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Saturday, April 21st, 2012621/ 04 / April / 201208:00

Always let us take time to listen to the wisest voice (which we also call "the intuition ") which slumbers in us and guides us confidentially towards the choice of the reason. When we hesitate to make an important decision, let us be always held away from the world to reach the serenity to cut definitively. Let us find this freedom to make of what well seems to us, totally freed of all the harmful influences. Our well-being is already there: it is the faculty being able to decide on us same of what is beneficial or fatal at the present moment.

If this intuition always brings us to the failure or to the "bad constant being", several tracks are to be followed, among which those of the psychology and the psychoanalysis. Personally, I see the psychologists and the psychiatrists as "the guides" which put back us on the straight and narrow when we set of behavioral wrong directions. Indeed, them alone can help us to determine exactly what can eat away us inside and to free us of "these weights" which ballast us psychologically and sometimes prevent us from moving forward.

The circle of acquaintances plays constantly a major role in our life choices. If we always see frequently persons who have a vision denials of the life, the chances are high that they will influence on the rebound our vision of the everyday life.

By time current, numerous are the persons who develop forms of dependence: mobile phone, television, cigarettes, alcohol, internet (euh ... not, bad example!), etc.... To say stop in all these excesses is a precarious exercise, but it is not out of reach, by making for example regular balance sheets on the exact place which take our passions in our lives. To cross more than half our spare time to exercise one and the same activity is already a shape of dependence!

In the current world, it is always necessary to be most competitive " However, you know as me that the man who was worth three billions does not exist. (Even if sometimes, clichés are scathing!). That is why, when we feel at the edge of the psychological or physical ruin, it is necessarily necessary to return to things which allow "to find his mental or psychic vitamins: sports, concerts, restaurants, reading...

NB: in the passage, I take advantage of it to recommend you to consult this blog, the relevance of articles of which I appreciate on the personal fulfillment:

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012419/ 04 / April / 201212:30

I spoke holidays with a friend before yesterday. Thirty-year old, as me, Him become really tear in the stays abroad after a recent trip in Mexico.

Even it is true as certain destinations in France are always very affordable financially, nevertheless to leave for France often raises from the luxury for certain regions as the South.

By studying well the question, it happened to me never really to pay out completely unreasonable sums face to face of my budget to offer me one dream week. In this domain as so many others, it is always necessary to keep the head on shoulders, to spot bargains and systematically not to singe, at the risk of having to go without the main part having offered itself a zest of paradise.

With a certain experience of the journeys (at least one week a year since more than decade), I can assert with certainty that you can find paradisiac destinations abroad for all the tastes and all the prizes, and it is true whatever are the destinations. It requires however not to be too much requiring over the periods of departure, to rely on serious agencies and to have a spouse who is available during the same lapse of time, which is not still obvious!

The big advantage of a stay abroad, it is that he already opens us eyes on the culture of the other countries. As French, we indeed have an annoying trend to the navel-gazing and to the irritability, and we often forget that our social model (exceptional in its kind) allows many persons to live rather with dignity. (And yes, in spite of what can say itself here and there!)

Then, the effect of a stay of this type is rather reinvigorating for the mental: you make a total "break" because you are far from everything. That you are on holidays in Saint-Petersburg or in Peru, the chances are high that your boss will forget you completely during this period!

All this to say that after holidays (it does not matter to me where, moreover), I always left "the good foot" in my activities. For me, the holidays represent a big breath of fresh air, which allow me to put back meters to zero and to crack never physically or nervously.

Since I work, exactly, it is certainly for that reason that I have never known a depressive episode or a long-term sick leave, while nevertheless, I often accepted consequent workloads and was able to see quite a lot of colleagues "breaking" along the way to accept a good cure of antidepressants.

The cause of their depressions? Very often, they live only to pay the credit of their house, and agree no exits, even a simple restaurant.

Roughly, the majority of these persons do not know the word "decompression" nor its meaning, and do not know how to tidy up their priorities. The sport and the holidays are two robust psychological supports for me, I can take place never either of the one, or the other one, at the risk of becoming, too, severely pushed!

Only here is: I was not never lucky enough to leave more than a week for holidays on the other side of our borders, and I have to say that it weighed me a little. This year, I finally succeeded in obtaining 15 holidays abroad (the South of Italy, I would not say it more) in summer. Thus the affair will be to follow with interest, and I consider good to furnish my category "journeys" of numerous unique photos. The life is beautiful, let us not wait that she ends to take advantage of it

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Thursday, April 12th, 2012412/ 04 / April / 201212:30

pinocchioWho has never lied?. We all lied at least once in our life. Let's go, confess, say to me everything because I am very curious (laughter). No, it is not true... Your secret is as well heavy to carry as it?

1-Plus you show of empathy to the liar that you chased away, more you will worm information out of him. To try to guess why he lied is the shortest path towards the truth, so by becoming the father confessor.

2-L'hypocrisy is a very wide-spread shape of lie in our company. But in it look of a little bit closer, by breaking the social codes appropriate to certain circles to be a surprise and disturb, we obtain certain crucial information. Small example. Somebody says to you: "I do not agree with him, but ...". If you answer "I find that he is completely right", you will know if your interlocutor just wanted to test the ground or to reveal you something.

3-Les words fly away, the papers stay. Consequently, what we say to you is never gospel truth, except what is lying on the paper and signed.

4-Les bigger liars like testing the degree of naivety of their victims. To thwart by the humor is the best means to throw these bombs!

5-Quelqu ' one rolls eyes while you question him? Think exactly of the expression be rolled in flour...

6-C ' is time, it is Pinnochio who is for the work. Somebody who contacts the nose when he answers an awkward question lies in most of the cases.

7-Observez always hands and look. A fickle look is synonymic almost always of lie or a person who is in an intolerable situation. As for hands, they can sometimes reveal the premises of an individual computer.

8-remember the term "the big ears" (system of American espionage of the communications). When somebody tickles the lob of the ear while an important discussion is in progress, it is that he does not dare to say everything you or that something disturbs him a little. You can unjam numerous situations in this way by formulating the sentence which kills, as if you had a detector of thought: "you can say me what disturbs you exactly, if you wish?".

9-Partez of the principle that it is also necessary to know how to read between the lines. A Japanese proverb says this: "what a man does not say is the salt of the conversation".

10-Quand you have a big doubt, always trust reliable sources to verify the truthfulness of a comment. When somebody often lies, do not hesitate to put him in front of his contradictions, to demonstrate the childish character of this behavior.

Here is... Clapperboard of the end of this article. Other distinguishing features can also betray the lies, as the stammerings or the used tone. As for the mythomaniac, it is the rather particular character who suffers from a deficit of affection, for whom he tries to compensate with the attention concerned him thanks to stories invented of any rooms. Know how to sniff at the lies is appropriate to the big spirits, because it is necessary to say it, it is rather pleasant to dig up them!

For those who want to know more about it, here is some very interesting links about the lie and the mythomaniacs:

Http: // www.detecter-les-mensonges.fr/

Http: // www.doctissimo.fr/html/psychologie/doss iers/mensonge/8522-mensonge-mythomanie. htm

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Saturday, April 7th, 2012607/ 04 / April / 201215:10

Today, I have the pleasure to welcome Stéphanie, of the blog "am in hiding of freedom" for an invited article. And hup, one of my objectives of the realized beginning of year. Exceptionally, comments will be reactivated for this article, I thank you warmly beforehand for your comments.

Many would like to lose of the greasy mass, quickly, but without knowing what to do too much. I have a recipe which effective, long-lastin and which reshapes by top the market. I apply him to myself every day.

You practise her 3 weeks and you will have 3 weeks of profits. Practise her 6 months and you will have after this 6 months of profits. Practise her quite your life and you will not recognize any more your body.

Lose weight or to enlarge? The method works for both cases, because it regulates.

In fact, lose weight for some is going to correspond in the same food habits and the physical activities as get fat, become refined, or still become firmer fabrics for others. Why?

Because a general healthy lifestyle offers you a thin body or of one normal, tonic constitution, muscular, strong and toug, the whole on a tray. A good food and well chosen physical exercises regulate the weight of everyone.

How make free by losing weight without having even to think of it?

In this article, I am going to give you things to make of the intensive physical activity by integrating him most of the time into your life. This will make a natural activity which will be "better made profitable" in term of ideal weight by your body, because it will be associated with a useful and pleasant activity. Finished sporting rooms with the cast iron to be lifted, in closed environment. Make your exercises in natural environment: your environment of life.

A good day gets ready the previous evening. Write on a post-it what you want to make the next day to begin your day by favoring your body and by strengthening it from the morning.

Every day, start of the good foot!

As soon as the awakening sounds, if you ring one, even before raising you:

  • Drink a big glass of water (leave the bottle next to the bed not to have to look)

  • Made slowly some abdominal muscles straight from the mattress, it is more natural for the back and more natural quite short than to hold model's poses robot during 10 minutes under the instructions of a coach.

  • Then develop the muscle of your glutei 5 minutes, by placing you on one side then of the other one

Then stretch as a cat then get up. You passed in mode singeing of fat.

During your day, multiple "angels" are going to appear at you. Be attentive, he is going to need to jump on their proposals.

A moving?

A vague knowledge asks for help you for its moving the next weekend? Turn darker! It is an exceptional opportunity to make a natural and useful exercise.

By drinking well, you will develop the muscle while refining you.

Take him as a game, pamper the things which you have to transport, make also a good part of laughter with the others there, and the profitability will be maximal.

Take pleasure to return this service. Wait for nothing in return.

Somebody says to you that he is going to move soon and does not ask you nothing? Take the initiative! Suggest friendly to him helping him.

Improve your you to

You look for ages for a small piece of furniture adapted to tidy up your lumber room in the entrance of your housing environment … And you find him nowhere. Never mind! Take off to the closest DIY store and make cut it some wood of pine to build you even your custom-made piece of furniture. Some live and some well chosen elbows will do, a little varnishs to polish up the whole and the tour is played. During this time there, you have: carried by boards, screwed, assembled, varnished, sanded, and drunk a good bottle of water.

Here is the whole in one: you are your piece of furniture and one kilo less.

You are free Saturday evening?

Here is a magnificent opportunity to lose weight. Invite your friends on Saturday evening to have dinner and tell them to BRING NOTHING. So, you will be obliged by everything to prepare without reflecting even about the fact that you are losing 3 kilos to be prepared for them delicious one meal, between the races and the cooking. Choose him rich in fruits and vegetables and call it "the vegetarian challenge". How find to make of the delicious without resorting to the usual opportunities.

Attention to alternate always your activities with breaks of rest.

I am certain that you understood the idea. I carry a glass in your future intense activities!


Photo credit: MuseForEalth

Have you a list of projects?

If yes, bravo! You are a member of 5 % of persons which notes the desires and purposes.

Take advantage of it … Look for the one who is going to be most getting tired physically, and carry out him from tomorrow morning. I have personally one Http: // www.terre-de-liberte.com / checklist/ () and I can assure you that the weighty concerns have no place in my life. Why? Because I realize permanently my projects and those others.

If you have no list of projects …

I created a guide of Http: // www.terre-de-liberte.com / creations/ () who offers you 7 methods, only or in several, to find ideas, create projects and finish in it with the lack of tracks to start.

Remember there …

What imports, it is to use every situation offers which you the life to transform her into beneficial exercise for your body. With usual precautions for your back: we always bend by folding knees. As soon as there is a physical action to be carried out, make him! You will so associate your loss of weight and your dream body with all your projects, without needing even to reflect it.

Reduce during 3 weeks the TV and the position sat in front of the computer, replace them by a beautiful stroll, and you will see, everything takes shape.

Stéphanie, of the blog Earth of Freedom.

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012304/ 04 / April / 201217:30

pare choc

Generally, objects are for me in sources of constraints, especially the car. I have a point of view cut enough on the ownership of a vehicle: he is generally expensive, even very expensively to possess it one. Indeed, the regular interview of an automobile pulls often very high spawns, without counting the cost of the gasoline which flies from records in records. I shall not speak here about the route made to go to the work, although it is perfectly justifiable to want to decrease its transport costs in this case precise. Except this particular case, thus, privilege every time several actions to be made when you use your vehicle, this to make profitable your travels. Rather often, moreover, I sometimes to arm myself with a beforehand established list of things to do, what makes me win a considerable time.

By convenience let us call the place where from you leave "the point A", whereas "the point B", he, will be the place where you have to go with your vehicle. Draw then an imaginary straight line between these two points. It, a lot of people do not know how to make him, because we sometimes lost any professionalism, and it is good it's a pity, because it could avoid us many useless routes!

Enter "this point A "and" this point B", wonder if, along the way, you would have no something to make of private individual, as to see a friend, to go to post of the mail, making you in a store ... etc.

The arrival "to the point B" is marked by what you decided to make. However, never let us lose sight that other things can be later made or before this formality, that you will make in feet. The principle remains the same, especially if you do not often come to this precise place, except that this time, it is the axis of car park of the vehicle that serves you as mark to attend to your activities.

"Evoked techniques" higher stick perfectly on the need for the private individual, which will so have the perfect control of three extremely important parameters of its common life: its time, its money, its space, because the application of these techniques simplify largely the everyday life. However, and as I evoked him in introduction, the use of a vehicle which belongs to us is not necessarily the panacea for all the problems of travel: administrative complications (formalities of insurances, purchase, car registration document), interview, damages, etc. ... the concerns caused by the simple ownership of a vehicle are many and varied. And then, we are for the era of the digital communication, and our material presence is not necessarily indispensable any more for simple tasks.

The leasing == > for a monthly lump sum, the leasing gets you a certain peace of mind because you do not have to care any more about formalities concerned to the ownership of a vehicle, besides the economic aspect of this formula which turns out often very advantageous.

The rent enters private individual === Http: // www.gestiondevie.biz/article-bon-plan-l ouer-sa-voiture-entre-particuliers-8236 2288.html >

The ride sharing === > very convenient means to share spawns of gasoline

The eco-conduct ==== Http: // www.gestiondevie.biz/article-budget-aut o-reduire-sa-facture-avec-l-ecoconduite-72924201.html >

Particular case: the electronic means of communication

I have an anecdote there above, rather talking. As many subscribers know him, last year, I renegotiated my property loan. To renegotiate a property loan implies however to meet the banker... And I can say you that I moved at his home at least four times, while it is not "the door close by". When he asked me to go back nth time to return him a signed form, I really believed that I was going to become totally mad. Thus I initialed this famous document and I asked he if I could send him by e-mail having scanned him... The worst, it is that I had no it thought never previously, and that the result, for him, was strictly the same!

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