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Thursday, May 24th, 2012424/ 05 / May / 201212:00

One of my objectives of the beginning of year was to unjam" "me in the poker by participating in a big tournament with an initial 200-euro putting, by sharing half of the spawns with a regular customer of this type of tables.

These last years, I had a little put aside this card game, in spite of some very good results. Or rather, I diverted my attention of the poker gradually, because this type of income seemed to me too random. In the poker, I remind that I learnt to play free of charge against simulators, then on paying tables the microscopic earnings (0,05 cts of euros!), but I always stopped where I did not feel at ease, that is when the stakes seemed to me completely incompatible with my personal budget.

Where I want to come there, it is that it is necessary all the same to be jolly fearless to dare to bet if only 100 euros on a tournament which groups participants' hundreds by having left of so low. As my buddy Arnaud has little compatible schedules with mine and as the biggest tournaments take place always on Saturdays evenings, thus we composed with what is at hand and opted for "some cash game", the afternoon when I was available.

Arnaud is almost a brother for me. Thirty-year old, a physical appearance in Bruce Willis, a very good job, a whole year crossed to accumulate feminine conquests on sites of meeting (...) While living at dad's / mom's, before getting married" recently for his 30 years. Arnaud is also a big-time gambler. But he does not have the same obligations as mine: no property loan to be paid off, no particular load, etc.... Thus He can allow to bet very big, and he does not go without it.

Two good glasses of whiskey, some chips, and we open a session on Everest-poker.fr. His first reaction amazes me, he curses: no tables in cash-game with high limits, which can give terrible jars... Finally for me. With a small apprehension, I cellar in 50 euros and dash on a table of cash game omaha high jar limit, with blinds in 50cts, 1 euro. Three hands, three big clouts. Squared against full house, color against color, finally well... The bad luck. I recave in 50 euros, and I resume a masterful slap with "an elephant" who runs my blockade to try to find a supernatural card which he affects to rivet her...

It is too much for me, me says to Arnaud that I stop there, because I do not feel in vein and I do not want to lose all that I collected from the beginning of the year. I have just lost all the same 100 euros within twenty minutes!. Can be warmed by these unfortunate knocks, Arnaud retorts me that Omaha does not suit to him. When he opens his own session, I perspire: his bankroll (in other words, its working capital) is 1500 euros.

And now our man aligns himself with a table of cash-game in Texas Hold' em. He cellar in 200 euros, and loses them almost immediately. This failure inspires he this remark: "bof, not grave"... He gets back into the saddle on another table with 500 euros in pocket. The stakes give me sweat. He rises up to 1200 euros, then it is forced to stop further to a phone call of his girlfriend.

What I have to think of this experience? And well, it is simple: since we played together, my apprehensions on the stakes disappeared. It meant that I needed to be helped to progress. Many of us have capacities which ask only to be revealed but for that, they simply need a small help come from a mentor.

The majority of people will not dare to learn to play the poker, to put the finger in an infernal gearing. Also, many will not dare to go to stock exchange at the moment, or to invest in whatever it is, by fear of losing. But when you are "in the bath", when you become soaked with the philosophy the best, you can only move forward and see in the future in pink. The providence always rewards those who are optimistic and who forge ahead.

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012215/ 05 / May / 201212:10

For some of my music-loving knowledge, I have already heard as reflection that André Rieux was similar to "the musical purée" (...). That some consider artistic works as some Purée or some soup, they have to remain accessible to all. They are not specially reserved that in a small literary set of fabulously rich persons. Somebody as André Rieux, for example, puts back with current tastes of musical great classics, far from the opera and far from his preppy folklore.

This voice succeeded in dissipating, hanging a few minutes, my internal rabies, and nevertheless, believe me that it always burns with an intense fire. It is the voice of the grace, the elegance, that glitters and pierces you of all its clarity. A singing which softens the most barbaric customs, which shines and takes you very far from all you can know.

This air contains certainly the foundations of a perpetual reassurance. I invite you to listen to him by opening eyes, although by closing them, the effect is also magic.

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Friday, May 11th, 2012511/ 05 / May / 201216:21

The life for two is often enamelled of moments which are strangely lacking romanticism. Of this typical sentence said, loved, you think of taking out trash cans before going out? "In this one" you can tidy up your socks which drag? " the shock is rough for those who discover her or the idealists of any edges!

The fulfillment of the domestic tasks and the diverse works in the home has not to make of the one the slave of other one. Thus the distribution of these tasks ideally has to rest also on a strict equity. For the most organized, a schedule of loads can be defined for the week. Here are some examples.

  • "The races and the household": these tasks are often felt (rightly) as duties. These constraints must be necessarily shared, unless having the means to have a home help or a cleaning lady. For the races, you can think also of the home delivery, she is not necessarily much dearer. If your working schedules are very different and what you see each other little, buy a block note to register it all which must be bought or matches the week.

  • "The do-it-yourself ": in this domain, everything is affair of practice. The women, these last years, put themselves moreover in the do-it-yourself a lot. It is necessary to say also that the invoice is always salted when we appeal to professionals. If important works are to be planned in the place of residence and what you are not a textbook, two solutions: either you have a good address book which allows you to delegate while reducing the costs, or you begin to take lessons who make profitable very easily.

When we are in couple, we frequent more easily other couples. This link is completely natural and is not a danger. Indeed, the other couples know the same problems as ours and "spin us of the pipes" to round off angles in the everyday life. Furthermore, the couples older, generally, include that the conservation of the intimacy is important and respects her in most of the cases.

On the other hand, big concerns can happen if you make of your love nest "a permanent squat" to such a point that the presence of your friends becomes extremely annoying there. When the home is transformed "into hotel of drafts" (and I knew some like that ...), the intimacy in the life for two implodes and the difficulties of communication become insuperable. In a general way, always watch not to grant more importances in your friend (e) than in your half. It seems obvious, but how much of (young people) couples part for that reason?

When you meet somebody, his family is an unknown parameter. Of course, you will not marry the beautiful mother of your spouse (many people will say: still happy ...), but the fact of cutting the umbilical cord to live for two can be very badly heard by the in-laws.

I remember for example these young young turtledoves which had moved in front of the beautiful parents of one of them. At the beginning, they were delighted: their only child could be kept at anytime of the day because the beautiful parents were redeemed, the beautiful father (good handyman) gave regular helps for the renovation of this house. It was to forget the eye very curious about the mother-in-law. Because after all these services provided, she considered allowed by everything to make by landing at anytime of the day "to stick her nose everywhere", to give her opinion onto their common life and to press them to make this or it, etc.... This couple did not last well for a long time. Naturally, it is always very useful to have relatives not very far from at home, and it "repairs" in things get rough, but always let us protect the main part:

  • The decisions must be taken constantly by mutual agreement.

  • The excessive interventions of the in-laws in the common life must be necessarily avoided.

Hem... Hem ... I roar of pleasure (laughter). Many people of have already lived us this situation. You are about to make love, or ... let us say that it looks good, or "the thing" is can even already be in class. Suddenly, the telephone sounds... Then you say to you "And shoot ... I let ring or not?"

The one both begins to have a moral conflict and a coward: "can be that it is urgent ... can be that something bad happened to somebody whom we know ... can be that if my big father had it ...". Put out your mobile phones, cut completely bridges with the outside world when you wish to share a moment under the braid ... or somewhere else!

What I am now going to say goes can be to make for it jump up some one of their seats. But if you do not grant confidence to your own spouse, to whom will grant him you?

After certain number of last years together, you must, as a rule, be capable of letting leave your spouse a few days, even a few weeks with other persons, without accompanying him. Of course, I did not speak of sending him to the arms of a rival lying in wait, because at this moment there, it is soft the stick to be beaten. I do not speak either periods of reflection which precede a separation.

I say simply that if your spouse feels the desire to get a breath of fresh air with reliable persons and what from your part, you grant him this favor because do not see the interest, then, at this moment there, you reach a shape of love which is much superior to the average.

On one hand, it proves that you show a certain confidence, and on the other hand, it allows to find you better afterward. How many couples live completely suffocated the one on the other one and do not survive this sensation?

Nothing is ever too beautiful for his spouse, even after several years of common life. It is in these moments there that you find the light of the first moments in the eyes of your partner. To agree always on the main part, in couple, allows to go very far. That you are married or not, with or childless, active or redeeme, big moment for two are the journeys, the restaurants, the exits, etc.... In couple, never hesitate to reserve some surprises: a place in the cinema, the flowers, the book, etc..... It is only little gifts, that, put end to end, immortalize love or can revive him.

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Saturday, May 5th, 2012605/ 05 / May / 201215:49


After the birth of a child, love takes a different shape. This is the way the carried looks the one on the other one change, and this is the way the couple can then know of great difficulties in the communication/la sexuality. The psychotherapists of couple can bandage these gaping wounds which can break a couple on the altar of the mutual incomprehension. It is perfectly normal that the first child causes an earthquake in the common life and the more frequent tensions within the couple. The woman quickly passes of wife's status has that of mother, the child becomes the major concern, and, naturally, moments for two make rarer. In purely indicative title, 15 % of the breaks result from the birth of the first child, 90 % of the couples recognize that their sexuality degraded after this happy event.

The solutions to these problems are several orders, they pass especially by moments of discussion in private before the frustrations do not burst angry.

The space which is occupied by two persons influences the mental, and on the rebound, the blooming. It is the case at the child, but also at the adult. If you are young city-dwellers both and childless, it will not disturb you necessarily to occupy a loft to the city center of a big metropolis. However, an increasing number "of provincial" turns away from this lifestyle which can be felt as very oppressif. Indeed, big cities are stressful, the traffic is dense there, and the air is polluted. There are all the same some undeniable advantages to be lived in urban zones, because this lifestyle gets the feeling that everything can be very easily obtained, of the food to multiple services (medical, social, festive, etc. ...)

In couple, it is necessary to agree on the essential things: do you prefer the campaign or the city? Can my spouse really comply with my requirements regarding living environment?

The money is very certainly the most common motive for quarrels in a common life and represent one of the first causes of separations. Before installing you for two, put clearly cards on the table and define clearly the foundations of a healthy management, which will already allow to avoid the possible conflicts.

Three scenarios can appear.

=== > 1 ° your spouse gains nothing, not much or is in the unemployment (come to my place, I live at a friend's ...)

=== > 2 ° your spouse wins very clearly more than you

=== > 3 ° income is about equivalent

In the case n°1 and n°2, it is better than the spending is distributed in proportion to what each gains. It is a fair distribution, and a way of giving responsibilities the other one face to face of its spending and his income. However, a feeling of inferiority can be born at the one who wins least, it is then advisable not to display its means and "to pull him upward" in the stimulant to be gained at least so much. The total fusion of the accounts, in these cases there, seems logically risked enough and can appear as agitator to the eyes of the spouse in the case n°2.

In these first two hypotheses, it is better to have two totally separated accounts, and a joint account for running costs (gas, electricity, water, etc. ...). If there is possibly a surplus on this account at the end of the year, then the money can be used in other purposes (restaurants, journeys, etc. ...).

The case n°3 stays naturally what is made of better. But even in this case there, conflicts can arise in case of totally merged accounts. Think of keeping always a secret garden regarding personal finances, it will allow you not to have to justify yourselves systematically of a made spending!

If the money grew in gardens and was easy to obtain, it would come out. For my part, I always look for this plantation and at the moment, I found only seeds.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2012729/ 04 / April / 201213:28


In the first place to understand and Benefactions of probiotics what make probiotics for you and your body it is necessary to understand at first which is their constitution. They are thousands of active bacteria, often in the form of "yoghurt" or of capsule. He exists with lactose and of soya for those there who do not tolerate the first one. Products Bio-k are offered under several forms and flavors. For example, the probiotic drink is also offered with the natural flavor of strawberry, for the children it is more pleasant than the original flavor!

"Well for the paunch"

Your intestines sometimes need to have just a little help to work correctly. If you are sick or what you have a disease (ex:maladie of Crohn), it is possible that your system has more difficulty making its work as he usually makes him. Thousands of billion bacteria which are already present in your body are your first source of energy. If you have a healthy diet, an ideal rhythm of life, but that not to digest you nothing normally, to go you inevitably to feel some fatigue and some exhaustion. This is why a small help from time to time can only do good and it is as well for it as probiotics are good for you.

Bacteria to be healthy?

It is certainly a little bit strange you to think that it is bacteria which are beneficial for you, but it is not it. There are two sorts of bacteria, the vouchers and the bad. If the vouchers gain their battle against the bad everything is well, if it is the opposite you will have some small health problems. Probiotics come to assist the vouchers and assure you a smooth running so that you resumed your usual rhythm as fast as possible.


Http: // www.biokplus.com/fr/les-probiotiques-au - everyday life

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