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Saturday, September 29th, 2012629/ 09 / Frog / 201214:41

First of all, how much brought back to me the poker this year? To give you an idea of my yield, look at the ROI (or return on investment) on the following graphs. This year, I am now a player who lost some money (not much) having been a player winning during years, a fault in the cash-game. I think that I ate "my white bread" also this year, with two victories in tournament and some places of honor. A tournament of preparation allowed me to take away 90 euros for an initial 1-euro putting (1st place on several players' hundreds), other one to gain at it approximately 290 with an initial 5-euro putting (1st place on 175 players). My two victories in tournaments were signed on everestpoker.fr.

With these victories in tournaments of second zones (which were not the first ones), I was made think that I could leak out at the upper level, by playing only my earnings and by adding to it a small pinch of my own deniers. Thus I moved on PokerStars.fr who offers clearly more choices in term of big stakes and attendance. I tried more important tournaments, in 50 euros minimum. My debuts were very encouraging, as you know, because I ended in the first third of the classification of a tournament the entrance fee of which was 100 euros and which offered 40000 euros of subsidy.

Fearless that I am, I wanted to go farther still by being self-financed my tournaments thanks to my earnings in cash game (to see definition of the cash-game here:) Http: // www.mrpari.com/lexique-poker/cash-games .htm . I reached there during a time, before planting me pathetically by losing 500 euros in a single evening... "To catch up the blow" from the next day thanks to a place of honor in tournament (to see) Http: // www.gestiondevie.biz/article-that-s-pok er-baroud-d-honneur-en-forme-d-encourag ement-108633141.html .

"In cash-game", I am a player losing on the long term. In tournament, it is downright the opposite. With hindsight, "the cash-game" does not seem to me made for me. In fact, I believe that I am a player of tournaments. I like being in the first ones, I know apparently how to measure my effort and manage my carpet. In the cash-game, it is not at all question of classification, because it is necessary to surprise your opponent with sometimes rickety hands and to withdraw from the table having swiped the jackpot... Furthermore, always in cash-game, you can lose everything at one go, while in a tournament, you are eliminated and your losses are strictly limited to the entrance fee. If you have the "easy" credit card, the cash-game is the worst means to begin the poker.

From time to time, I hear exceptional stories about the poker. Between players keen on this card game, we speak about it regularly between us. We speak exploits of pros, but mostly, those of the beginners who pocket several thousand euros from their first steps with cards. Very honestly, I think that it is worst things which can arrive at a novice because he risks fast to go nuts.

To make you an idea, 10 on 100 succeed in making the grade on their first tournaments, and on these 10 fortunate, eight will waste what they gained very quickly and two only will know how to manage suitably their earnings. Many of the big players of poker ended "broke" (in the jargon pokérien: without a penny) and even managed to borrow to play.

Here is the dilemma which settles for me, which is rather a good player of tournaments. (A dilemma which I solved). I have just made about ten tournaments without earnings. In knocks of 20, 50 or 100 euros by tournament (I do not any more manage to motivate for lesser stakes), the variance before I can pick up a big sum will be so important that it risks to plunder my monthly budget. That is why I spoke of squeezing up the belt" in a previous article. It is one of the budgets that I avoid at the moment, preferring to focus on my main objective of real estate acquisition.

=== > to play tournaments 50 euros, it is necessary to possess at least 10000 euros, or 200 times the putting. It is "the standard" the wisest as for the tournaments. The one who makes that a player who plays "a poker classic" will win necessarily on the long term and will play in perfect psychological conditions. If a player of poker plays completely unreasonable sums with regard to his personal budget, not only he will make holes in his budget, but moreover, it will be tried to get back them by betting bigger still. To make breaks after big losses is always advised, it is what I make systematically when it arrives at me...


  • Case n°1: Mr X gain 1000 euros a month and never succeeds in saving. As a last resort and without knowing too much the subtleties of this card game, he decides to play a big tournament 500 euros to take out the head of the water financially... I really pity Mr X. He is quite lucky be plucked and will not play in ideal psychological conditions. Of course, you will find one on ten also who will not only know how to keep the phlegm to resist the stake, but also to protect its earnings afterward, but this type there will be the exception which confirms the rule.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012326/ 09 / Frog / 201213:11

(Page 11) be amazed at the other one, it is any more not to think of oneself, in the mouth". Completely all right with this approach, theoretically... But when you have anybody who is very close you and who is in the poverty, what do you do? you go to take care of poor people nearby and you let him be dying without regrets?. The happiness of our close relations and ours pass above all. By time current, numerous are the ones of us, exactly, which know needy close relations. In a private capacity, if I said how long of my life I crossed to solve the problems of others even before settling mine... And I continue, in particular with this blog and in the common life. Yet, if you concern too much poverty of the world your back without ever thinking of you, you become a kind of psychological sponge, and you accumulate bags of bones to the point that your brain extends beyond it. In this domain, I too much gave until now and I still give. Yet, at some point, it is necessary to think of its own happiness!. There is well a thing that I understood these last years: you cannot make the happiness of people in spite of them. That is why, without regrets, send to show unceremoniously the gossip and the malicious gossip, or by the humor, the spirit, and even in a very muscular way, without pairs of tweezers! Make what well seems to you, but especially, always keep the sense of justice and the equity! Enjoy the life "freely" so you can, and allow yourselves absolutely all the dreams!

Page 19. "If we have the possibility of earning money, the Lord will hold accountable to us. Bah, thus hold. Would not God like" the money "also, accidentally?. Has he a cash register? Only here we are, I would not have certainly more much in pocket by my arrived there high, in the train where go things (laughter). And then, I have an armed cast-iron alibi ... (I always make what seems to me just).

(Page 30). (About the handicapped persons). "For a handicapped person or an accident victim, it is very important to protect the sexual pleasure". Hem... Hem. I think that of it if I woke up in wheelchair and what moreover, somebody would come to whisper me about this sentence there: "your thingy, there, between legs, you can more use it the whole"... And well if the case arises, I ask that we finish me on the field, without any pity... Very fortunately, I am not in this situation, which is to be wished nobody.

From the page 48, he begins to speak about subjects "sensitive" as the persecution of the Christians in the Muslim world, about the violence in penitentiaries, about the respect that he has face to face certain occupations at risks and will gather certainly the approval of most high society by this very objective approach.

Page 122, "the young people (in trouble, editor's note), say to us this very important truth: the animal does not cheat, the animal does not lie, the animal never resumes what it gave. When a child was thrown in the nature, in the street, because after a beautiful orgasm his parents have of it to do nothing more I can say you that the young people whom we get back understand perfectly that they were abandoned." I would say almost bravo. It is believed, certainly, it is going to shock it more of one that a priest so expresses himself, but I want to say that it is of the "healthy" provocation, that gives responsibilities the possible parents who read this book, and god knows that the parents who mess their offspring are many. We shall teach the passage that he believes in "a paradise for animals" (why not, possibly, it is a beautiful poetic image, in any case ...)

Page 144. "The humility, the base of the authority". I share enough his point of view, but it is necessary to know how to be also sold in the world of today and question. For me, thus, the ideal would be to reconcile the humility, the talent, and the natural authority. To show his ability in the work, with his friends, with his banker, in the business and what we begin, to be humble in spite of the success, to to give from time to time of his time or of its money, etc. ... as possible. The whole in the modesty, with the pleasure as the vector.

Directly in the continuation, the page 144. "The Christ spoke with authority. When he asks the storm to stop, the storm shuts up. The water becomes level. And Jesus makes its marathon on quiet waters.". It is typical of this character, I let enjoy you, it is absolutely delicious...

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Friday, September 14th, 2012514/ 09 / Frog / 201208:00

boite mail

Having consulted your boxes e-mails, always close your sessions, especially when you are connected via other computers antiviruses of which you do not know. For the owners of smartphones, do not forget to download antiviruses before any consultation of your e-mails. Never communicate your access codes to other persons, be rather watchful having opened inadvertently an e-mail which is sent to you by an unknown contact in approximate French or in foreign language.

  • Your passwords: avoid those who are too basic (dates of birth, zip codes, etc. ...). Prefer a combination of letters and figures of seven characters a minimum. (One or several capital letters and the safety is almost completed). Never use the same password on several sites at the same time.

  • Delete regularly your history of navigation and your cookies, especially if you navigated sites of which you think doubtful.

  • Having got back the control of your e-mail box, decide "on a probationary period" on lasting days even several weeks which will allow you to know if it is not rather the hostile program (comfortably installed in your PC) that gets back all your data.

An e-mail box, it's good. But the only one, it is not unfortunately enough. Why? Parce that you have no means to be warned if your unique e-mail box was pirated. Furthermore, you risk to lose all your contacts, in brief, fabulous one puzzle in prospect.

Thus to integrate the second e-mail box of help into the first one is recommended. On the messaging hotmail, for example, you reach this option from the menu "your account", you can so modify the password regularly or add this famous messaging of help. If your e-mail box is pirated, you will receive automatically a message of hotmail indicating you the procedure to be followed, which is rather simple.

For acts "of digital piracy" committed on other messaging, you will always find very useful information on sites as this one:

Now, the piracy of Web does not have any more than to be well held

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Monday, September 10th, 2012110/ 09 / Frog / 201212:00

Small view of the city of Pizzo:


Photo of the city of Scilla (in excursion) which was made famous by Homère's narratives:DSC09960.JPG

Below, always the city of Scilla. Scilla is a city which possesses a sea resort as well as a port renowned for the traditional peach in the swordfish. This particular peach is practised by means of ships specially conceived (spadares), surmounted by a watchtower several meters long high. It is a rather dangerous peach because waters are tempestuous, and swordfishes are considered as being particularly belligerent.

Over the years, the grips make more and more rare and smaller and smaller in particular in cause of the sports peach, while previously, swordfishes could measure up to 5 meters long and weigh 500 kg.DSC09970.JPG

This below, a small Greek village of the name of Galliciano, lost in mountains, in Calabria. We speak former Greek there, because the Roman never reached to there. Today, this village counts about sixty souls which lives only on the tourism, on the agriculture and on the breeding. Their living conditions are extremely rough, there n is no school on the spot and the youngest emigrate towards cities.


Below, photo taken during a boat trip along the coast... It is the hour of the bathing!


To end this cultural bracket, I could not speak about our stay without evoking our excursion in Stromboli, one of the most active volcanoes in world. Photos below were also boarding of a boat. Between 3/4 eruptions only occur every hour. This exit is planned only in the dark night, but the show is really worth it!

The only big problem, it is that the boat moved a lot, even in the complete stop. And then, everybody rushed with his camera or its mobile phone to have the best angle of view... Thus I was able to gauge some difficulty of the work to take a photo "on the deep". Here is undoubtedly the best photo:DSC00042.JPG

For a week, it is a return in the ordinary for me. From my return, I noticed that my e-mail box was pirated (proof that it does not arrive that in the others ...), and that a type sent 8 e-mails to my recent contacts during my absence. But everything is back to normal again and I do not see the hand of the devil there. Always think of having two boxes e-mails interconnected, it is what saved me!

Link A journey towards Italy tempts you? Click my partner >

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Friday, September 7th, 2012507/ 09 / Frog / 201213:13

This year, I decided to go much more far still in The appreciations on the hotels which I am going to visit, whether it is abroad or in France. There will be many more photos also, so that people who wish to cross a moment in the places where I went can be made an idea of the problems which they can meet on the spot. I return all the same satisfied enough by these holidays, even if everything was not completed. On 15 days, we alternated idleness and excursions once on two.

To return instead of destination there, Calabria is one of the poorest regions of Italy. This region lives largely on the tourism, because it exports only approximately ... 260 000 euros a year of local products. On the card, the arrow indicates the place where we were.


: It is a question Of a vast compound hotel complex Mainly of bungalowSituated in the locality of Ricadi, more exactly in the said place "Capo Vaticano". 15 days in American plan cost 1200 euros a person in the end of August, 2012, via the company Luxair (the formula "all including" is apparently unknown in Italy). The drinks of the meals are paying. (For only example, 2 euros the bottle of water).

Appreciations on the room: few negative things to be raised. The room is rather spacious, it is every day cleaned and offers numerous arrangements as well as an air conditioning, which is essential. Set apart a debit of shower is very low and made which the cable television proposes only of Italian or German chains, I do not much have to add.

For fair skins (as mine ...), do not especially forget the solar cream! The swimming pool is directed full sun, and we did not find solar cream above an indication of ... 15. And the sun knocks very hardly (between 28 and 32 degrees).

The beach deprived of the hotel, situated behind the swimming pool:


General appreciations on the hotel

Altogether, the hotel adorned me to be of a very good value for money, but efforts are to be made in particular near the proposed activities, near the restoration (especially concerning the breakfast in the morning which is "very" "limit" from the gustative point of view). On 10, we came to an agreement to attribute a note included between 6 and 7 "in the solemare".

The excursions, on the spot, can cost you between 30 and 60 euros for the dearest, according to my memories. After "a big failure" of the representative of the tour operator on the spot, who had given produce us you at 9:00 am while the excursion had been cancelled without any explanation, we decided to reserve our excursions only by means of the hotel: two by boat, and the other one in an old Greek village, which survives in the middle of mountains for centuries. The excursions proposed by "the solemare" were much less dear.

The rest of the time, we borrowed the train... The routes cost only 7 centimes of the kilometer, and still, the controllers do not seem very regardants on the ownership of a ticket. (...)

From the first days, we visited the city of Tropéa under an oppressive heat. This city is really sublime. She offers a citadel which overhangs the beach and some monuments as this Byzantine, background church:DSC09943.JPG

On this place, I was able to taste a tartuffo (a speciality of ice). By buying your memories or by consuming on the terrace of a coffee, you necessarily have to keep the ticket which proves that you paid well. "The Guardia di finanza" (the guarding of the finances) may of you to demand it. If you are not in his ownership, a 30-euro fine can be put back to you...DSC09934.JPG

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