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Saturday, January 12th, 2013612/ 01 / Jan / 201313:55

  • Solve problems complicated easily: in the common / professional life

    While a lot of people will remain "standing alongside the quay" to solve any problem which seems insoluble, people who are creative will find remedies in the situations the most complicated thanks to their capacities of innovation, often by deviating from traditional paths. Who does not know Geography Trouvetou or Mac Giver? These characters were so imaginative that they could get out of all the tight spots by diverting the use of certain objects.

  • The creativity dopes your projects and opens you the spirit

    A creative will always improve its personal situation and "will improve" in time because it knows how to wonder without limiting its fields of research. For example, an artist in a no-win situation is going to request objective notices on his works to stand back and improve. In the field of the business, a creative entrepreneur fetches to market an innovative idea, whereas an investor is systematically going to be on the lookout for the new trends, what will oblige him to question its strategies.

  • Improve your good be psychological or material. Our good to be psychological passes by moments or we have to create. By creating, we prove that we exist and our self-service restaurant considers (égo) is reassured there. If we pay you to exercise a creative activity or if you generate income in this way, not only you are credible with the eyes of those who dream to imitate you, but moreover, you improve your material comfort by the money which you obtain. Thus the satisfaction is double: she is psychological (satisfaction to being able to create something by oneself) but also financier (gratitude of your peers or your customers).

Certain persons are creative of nature and will not need to stimulate enormously their imagination. For others, on the other hand, to be creative will turn out to be very difficult. Nobody forces you to be or to become creative. Simply, the creativity can simplify us fundamentally the life, to allow us to round off your purposes of difficult months or still to reveal our talents in a precise domain. Close-up on some means to find the inspiration.

  • You have the sensation to live a flat and monotonous life? Radically have a break from time to time. If you do not have the financial means of a journey abroad, opt for a visit at your old aunt in Brittany. No need to make tens of thousand kilometers to find our lifeblood.

  • Your curiosity speaks: to begin, we have to like being surprised as much as surprising. Learn to like the change, unforeseen and completely possible and even important to appreciate the life. Kill the routines by built stratagems "single step". Cultivate your difference, your desires. Assume your changes of following looks the seasons, your humors, etc....

  • The nature, the music, the reading, are so many opportunities to leave to the meeting of our own creative energy. Our engine has to be the passion and nothing else. It is the passion which will urge us to go out of your zone of comfort, it is still her which is going to lead us to like what we are going to invent: a text, a picture, a musical score, a renovation of an apartment, a blog on tsetse flies... That I still know.

  • Let us take time to observe the world around us. What pleases us? What can displease us? Organize a schedule according to what holds us most heart is within the competence of the indispensable. For example, let us decide that we shall dedicate from now on a minimum of two hours in the week to the meditation or to the model making. Obviously, it is not still obvious with children or family to be assumed, but we have to make him, because it is our own mental balance which depends on it.

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Saturday, December 29th, 2012629/ 12 / December / 201212:00

For this fifth interview, I have the pleasure to receive Julien of the blog

At only 28 years old, Julien already has a sacred experience of the responsibilities as former leader of sector at Leroy Merlin and creator of a company of fast food. Lately, Julien strongly got involved in the purchase with renting vocation of parking lots and garages. He makes us his experiences of investor share on his blog and has just thrown his own product which reveals its own method of investment. ()

Julien is someone rather spontaneous and dynamic, who inspires the confidence and with whom you exchange easily some e-mails. But most importing, it is doubtless that Julien is someone who will always know how to communicate you his taste for things made well with a very good pedagogy.

Hello Alex, thank you for having proposed me this interview for your blog. We exchange e-mails for some time now and it is with pleasure that I am going to try to answer your questions.

I was interested in the personal fulfillment when I was 20 years old. I read some books on the subject during one year. I was trained especially in the management at Leroy Merlin. It is the very beautiful company which trains his employees and encourages the managers to the nearness and the motivation of the teams. To follow this type by training in 23 I try to pass on little of thing which I apply to my readers. years leaves necessarily tracks.

E am also surprised as you of the absence of training on the management of the money. To manage its money should be compulsory from the middle school and the appearance of the allowance. A schoolboy understands fast that if he spends all his allowance on Mondays, he can buy nothing more the rest of the week. He can also want to save 10 % or 50 % of his allowance during several weeks to buy to himself a racket of tennis or a jacket. J

I have the impression that this common sense gets lost with the age and that the consumer society does not undertake the citizens to be master of their money. If I have a single advice to be given, it is to make the accounts every month during six months. Who makes the accounts today? Who knows how much money he will have at the end of the month on his account?

My book puts some bases on the subject, because an investment rests on this type of concept. I needed to explain them before presenting the project of investment in a parking lot.

Rich being for me has no sense. It is a completely relative value. From what sum do we become rich? 10 000 €, 50 000 €, 10 000 000 €? There are so many answers as persons!

If I had to give a definition of the wealth, it would be this one: how many years can you live if you stop working now?

To invest in a parking lot presents before any a very low risk. For less than 5 000 €, we can become an owner of a parking space or a garage in province. It does not risk to put you bankrupt.

The rents of parking lots are proportionally more raised than those of the apartments. In addition to that, no need to be a handyman because the interview of a parking lot or a garage is close to zero! This almost absence of loads associated with good rents return very profitable parking lots financially.

My favorite aspect of this type of investment lives the legal flexibility. If a tenant does not pay any more, you can change it quickly and re-rent the garage. The law authorizes full of small advantages as that there to the owner of garages. It is not the case for apartments.

For those who want to know more about it, I detail in this article (click > "" ) why the investment in parking lots is very profitable.

I am voluntarily causing on the purchase of a main home. It is the life choice which belongs to each and I denigrate on no account the persons who prefer to buy first of all their main home. I do not for the moment wish to buy a house, even if it is very reassuring to have a roof to one. I am very well rented and I prefer to assign my debt capacity to my investments. Garages allow me to increase my income while to borrow to buy a house would decrease my income.

For the moment, I prefer to keep the renting management for me. It does not take me a lot of time and I like to know my tenants. For the part investment, I see bad delegating to a hunter of the good my searches. I need to make things by myself. When I would be tired by all this, we shall see.

I am ready to bet that the tax system will always continue to increase. I am the first one dissatisfied with having to pay 40 centimes in taxes and taxes every time I cash 1 euro of rent. It makes left the game of the investment. Nevertheless, I am also proud to pay these taxes which benefit the company and indirectly I too. To pay taxes on the rents is normal. If the investment is done well, then you earn money nevertheless.

2012 was a period of uncertainty with the presidential elections. Nobody could predict the evolutions of the tax system. As a result, nobody buys or sells. This period caused the beginning of the fall in prices. When the prizes fall, it is the buyers who take advantage of it. If you think of buying, it is the moment to make him!

I pursue a little bit different ambition: the temporal freedom. My objective is to be free of my schedules. Today, I can get up at 7 am or at 9 am, it is me who decide on him. I can so make my races in the week, when everybody works. I do not undergo any more corks, rush hours in the public transportation. I can go on holiday when I want him.

This freedom of time passes necessarily by a freedom of money. With a boss, I exchange my time and my skills for a salary: he dictates me then my working schedules. I try not to return to this system. I decided to build up to myself income thanks to garages: by investing and by advising. As everybody, I also need to occupy my days and I chose to help people to earn money with parking lots.

Parking lots are lucrative enough so that I reach my goal of temporal freedom before 2014.

The first quality is to like the product which you want to buy or to sell. It is valid in the real estate and in the business also. I adore garages, I do not grow tired of visiting them, of looking at announcements, of discussing with the owners. By loving the real estate, it allows you to pursue your searches on the long term. The phase of search is often long: between 3 months and nine months for an (only good) purchase. The patience is the ally of the investor.

The second quality of a good buyer is the experience. The experience is a criticism! It is necessary to know how to estimate in a safe way what we buy. This experience acquires itself by the reading (of my book;-)), the meetings, the past visiting, looking for, to rent, to sell. Most hard often is to begin to learn. Once this first crossed step, the experience comes over time and from opportunities which appear. I learn it even every day and it is going to continue all my life.

I am really satisfied that the book pleased you in to interview me. The returns of the readers are also very positive for the moment. It is really what imports me. The satisfaction of the readers of the book and the blog is what motivates me to raise me every morning to write an article or answer their questions. For any question, you can contact me via my blog.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012716/ 12 / December / 201220:19


"To make a success, it is to go from one failure to the next without losing the enthusiasm"

Winston Churchill

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012312/ 12 / December / 201213:08

At the moment, I lift some cast iron in sporting room... To be in good physical shape was always essential for me, for several reasons. The first one, it is that I understood very young that the sport plays on our mental: a sportsman will always want to surpass himself, to reach his goals. By practising a sports activity, that she is individual or collective, our will will be multiplied tenfold, our much better state of mind, and we shall approach the problems with more recoil on the events (serenity).

The second good reason in favour of the sports practice, it is that to create of the wealth (financially speaking) for ourselves without being able to matter on a help supernatural as an earnings in the bingo or the inheritance, be healthy allows to use completely his capacity of credit without particular bothers.

Indeed, those who have never had access to an important credit ignore can him be, but he is very frequent to have to answer medical questionnaires or to have to make a medical examination pushed before picking up an agreement of loan (at the request of the insurances which are going to cover this loan). For example, these same insurances are entitled to ask you if you smoke or not, what can impact considerably on the rate of your insurance if you are regular smoker.

To lie on his health can have a disastrous effect: if the insurances discover that they were deceived, not only they will refuse to assure the remaining duration of the credit, but moreover, prosecutions are possible according to the cases.

However, everybody will not be lucky (I say luck but certain persons really look for their misfortunes ...) to be healthy. Everybody will not have either necessarily a capacity of credit, of the time to go in for sport, some money to feed correctly or look after itself.

Most of people very often give up in front of these difficulties and do not even try "to go farther". To go farther consists in approaching these problems under a positive angle and in considering that most of the time, these handicaps are only temporary tests to be crossed, when it is not about psychological blockings or about preconceived ideas. (I cannot make this because I am too old, or I not to make it because it is above my strengths, etc. ...). Personally, I still knew only the sky for only limit whatever are the tests met on my passage!

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Saturday, December 8th, 2012608/ 12 / December / 201211:43

The fence of my FCP in June of this year can be considered as a strategic error, but I did not absolutely lose nothing in stock exchange, its closure having intervened later than planned with some profits.

Http: // www.boursier.com/opcvm/cours/bnp-pariba - midcap-france-d-FR0010077859, FR.html Since then, this Mutual fund took a star to morningstar () and would have been able to allow me to gather in 1000 euros of movable capital gains. (This is the way we name the stock-exchange capital gains). For those who did not follow my adventure in stock exchange during one year, here is the type of fund whom I had selected:

It is really necessary to speak about what arrived at me on this plan there, because it can arrive at everybody (finally, especially to those who have a certain desire for the risk). With one +/-30 % and a little more than 5000 euros in game, the daily variations became very important and I really began to lose the thread of my priorities. In stock-exchange term, I was "a low hand" and I did not have the completely quiet spirit: I indeed have a balance sheet to be presented to my banker from next year onwards, balance sheet which must be most convincing possible.

Thus it is necessary to respect stages before dashing into the hard-line investments, do not especially burn out them. Have "the free spirit" and the solid loins, it is to have already reassured the ground and the future of your close relations, by paying off at least the property loan of its main home... This, it is the very first education "of the small beetle" that puts the feet in stock exchange!

From the beginning of the year, the unemployment increases in France. No single indication is not in the green. I say well: no one... Whether it is the confidence of the French households, those of the frames or business managers, the indicator of the climate of the business, etc. ... brief, the indications which usually scrutinize all the stock-exchange investors. "The life in pink "? No, in this case there, it is rather the life in grey for the stock-exchange investments.

Until now, economic growth rhymed with increase of the stock exchange and falls with the unemployment... But does recession rhyme with increase of the stock exchange also, which would be completely illogical?

The CAC 40 was 3100 points in June of this year, and we found better that to add an additional tax on a CAC which looked for itself in one tidy up (channel) included between 3000 and 3500 points for the last year...

And then suddenly, at the beginning of September, a lightning ascent of the CAC begins, a completely delirious ascent and without a scrap of rational explanation. Certainly, there were well some positive data for the spreading of the debt of Greece or still some reserved measures of the pact of competitiveness, but not of which soar up to 3600 current points while we are going to return in recession next year (what always means a reduction in dividends), while the problem of the French sovereign debt is settled not at all and while the unemployment continues inexorably to increase.... And obviously, I am not the only one to ask the question of the legitimacy of this vertiginous increase, as you will notice him in the reading of the video which I propose you.

Of these observations, it is necessary to hold that there n is no more logic in stock market price. I would not go so far as to say that the stock exchange became "a casino", but in the light of these contradictory elements, there is all the same of what to ask the question. Am I going to return in stock exchange in the years or the months which come? Everything will depend on opportunities, but the idea would please me well under another shape...

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