will find the millard of dollars missing. The depleted post-France, begs for the aid of Germany, and is in no condition to do any of the largesse.

Israeli side, the conditions are still not met, to allow a significant breakthrough in this dramatic problem. Yes, Israel will make efforts to help the Palestinians to go into debt, pending the international aid promised, thinest it is in its interest, particularly safe.

Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, know, all two, that there is nothing we can do make progress, before the American presidential elections.If Obama is elected, the hope of a revival of serious negotiations, is allowed.

Until then, there is nothing else to do, that to wait.

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May 01, 2012

A first of May, not like the other

This is the feast of the work, and the first of the new constitution.

Institutionalized by article 8, trade unionism is considered, as contributing to the defense and promotion of the rights and of socio-economic interests, of workers and workers he represents.This first of May has been the opportunity, for the trade unions, particularly the UMT, by the parades that they organized, to demonstrate their vitality, their representativeness, and their importance. They recall as well, they are the essential interlocutors, both for the public authorities, and for the employers' organizations.

imagesThe slogans displayed, and Marocaine des by the activists of the UMT, show that the message given by the new constitution, is well past. The place given to women, the sought parity in the banners, the show.I must pay tribute to the thousands of activists, which, since the dawn, have waited for hours, to testify and to welcome their union leaders, previews the time of a market.

A slogan has caught my attention: "Stop to continue the trade unionists". The trade union delegates do that fulfill the mission, that the labor vote entrusted to them. It is the elected representatives of a particular kind, other than the one of the parliamentarians, but of the elected representatives of the world of work.The representatives and delegates of the Union, should enjoy a certain immunity, in the exercise of their mission, namely, the defense of socio-economic interests of their constituents, such as the the Constitution says.A joint commission, formed of representatives of the various trade unions, representatives of the employers and the ministry of labor, would be expected to hear the lifting of this immunity, and it only.

A strong union, a labor to listen to her, the social dialog and a contractual policy, are the guarantors of the development.

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April 24, 2012

"The air of time"

When the Moroccan minister of justice and of freedoms, Mostafa Ramid, skidded in public, in front of television cameras and journalists photographers, I am the first to condemn it.

But, when his home, between friends, in a private dinner, he joked on his marital status of bigamist, it concerns, and him only. It has not broken the law, because the bigamy in Morocco is not prohibited.

It is wrong to fight, it is the law that needs to be reformed. Rescind its connection, making them the hot grooves, does that contribute to the development of this "air time" that the Moroccan magazine, TelQquel regret, and rightly so.

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April 20, 2012

Why I want a Jewish religious program

The Morocco a period of turmoil, economic, political, societal.The globalization and the development of information media, font that no country, no government, cannot make his kitchen in a corner, without the world and the concert of nations, attentive to human development, human rights, democracy, no added their grain of salt, by granting or removing their confidence.

The confidence, fraught with consequences, is merit to both inside and outside the country. Heavy consequences, because it was the one that was that the economy is animated, that the investment, domestic and foreign, are growing. It is she who fact that the account is taken of the floor of the country, in the international forums, becomes audible.This confidence, this is the case of the government, political parties, civil society, the citizens.Aware of these truths, the leader of the Government of Morocco, Abdelilah Benkirane, of its decision-function, visited abroad, meet the economic actors, and spread the good word.But an uneasiness has been installed, as a result of unfortunate statements and inappropriate, see the quirks, of ministers, responsible for important portfolios.The latest specifications of the chains and public radio, for the least incorrectly explained, add to the confusion. The reactions are not made wait, both at home and abroad.

Islam is the religion of the State, there is nothing to say or to refute, on the place importance and priority, which is given him, in the new specifications.But, the Constitution also says, that the Moroccan identity is multiple, and that all citizens are equal, in their rights and obligations. It does not provide for at no time, second-class citizens.

I am a Moroccan, of the Jewish faith. After a career abroad, i returned to my hometown, bring my skills and experience, to the construction of a democratic Morocco, and on the development of its economy; to provide an answer to all these young, bright and promising, who arrive each year on the labor market.This is for the sake of make my stone to confidence-building, that I think it is necessary to have in addition to the cultic emissions Muslim, a Jewish religious program.I think there are various benefits:

- The demonstration that the harmonious coexistence between the communities, the tolerance which characterizes the country, is not a slogan, but a reality.

- That all citizens, have all the same rights and responsibilities.

- That the opportunity could be given as well to better know the Jewish religion, will show to our cousins muslims, it is closer than they think.

- That such an initiative, abroad, will deliver the Morocco in what it has always been, the most democratic country of the Arab world. It will erase the effect of different "misunderstandings" which the media have gloated.

The confidence, it is a work of all days. Who knows, perhaps that of the Moroccan Jews, remained committed to their country, including the nostalgia is still alive, will find that it is time to abandon of shorelines and mirages, sometimes hostile.

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April 16, 2012

The political power face to international Finance

Writing a November 11, 2011, and it is always true!

Sometimes, I wonder if I have changed, or that is the world that market on the head.i am for the freedom to undertake, but not in anarchy. I am for the law of the market but not for its imperialism. I am for the free movement of capital, but not for their hegemony.

a96965_a597_8-bird-revenge2Berlusconi is party, Papandreou is party. No one will regret.But what bothers me is that this is not an effect of democracy which the thanked, but the international finance.the imperialism of the markets has been stronger than the game of democracy.

An observation, a regret.It is true that the Cavalier had finished by embody the bankruptcy of a certain European elite, also pushy that parochial.The bulldozers of markets rearranged the economic spaces at their convenience, to the detriment of the makers politiques.comment it is-it come about?

It is party to a unfortunate decision taken by Georges Pompidou, who was then President of the French Republic in 1970, it was forbidden by the Bank of France to lend to the State which should henceforth borrow from banks. Decision which was followed by virtually all European countries, for the sake of the sound management of public funds.

In reality, the political power has abandoned here a part of its sovereignty.The financial, become the creditors of the State, could not that ensure the quality of their risk and become as all lenders, demanding and invaders.We are today in the midst of war between the policy and the international finance.We must go back to the rules that the former called: a management in good father of family, and the political resume the authority and responsibilities that the voters have entrusted them.

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March 28, 2012

THE ingratitude of the Arab Spring

They more scavengers braved, to the men's side, the batons of minions of Ben Ali, Tunisia. They divided the blows and the brutality of the police, to the Tahrir Square, in Egypt.They participated, as the large, to the insurgency in Benghazi, Libya. It is still by their courage in defending their children against the abuse of another age, they gave the signal of the contestation in Syria.They, wives, sisters, mothers of families have screamed, before the other "Erhal", (Clear). Everywhere, they defied the dictators and participation on an equal footing with the men, to this upheaval that has been called "the arab Spring " .The dictators overthrown, of new political actors out of the shadows, we can not help but ask: But where are the women?

images-2With the arrival of the Islamists in power, the Arab Spring is in the process of becoming a severe winters for they.In Tunisia, the Islamist extremists have dared submit to the Constituent Assembly, a project which provided for the introduction of Sharia law in its article 10, and a higher Islamic Council, in charge of fatwas, to article 126.after much prevarication, Ennahda has finished by lift the ambiguity in opposing this proposal.Bourguiba, the father of the Tunisia independent and modern, must be turning in his grave.

In Libya, it is the sharia, which is topical. In Egypt, the Muslim Brothers take the top of the pad. The market toward real democracy, with a modern Islam and unadulterated, is well compromised.pursued by the authorities in power, they were based in the gray light of the anonymity.After leaving, the young and the less young, the women and the Bobos of the middle class, start the popular movement, they are income, sure of their right, wedded to their single "Thought" and want to bring back the women behind their moucharabies.do they realize that it is another form of dictatorship, they invite the people?

After having demonstrated to the freedoms, after fighting for democracy, force is that women are the major missing the new shipyard policy.We don't see! They are inaudible, dreaming only to preserve the acquired rights. We are tempted to say: Any ca to ca ?You-loving men of freedom and justice, you the men who had, with your girlfriends, defied the indeboulonnables, what did you do to your ambitions, what did you do with your dreams. There is layer not in front of a few self-proclaimed prophets, be they well-organized and surfing on the ignorance of the poor.

The time of all possible cannot be gone so fast, as overwhelmed by a wave indomitable.of Tunis in Cairo, from Tripoli to Sana'a, they are outputs with you in the street, to denounce the dictatorship, the injustice and the absence of the most basic freedoms. These women will never forgive you for having confiscate the revolution, in the excluding of the recomposition of the society.It is hoped that they will not be silenced, and that they will continue to fight. Defenders of the rights of the woman should not come down the arm.

Religious extremism, of where he comes from, will not, long, refuse to women, the rights that their obligations and the place they deserve.all women, all the human rights defenders of the woman, must accommodate the award of the Nobel Prize for Peace, to the Yemeni feminist, Tawakel Karman, as a message of encouragement.

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March 07, 2012

The veil, a useless polemic

The controversy over an editorial in the magazine TelQuel moroccan francophone, swollen, but must be stopped. It must be stopped, because the problem, if there is problem, is wrong.

voileThe veil, wear or not wear the veil, is there discrimination? Do not wear the veil, is it wrong? Some "guardians of the moral" self-proclaimed, especially by the time who laughs, the declare loud and clear. These charlatans have not of memory. It is His late Majesty Mohamed V, may God bless his soul, wanting to Morocco on the path of modernity, taking to release the Moroccan woman of archaic rules, who gave the order to his daughters, to leave the veil. They did publicly in Tangier, with a speech of the late Princess, Lalla Aicha, who has remained in the memory of number of Moroccans.

It is by a royal decision, by the will of the King Mohamed V, that the Moroccan woman has completely thrown his Haik.Free, today to some to return to the outdated traditions. Between the choice to follow the path traced by His late Majesty Mohamed V, grandfather of our highly respected sovereign, Mohamed VI, and the recommendations of a political leader, respected as he is, the choice is quickly done by many Moroccan.

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