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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012311/ 07 / July / 201207:52

Yesterday evening, I participated in my first tournament in 100 euros on pokerstars!. This tournament counted approximately 430 players and is called "the night one stars". 40000 euros of subsidy were guaranteed by the site, only the first 65 places were paid. As it was the first one for me, I expected "to have the pressure"... Strangely, no such thing happened and I played completely removed inhibitions.

I also expected sturdy players and style of game dispute, but the game is strictly the same, with all the same a little more rather sly players. I remember just like that, in particular, or a type took me a max of tokens with a royal three of a kind while I had two pairs in hand.

My general impression after this tournament, it is that it seems to me accessible to make very good results in this type of exercise. At this stage, all the same, the slightest error can be fatal and the players calibrate" "you rather easily.

For this first one, I end single honorable of 111ème / 430 with the pen name of aigle6202, failing in 45 places of the subsidies... It is a real pity, well, I am really flattered to have the honor to rub me in the cream of society in the poker.

A good part of 100 euros spent in this tournament was got back immediately in cash game... When I think that I come from tables to the miserable earnings... I have the eyes of it which sparkle...

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012320/ 06 / June / 201220:06


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Monday, June 18th, 2012118/ 06 / June / 201214:59

With these financial crises with repetition, we see appearing these last years of the revolutionary approaches of our companies. Do you know the survivalisme? According to a definition of Wikipedia, it is about persons who get ready more or less actively for a cataclysm which would cause the end of our current lifestyle.

Among the latter, some adhere necessarily to the famous "plot theory". The fact is, that effectively, it is not forbidden that influential political personalities meet in secret to decide on such or on such measure to be implemented, but if these decisions play necessarily on our way of life, we remain always free to think of what well seems to us and to choose what is good for us or not!.

What is very instructive at the survivalist, it is this faculty being able to anticipate the problems before they do not appear. Effectively, plan the one is essential, who does not make expose himself him to great difficulties. To leave "full of innocent enthusiasm" for unknown ground is suicidal. How many persons so break themselves teeth in their projects because they were insufficiently prepared? How much also mock their claimed at bad luck instead of holding the lessons of their errors?

The survivalist does not amount to anybody who builds a bunker in its garden while waiting for the end of the world, on the contrary. There are several variants of survivalisme. Before leaving for a hike of several hours in the middle of nowhere, a survivalist will make sure to have, at least, a case of first aids. The survivalist is someone who thinks of everything and always plans an exit. He will constantly know how to manage in extreme situations because his instinct of survival is stronger than everything. Where many will be completely destabilized by the gravity of the situation, he will analyze the situation under a purely practical angle by spreading at most the aspect paralyzing feelings.

At the moment, the individualism became common currency and nobody anymore (or almost) do not share his knowledge or his experiences. Yet, it is only my opinion, but I think that we should, at least, inspire us knowledge of the survivalist in the following domains:

  • At the medical level (learn the gestures of the first aids)

  • Food (sow seeds, cultivate a kitchen garden)

  • Control of the various degrees of stress (cold blood)

  • Individual discipline (learn to content itself with a minimum to live in certain situations, be a far-sighted and sports minimum, etc. ...)

The excess would be to want "too much to anticipate" by protecting itself of everything and anything, and to want always constantly to plan everything, the magic of improvised disappearing to the detriment of an organizational mania.

All the situations cannot unfortunately be maitrisées. Too important precautions can clearly slow down the success of a company. During the golden age of the piracy, moreover, the most rash captains stubbled their own ships before a collision, this to leave no other outcome that the victory to their crews. It is never asked to us to burn all our vessels when we wish to carry out something. However, I read rather often that this way of proceeding is the security of a beautiful success.

To return about our study there, the survivalist is there to remind us that we lost totally the contact with essential notions which touch nevertheless our own survival (without speaking about apocalypse) or in that of our close relations.

The approach of the survivalist also reveals not very glorious lines of the evolution of the human race: we indeed become more and more dependent on the knowledge "of others", of energy means supplied by specialized services (gas, water, etc. ...), of products or services invented to answer a mode/à a predefined social category. And very few people would really know how to live without this technical progress or these signs of wealth.

For those who want to go farther, I advise this excellent blog:

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Monday, June 11th, 2012111/ 06 / June / 201212:54

To want always to be in the best asks for daily and indefatigable efforts. Want to be on the first steps of the podium demand of the courage and the pugnacity, and the ceaseless questioning. It is not a question of template, handicaps or of me do not know which fancy brandished by way of excuse: it is a simple question of will. The best coaches of the planet can nothing for us if this competitive spirit is constantly lacking to us. The desire carries us exactly where we want to go. In the choices which we make daily, there are fighters and losers " and this world is not made for the losers. The world is made for people who get up tests which they cross, however painful she are, and are reborn of their ashes, such of the phoenix. Wilson Whineray (New Zealand rugby player) said that the big teams never die, that is they leave an eternal imprint in the heart of all. It would be arrogant and conceited to say that I am going to make a success of all that I want to make, because I would need can be more than a whole life for everything to realize. But what differentiates me of a lot of people, it is that I take action and that I do not remain swinging arms. The opposition to progress, it is the assured death. The movement, it is the life.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012205/ 06 / June / 201217:35


One of my purposes is to help to build a capital to invest, because it is extremely pleasant to make, it is necessary to say it (even if at the moment, my PEA is in small shape but I am going to leave with him a few years ). Nevertheless, often, when I consult certain blogs dedicated to the investments, nobody explains to build how a savings of departure to begin, as if it was already natural to possess it already one. Yet, if I made a success, for my part to establish it one (what is a wager at the moment!), it is because I proceeded by "quartering":

  • Increase of disposable income.

  • Reduction of compulsory spending.

But there is another another means: that we call collectively "the discount" on spawns rather high.

There are two manners to obtain discounts on asking prices:

  • The putting in direct competition of several actors in a given market.

  • The fact of "showing muscles" and\or of turning heels when there n are not other possibilities, that is when you feel hurt by the practised prizes or the used methods.

You summon several companies to realize a project. No matter the type of project ..., we leave on a project there which will cost you necessarily several thousand euros. Everything takes place then in any clarity: all the representatives of these companies will have to be informed that they will be in competition and will have to position some with regard to the others.

In theory, it is the best way of forging you a vague idea of the cost of what for what you ask. You will obtain then a more or less wide fork according to what you suggest making, but distrust you especially of the most cheaper price: it often hides a slapdash job or faults.

That he is not completely in your ropes financially .

Build a capital of departure to invest, by time current, Ask necessarily to pass there, while finding the most valid intermediaries.

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