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October 19, 2012

The end of nuclear power: a utopia

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For decades that the organizations anti-nuclear activists, sometimes violently, to the abandonment of the nuclear. e earthquake, followed by a


Tidal Wave, in Japan, and the catastrophe of Fukushima who had resulted, seemed conceal the future of nuclear power, a little everywhere in the world. Japan announced, in the wake ,the graceful shutdown of nuclear power in 30 years.The Germany, by a statement somewhat hasty of Angela Merkel, announced the abandonment of nuclear-generated electricity. France, the United States and other countries were studying the question, by weighing the pros and cons. The anti-nuclear pavoisaient, and economic officials were firing sounded the alarm.Since the March 11, 2011, date of the disaster of Fukushima, the spirits are quiet and the pragmatism of the policies has taken over.

For France, the last Council of Nuclear Policy, the CPN, chaired by Francis Holland, the French President, has endorsed the support of France to the atom civil. If the Council announced a stop of the early central from Fessenheim, subject that the economic conditions, technical and social, are respected, the commissioning of the EPR reactor in Flamanville, of last generation, is confirmed. It is clear that the end of the nuclear could be expensive to France. Henri Proglio, the president of EDF, stresses that the abandonment of nuclear power would require investments in the order of 400 billion euros, would result in the doubling of the invoice of electricity and nearly a million jobs would be placed in jeopardy. In addition, the export of this great opportunities in China, India, in Europe. As the said the socialist minister, Arnaud Montebourg, in the case of France, the nuclear is a pipeline for the future.


The Japan, him, after having announced the judgment of the nuclear, puts into activity the central previously placed in the judgment and puts in construction, three nuclear reactors. Before the accident in Fukushima, the nuclear production represented in Japan nearly 30% of the consumption of electricity and the authorities were planning to increase this share to 53% by 2030.

In Germany, the output of the nuclear sees the invoice swell. The inflation in the cost of the electricity provoked a heated debate within the coalition government. Electricity must not become a luxury product exclaims Michael Fuchs, the German conservative member. Merkel must review its copy, and the elections are approaching. The euphoria of the energy revolution, will not hard in Germany, more than eighteen months, before the economic realities.

The United States, themselves, have more nuclear power stations than any other country in the world, 104 in activity, and after a pause, plans to build 30 new power plants.

Everywhere, in the world, nuclear energy is needed. The real problem is the security. The constructors should not skimp on the stringent security measures which are necessary. One thing is certain, the shutdown of the nuclear power is not for tomorrow.

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October 12, 2012

OPEC and GAZPROM in the turmoil

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Forget the theory of peak oil, the barrel of oil still more rare.

.Forget the great fear of an OPEC of gas.

Forget a OPEC triumphant, combining the trade to the policy.

Forget the prophecies of the engineer, Jean Laherrere, who announced in 1998, the end of cheap oil and the oil Peak for 2015.

Certainly, the discoveries of oil and gas are proliferating. The farm investments-production should increase this year by more than 13 %. On the first nine months of this year, more than 146 new discoveries of deposit have been identified in the world. This dynamism is due to massive investments, justified by the levels of price of oil.

But this does not explain everything. The role of the element provocateur returns to the American of shale gas. We attended the United States to a real gold rush black deposits of shale. Treasures of gas and oil have been revealed thanks to the technique of hydraulic fracturing of rocks. This upset the given energy and calls into question the political alliances and the reign of petrodollars.


The full power of the Russian Gazprom is in question, shaken up by this shale gas much maligned. It is a true revolution that the Russian giant has not seen coming. It has been, already, forced to abandon his project of exploitation of the Shtokman field, planned to supply the United States. The rise in power of the exploitation of oil in America, the gas production which is becoming a tidal wave, are in the process of achieving a real counter-oil shock. "Our annual costs of gas is of 500 million euros, it would be 200 million, if we produce to the United States," explained there is little the boss of the Belgian chemical group Solvay.

The Americans have more need of the Russian gas, much more, their surplus, as well as gas than in oil, will shake up the hierarchy between the different sources of energy. They are going to shatter all the rates for long-term supply required of Gazprom and Sonatrach. Sooner or later, they will end up doing drop the oil from its pedestal. We are going toward the $50 per barrel in 2015 predict already some experts. One thing is certain, the geopolitical consequences are going to change the global landscape.If the reign of oil at $180 a barrel key to its end, the countries who have lived so far on the manna of the petrodollars, will need to make revisions harrowing and likely abandon their search for religious hegemony. They will have


Adapt their foreign policy with the new geopolitical strategy of Washington who is going to follow. The Kremlin will have to revise its copy, not having more of this arm weapon of its foreign policy, convenient and efficient, that has been and still is, Gazprom. Remind you of the gas war with Ukraine.

The people of the investors is in the process to realize of this new state, and their influence on the world prices, will magnify this against-oil shock.

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October 05, 2012

Assad wants to crush the revolt

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The Syrian drama continues, and it is far from complete. Assad is determined to fight until the last alaouite, whatever the price to be paid by a population trapped in conflict. This civil war has already done more than 30,000 deaths, nearly a million displaced persons and refugees across borders, represent more than 250,000 people.

The regime has put in place in the small towns and villages, the committees for the defense which popular supplements to the regular army, once the latter, after having crushed under the bombs of the entire neighborhoods, withdrew. To strengthen its defense, the regime has recalled more than 2000 reservists of the republican guard, the specialists of missiles and transmissions. For six months, tens of thousands of young Alawites do, are driven to the urban warfare by the Iranian and russian instructors. It should be noted, that the rise in power of radical Islamists among the insurgents, has created a psychological change in an army, cemented to fight two enemies, the bearded first, and then Israel. The soldiers, aware of this Islamist threat, are motivated to fight, according to numerous witnesses on the spot. They believe that they are fighting for their survival, and that the insurgents will not gifts.

Since the drives from the Assad clan have taken the above, all ways are good to crush the rebellion. People's Committees for the defense, mobilization of elite units, call to thousands of Alawites do, tanks, armoured vehicles, aviation, combat helicopters, infiltration of opposition movements, everything is implemented to overcome this uprising. The regime played its survival, and the support of the Iran and Russia, fact that Assad considers that it has no other choice but to push each day, a little more, the countries in the tragedy and the desolation. Certainly, Assad has to go, and it will depart, dead or alive, but how many more dead the Syrian people will have to undergo? The Tunisian president has qualified President Bashar al-Assad to "bloody dictator, real Nero capable of destroying the whole of the country to stay in power. "The Arab countries have discussed recently at the United Nations to a possible Arab military intervention. This civil war, between the minority Alawis in power to a Sunni population, exacerbated sectarian divisions in the Arab world, in particular between the Shia crescent, namely, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and a part of Lebanon and the rest of the Sunni Arab countries, taken by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It must not rule out the possibility of a defeat of the insurgents. But the international community did not permit it. Also, if it became clear that the


Rebellion was in the process of losing the game, then, and only then, a direct military intervention could take place. In any thing, any intervention may be considered, without the involvement of the United States. For the moment, the presidential election campaign allows no bellicose initiative on the part of Washington. All military experts agree to say: it is of the Interior that the it will befall the regime. As a last resort, Assad will attempt to engulf the entire region. Despite the recent border incidents syrian-israeli track turkish, the truth is that a military intervention in Syria, is not for tomorrow.

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September 28, 2012

A unacceptable interference

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We knew the close links between the United States and Israel. They are expressed by a policy of support and assistance which has never been lacking in the Hebrew State. We knew the activism of the American Jewish lobby in Washington, in favor of the government of Jerusalem. We knew the unconditional support of the United States Congress in regard to Israel.

But, we did not know that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was part of the American presidential election. It is imposed in the duel Obama-Romney , by displaying its preferences, asking openly to the Americans to vote for the Republican candidate. Bibi Netanyahu has become a true actor of the US campaign, a position which expresses especially its embers to the regard of the president in office, Barak Obama.

Netanyahu knows that the re-election of Obama is going to translate by the requirements difficult to set aside, in the first place the judgment of the colonization, the dismantling of the settlements and wild the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations, with a goal, the establishment of a Palestinian State, coherent and viable. The first term of any president in the United States always expresses a policy constrained by the problem of the re-election. The second term, get rid of the electoral contingencies, allows the President re-elected, to express its entire policy and nothing that its policy.

Netanyahu knows more than anyone else. It is for this that he tried to mobilize the jewish electorate, traditionally democrat, in favor of Romney. It does not hesitate, by its posturing of goes to war vis-à-vis Iran to try to push Obama to the fault. The American voter would pay dearly to the tenant of the White House a perspective, see a promise of a new military adventure. While the Middle East is boiling over, that an American ambassador is murdered in Libya, that the training of Afghan forces is frozen sine die, Romney, using his new ally policy,Benjamin Netanyahu, will attempt to tarnish the balance sheet of the tombeur of Bin Laden.

The irruption of unacceptable Netanyahu in the US presidential campaign does not disassembled not Obama who said, I quote: "I share and understand his insistence on the need to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but in regard to the decisions of national security, the


Only pressure -he- feels is to do what is good for the American people. "And to add: "If Mitt Romney believes that we should engage a new war, he should say clearly. " End of quote. The tactic of Netanyahu is seen as counter-productive by many Israeli officials.Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game, that already, of the Israeli political, military officials at the highest level and some members of his cabinet accuse him. They consider that its policy will be much more apparent to a poker game.

The eventual election, and between we likely, to Barak Obama, is likely to cost a team Netanyahu.Barak Obama should meditate this reflection, old of more than a century, another politician: "God, protected me from my friends, my enemies i am in charge. "

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September 22, 2012

The misfiring of the Arab spring

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It will be enough of a so-called film of inflammatory propaganda, to ignite the arab street.

Forgotten, the Americans and the Europeans, who are required to the sides of the revolutionary movements, up to engage militarily, to help the overthrow of the despot of Tripoli and elsewhere.

Forgotten, the speech of the Cairo of Obama, extending to the Arab world.

Forgotten, this symbol of a brotherhood of struggle that had become this diplomat out of the common, Chris Steven. Arabic style with passionate, he had shared the anguish of the inhabitants of Benghazi during the endless summer 2011.

Forgotten, the millions of dollars paid to help the Arab populations in Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

It will be enough of a handful of fanatics irresponsible to trigger the anger of the arab street. To whom? Toward the ideal scapegoat, the


United States . In truth, the arab street is a bomb to the provision of all the extremists, which exploded at the request, provided it is given a target, preferably American, and of simple slogans and mobilizers, as defend Islam and its prophet. It can be seen today, how easy it is to throw it in the street of hordes of excited, everywhere in the world. There is one more time, the manipulation of a Islamist fringe which has long been committed to confiscate the Islam.

The Salafist do not like these political transitions that have taken place in a democratic framework. These jihadists do not like those revolutionaries who have been deprived of speech as program. This new solidarity, between western and Arab children of the spring, is considered by these same jihadists, as a mortal threat to their movement. It is this community of ideas, that of preachers of hate across the Atlantic and terrorists in Cyrenaica and elsewhere, are striving to break down. The outrages that represents this vile video, are the work of small groups which do not handle other weapon than a hate propaganda and desired a provocation, the violent consequences desired.

This is to say, if the events in which we are witnessing, fill with easy these provocateurs. In the current context, the intolerance and xenophobia are thriving, and we blame easily of scapegoats, between other, America. After the arab spring, with globalization, we come to a crossroads, where the choices are clear, either the establishment of democracy, it will have to defend at any cost, or waive it for a time or never. The uncertainty that La Ronge in many countries, poor governance that prevails in many others, are the bed of extremism and the political paranoia.

A infected video, the inexcusable violence, give me to paraphrase Tocqueville, if the law allows the citizen to do everything, at least that the moral of it all, dare to defend.

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September 15, 2012

The battle of the euro

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Since that the tankers had envisaged to be paid in euro, since China had declared consider diversifying its foreign exchange reserves by including the euro, the European currency was submitted to a real war, any azimuth.Touch to the world dominance of the dollar was considered by the Americans, as a threat to national sovereignty, of a country that lives on credit, to the detriment of the global economy.

We stigmatisa the weakness of the economy of the euro area, one of the finger pointa debt "untenable" of the countries of the south of the European union, to finish by saying, simply, that it was necessary to put an end to this experience, in short, the euro should disappear. The America, debt to the abyssal, to the sick economy, was not a problem to these distinguished economists. No one would have the crazy idea to consider the disappearance of the dollar.And yet, the other things being equal, the reasoning applied to the euro, should in any logical, apply to any area in economic crisis, precluding the dollar zone.

The reality is that the further construction of the European Union, is afraid to those whose the hegemony of their economy, is the cornerstone of their policy. It must be recalled that the crisis that has hit Europe, and particularly the countries of the Union who were reluctant to carry out the restructuring that imposed by the globalization, and the adjustments as demanded by the evolution of the demography, had taken birth in the United States. Certainly, the single currency banned the use of devaluation "regional" and the protectionist measures of yesteryear. The error has been put in place a single currency, without having previously, equip the European Union of the control bodies of budgetary and economic policies of member countries.


How can we speak of a united Europe, without harmonizing its social structures, tax, banking or legal. How can we talk of solidarity,sansaccepter a next to the Union on the use of the aid occtroyees. Out of the crisis was going on by most of Europe, it is to be what they are attacking the successive summits of the European leaders. The European mechanism of stability (MY), the implementation of the ECB, the European central bank, in the heart of the device, the golden rule for a fiscal discipline, the supervision of banks of the Union by the ECB, are as much of measures to make credible out of the crisis by a united Europe and organized. The draft european union banking, presented last Wednesday in Brussels, granted to the ECB with supervisory authority over the 6000 banks in the euro area, January 2013.


The decision of the German constitutional court, allowing for the adoption by Berlin, of new mechanisms of rescue of the euro area, lifted the latest mortgages on the desire of Germans to defend the single currency, their currency, as in all the States of the Union. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat had ratified the treaty of my last June, with a big majority. The European institutions embody the european legitimacy. It should give them the means to do this. The latest provisions give them the answers that they were waiting. By the decision of the constitutional court in Karlsruhe, Angela Merkel is seeing its authority asserted, and it is so much the better for the European Union.

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September 08, 2012

The Russians to return to Afghanistan?

Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio



The army of the former USSR has conducted for ten years, from 1979 to 1989, a war in Afghanistan against the mujahidin. This war, because of the involvement of the United States, has been regarded as the last crisis of the cold war. Since then, there was the 11 September 2001, the largest terrorist attack of all time, with its three thousand victims. THE UNITED NATIONS responded by putting in place the ISAF, the intervention force in Afghanistan. It was the hunting to the members of the nebula terrorist, Al Qaida and its leader and inspirer, Osama Bin Laden.

And this is a new war in Afghanistan, this time conducted by those who had contributed to throw the Russians out of their zone of influence. A war being waged by a Western coalition, with the United States as the principal conductor of the orchestra and essential contributor. It is in the context of a war against terrorism and a hunted without mercy of Bin Laden, that the Boys Americans there were sent by thousands. The invoice in human lives and in dollars, is heavy for all participants, head in America.

The death of Bin Laden does not weaken the Taliban, but provides an excuse for Americans to accelerate the end of a military adventure become unpopular in the United States. It is of 2010, at the NATO summit in Lisbon, that the States involved in the Intervention Force in Afghanistan, had decided to withdraw their fighting forces in later in 2014. The coalition believes that the mandate given by the United Nations has been filled, by the pacification of a number of areas, such as the valley of the Kapisa, the death of Bin Laden and the training of the Afghan national army, estimated ready to take the relay.

Moscow does not share this optimism, both on the liquidation of the terrorism that the pacification. That said Vladimir Putin? I quote: "It is regrettable that many participants in this operation of Nato are thinking of the way to withdraw… they should support the burden and go up to the end. They have made commitments and should carry out their mission to the United Nations. "And his minister of foreign affairs to emphasize: "The precipitate withdrawal of the coalition forces, deployed in Afghanistan, has risks of destabilization in the region. " End of quote.


One may ask why Putin's Russia does it both to the presence of the fighting forces of NATO, American head, the doors of the great Russia. Moscow is experiencing two fears before the departure of the forces of the NATO, on the one hand the intensification of the trafficking of drugs in the direction of Russia, on the other hand, and especially, the resurgence of Islamic activities, or even terrorists, on the borders of the Muslim republics of Central Asia.

To fill the vacuum that will cause the departure of the western, empty that will not fill the Afghan army, the rehiring of Russia is not excluded. Afghanistan has always been regarded by Moscow as part of its areas of influence. No doubt that Moscow will go far enough to prevent those that she continues to call the terrorists, namely the Taliban, to take power there. In 1989, when Soviet troops leaving Afghanistan, driven by the Afghan resistance, no one could have imagined that twelve years later, the Federation would be to return. In the meantime, Moscow collaborated with those who have helped this Afghan resistance, tried to persuade them to sursoir at the outset, and even using for example the French forces to get away from the maze afghan by Russia. This may explain the infinite patience of western with regard to the Russian Federation on the Syrian track.

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31 August 2012

THE after Assad has already begun

Chronic policy of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio



Yes, Assad is still there and it continues to kill his people. Yes, the dead are in addition to the dead, and the divisions broke out in great day.But the creaking of the coming end of the house Assad are more and more strong. The regime is disintegrating at a rapid pace. Each part, and they are many, takes date and advance its pawns. No doubt that the fall programd the Syrian dictator will have consequences, substantial and predictable as well for his country and for the whole region.

Washington has already, in place of the cells of crisis, both in the Department of State that the Pentagon, which, not only follow events in real time, but also study the various possible scenarios of the after Assad. The strategists of the task forces of the American President, try to anticipate events and take already their provisions. They are preparing a transition that risk, in spite of all precautions, to be chaotic. The Syrian opposition has met in Germany, forty five Syrian intellectuals and experts for floor on the after-Bashar al-Assad. They write a text on a hundred pages, which has the merit to exist. It provides for an elected constituent assembly which will be to propose a presidential system, parliamentary regime or a combination of the two systems, inspired by the Syrian Constitution of 1950.

All the actors have their agenda and sometimes must proceed to revisions of painful. Syria, mosaic complex community, will not prevent an explosion of sectarian violence. The Sunni majority, being radicalized by the repression, worked by the jihadist groups, will take his revenge and the risk of Bloody retaliation is large. Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the one hand, Iran, on the other pamper their Syrian allies, and by groups of combat interposed, play their partition. Given the new that is emerging of the Iran will lose the most and will pose major problems at the Hezbollah. Without Syria, vital link in the Shia arc, the Iran will cut of the Shiite Hezbollah, after having lost the Sunni Hamas, recovered by the Muslim brothers in Egypt.

The Turkish government, as to him, and sailed uneasily between its support to the rebels, the management of refugees and the Kurds that he is fighting. The massive arrival of refugees estimated for the hour to 200,000 potential to destabilize several States in the region: Jordan, Lebanon, and in addition to the turkey, pose problems for Israel who are preparing to receive to the Golan Heights. You will note the extreme caution of the Israeli Government on the subject. The Syrian crisis may be dangerous in all cases of figure. The regional strategic context in which evolved Israel is in the midst of transformation. If the Syrian regime continues, the security of Israel to the north will be ensured, if it falls, it will mark l 'weakening of the Iranian enemy and its lurking informant, the



The Syrian crisis also fanned the fire smouldering in Lebanon, which had become a real volcano. It poses questions existentialists to Hezbollah: will he negotiate its disarmament and become the major political party in Lebanon, should he seek the confrontation and do a OPA on the country, prior to taking the weakening unavoidable because of the loss of support of Damascus? Hizbullah is not only a relay of the Iran and Syria to Assad, but also a political party which exercised a considerable influence. He will have to choose. At the international level, the Federation will have made a bad calculation by supporting, against winds and tides, President Bashar al-Assad. It will be left to the box Start in his quest to recover his stature of a great power in the Arab world.

One thing is certain, the Middle East will no longer be the same, and the strategies of each other, to completely rethink.

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24 August 2012

America: the gold rush black

The chronic political of the Friday morning of each morning on luxury Luxury Radio


The American dream, at the State level, has been for more than forty years: energy independence.the entire foreign policy of Washington, has always been and still is, the securing of its sources of supply, mainly oil.


The support to the monarchies of the golf course to the military expeditions, in passing by the alliances against nature, the oil has always been the master password and the key to all the puzzles diplomatic of the successive governments of the United States. The domestic oil production, if it represents a significant volume, has never given the Americans this independence sought for so long. The low price of oil, until a short time, have always discouraged and slowed down the search to other sources in the country. Today, it is a revolution that is in the process of transforming the American economy, and that risk to transform the whole American strategy, the geopolitical consequences immeasurable. Grace to the exploitation of deposits previously unattainable of gas and oil from shale, the Americans are on the path of this energy independence, both sought.

There has been a real rush to the black gold. It drilled everywhere, Texas of course, but also in Alaska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Utah and in many other States taken in the fever of the drilling and to search for oil. In an economy that does not happen again to get out of the crisis, these farms, generating jobs, are encouraged, both by the governments of States, and by the federal government. The America is moving toward a discount in question to its geopolitical strategy, and a complete overhaul of its relations with a number of Arab countries, especially in the Middle East. Washington has already reduced its imports from the countries of the OPEC, of more than 25% and is oriented blithely toward the 30% of decline.


Washington, exporter of gas, is no longer a view of the spirit, and the 10 million barrels day, the equivalent of the production of Saudi Arabia, are coming soon. The America will revise its alliances in the golf course, all the more easily, that Israel has, today, reached its energy independence. For Washington, the prospect of its energy independence, will bring in a radical revision of its priorities. There is already a reorientation of its policy on the military strategies of the White House. After the States of the golf, this is the Europe who will no longer be that a market as another. Mainly oriented to the Pacific, it is China who is going to be the center of the geopolitics of Washington, which of course, will develop and strengthen its alliances with the countries bordering on the sea of China. It is the era of a new America that we are going to attend.

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17 August 2012

Egypt: the president Morsi mutiny

Chronic policy of the Friday morning on luxury Radio



Sunday 12 August, Mohamed Morsi took the Egyptians by surprise by announcing the retirement of the marshal Tantaoui - minister of defense and chief of the Supreme Council of the armed forces. The arm of iron between the army and the Brotherhood of the Muslim Brothers, dominated the political and social life in Egypt, by its twists in a constitutional disorder. The president Morsi has also canceled the constitutional declaration of the Supreme Council of the armed forces, and was granted the power to legislate, pending the election of a new parliament. Its exorbitant powers do not exist for the time that on the paper, the absence of a Constitution does not enlighten on the real prerogatives of the function. In addition to the minister of defense, the dismissal is also the chief of staff and number 2 of the AFSC, Sami Enari, and the heads of the three branches of the armed forces, earth, air, sea. Given for dull and clears, the president Morsi begun here, a maneuver apparently daring, which is an attempt to resume in hand on the military institution. It should be noted that these changes at the head of the army, dramatic as they are, were done in coordination and with the agreement of the military. It is Morsi itself which confirms the information. Also, it should be noted that all the removed have received important posts, such as Tantaoui - appointed presidential adviser, as well as Sami Erani, or of very lucrative positions, as Mohab Mamich, chief of the navy, appointed to head the directorate of the Suez canal.

No doubt that these decisions have received the endorsement of the great American sponsor as well as the other funder that became the Qatar. It should be noted that shortly before the announcement of these decisions, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and Leon Paneta, secretary of defense, in Washington, were in Cairo, just as the Emir of Qatar. These changes are, by contrast, a hard blow for the Saudi Arabia who lives badly the ascension of the Muslim Brothers, competitors of his religious leadership. It is also a bad news for the Israelis, who are powerless to the departure of all their contacts.


What will now be the reaction of the military on the new powers that has granted the President, that is going to say the all-powerful High Constitutional Court? Even if the military considered that it is a generational change, that the elevator in the military promotion has resumed its market, it is no less true that the president Morsi has scored points, paring the powers of the military, in a search for a balance more positive for the civil power. Shade of the table, the appointment of the vice-president. It is the judge Mahmoud Mekki, one of the ringleader of the sling of judges against the Mubarak regime in 2005, who won the seat. Shade of the table, because at the time of his election, Morsi had promised to choose a woman and a Coptic as vice-presidents, in order to reassure the Christian minority and those who fear the establishment of an Islamic order.

However it is still far from the end of the military regime.It is hoped that this arm of iron, with its successive blows of theater, to come to an end quickly, and that this balance between military power and civilian power, is quickly found.It is time that Egypt must resume its place in the Middle East, and that the current chaos, left the place in a social peace in a political climate economy soothes and a discount on the rails.

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