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Thursday, November 18th, 2010418/ 11 / Nov / 201013:01


"You can't judge a book by its cover" said one popular diction.

Here is an example has a practice to illustrate my comments.

In the 90s, I had in pocket only vulgar one CAP in industries...

I skimmed the boxes of temporary work in search of a new El Dorado, having been suitably exploited by my first employers, slave traders that I had left without a shadow of a regret.

Having no solid capital bases, nor of wealthy parents, my only outcome was to find quickly an employment, and for it, I had to put all the chances from my part.

Naturally, I skip over the coal nuts which I drag in legs: no licence, no personal vehicle, heavy handicaps if we want to find some work. Nevertheless, I know that in this big city, it is not the public transportation which miss.

When I appeared in this establishment, there were two types next to me who looked exactly for the same types of little qualified posts, with this difference that they were badly shaved, impolite, impatient, and especially, they carried tracksuits!

Here, you have the concrete application of what represent your clothes: it is simply the image which you send back to the others, and it is also a sign of respect towards them.

In this type of situation, it is your credibility which is at stake, a well-kept look represents a security of seriousness and we shall show you of the interest.

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010317/ 11 / Nov / 201016:00

image chèque

The shelf life of the administrative documents is a major element of your daily management.

Indeed, if you do not arrange any information on the subject, you will quickly collapse under archives, and as everyone knows, French administration and the private bodies will not stop feeding this heap of sheets!

Hey yes, because France loves papers in any kinds...

Because we do not still have in mind the necessary keywords to find what we need exactly in the jungle of internet, I wished to wait you this information on hand and foot.

That it is necessary to keep as documents, how long and especially for which reasons, here is a site which will help you to proceed to this sometimes very complicated Link inventory----->

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010216/ 11 / Nov / 201010:04


Every human being has passions, and these passions sometimes establish real buried treasures which ask only to be discovered.

You are necessarily endowed in a particular domain, and if have not found a suitable match you yet, a hobby waits for you certainly at the street corner!

These passions can be transformed into skills manifestly recognized when you push them in the ultimate cuttings off, so reaching the fundamental limits of knowledge of the material.

If you reach this stage, your opinion risks to be worth "expertise" with the eyes of all, and you can even intend to live on it!

Ask around you which are your qualities and your defects, and according to the answers, envisage a domain corresponding to your personal aspiration.

If you start an activity, make always only for the pleasure at first.

Spread at once the money as the main factor of motivation.

Consider simply that more you will bring of passion to what you make, more the fame will come and will give birth to dividends, not necessarily financial.

: To be fascinated does not prevent from being level-headed, make your accounts regularly and respect the budget which you assign to this activity.

(Until 10 % of your liquid assets is still reasonable, this to avoid a budgetary imbalance)

Adopt a "American" state of mind. Are not afraid of beginning even if it gets rid of the ballast from you of some euros at first. Nothing is more beautiful than to leave anything.

Distrust you as of the plague of those who promise you a fast fortune for the payment of astronomical sums to begin, refuse systematically this kind of bets which holds more than a bottle the sea.

Be a bluffer, but not too much. You have the right to lie (very slightly, I specify) if this lie is for your advantage and what it can get some credibility to your company.

To be bluffer does not mean being a mythomaniac, if you are in the business for example, you will pay necessarily sooner or later this bad fault.

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Monday, November 15th, 2010115/ 11 / Nov / 201020:11

Mn 17

The organization, it is the twin brother of the planning, how want to plan you to make a success of something if you are not ordered?

It is a boring and long task, but it is nevertheless the spearhead of a healthy management.

I might be on the verge of the red on my bank account, but I have never lost sight of the interest of such an approach: the fact of being able to find in the twinkling of an eye such or such paper, it has no price.

For the biggest purchases, I know what I paid and when, I can find any bank statement since January, 2003, and any pay slip since I began to work, in 1993.

As you, I know people who let drag untidily all their administrative mails in unusual places of their house, and you guess what arrives at them?

Most of the time, the shambles is identical in their personal life, they get long and really take advantage of nothing, they waste their time in useless steps and are incapable to assert their most elementary rights.

Do not be as them, unless having a mess "ultra structured" all the outlines of which you know, otherwise you will leave with it your shirt.

Very early, I adopted this practical classification:

-A file for all which touches the car

-A file "taxes"

-A banking file

-A file for the current business (mails in wait)

I do not speak to you here that basic things, it is very obvious that I had to adapt this way of functioning to the successive periods of my existence.

With this type of classification, I have never toiled to find whatever it is.

You understand here the interest to have a minimum of order, nothing is worse than to look in vain during hours vulgar for one paper sheet!

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Monday, November 15th, 2010115/ 11 / Nov / 201013:36


The American spirit, for me, it is to dare to begin, at all costs in term of steps.

It also is to adapt itself, to show voluntarism, not to count its hours and to get involved completely in what we make.

Learn from his errors, again and again. Extract the fatal susbtances which gangrene us and to transform them into weapons formidably affutées for the future.

Never say to himself that we made a success... Move forward, aim constantly towards what it exists of better because everything is always perfectible.

Dread the failure and trust its capacities, meet, exchange radically different points of view, to be open-minded and never to spread the ideas which seem silly.

This planet swarms with people who are ready to help you, if you know how to recognize them.

To believe in its children's dreams is not a shame, on the contrary, it is even the most precious jewels which are at hand.

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