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Saturday, April 7th, 2012607/ 04 / April / 201215:10

Today, I have the pleasure to welcome Stéphanie, of the blog "am in hiding of freedom" for an invited article. And hup, one of my objectives of the realized beginning of year. Exceptionally, comments will be reactivated for this article, I thank you warmly beforehand for your comments.

Many would like to lose of the greasy mass, quickly, but without knowing what to do too much. I have a recipe which effective, long-lastin and which reshapes by top the market. I apply him to myself every day.

You practise her 3 weeks and you will have 3 weeks of profits. Practise her 6 months and you will have after this 6 months of profits. Practise her quite your life and you will not recognize any more your body.

Lose weight or to enlarge? The method works for both cases, because it regulates.

In fact, lose weight for some is going to correspond in the same food habits and the physical activities as get fat, become refined, or still become firmer fabrics for others. Why?

Because a general healthy lifestyle offers you a thin body or of one normal, tonic constitution, muscular, strong and toug, the whole on a tray. A good food and well chosen physical exercises regulate the weight of everyone.

How make free by losing weight without having even to think of it?

In this article, I am going to give you things to make of the intensive physical activity by integrating him most of the time into your life. This will make a natural activity which will be "better made profitable" in term of ideal weight by your body, because it will be associated with a useful and pleasant activity. Finished sporting rooms with the cast iron to be lifted, in closed environment. Make your exercises in natural environment: your environment of life.

A good day gets ready the previous evening. Write on a post-it what you want to make the next day to begin your day by favoring your body and by strengthening it from the morning.

Every day, start of the good foot!

As soon as the awakening sounds, if you ring one, even before raising you:

  • Drink a big glass of water (leave the bottle next to the bed not to have to look)

  • Made slowly some abdominal muscles straight from the mattress, it is more natural for the back and more natural quite short than to hold model's poses robot during 10 minutes under the instructions of a coach.

  • Then develop the muscle of your glutei 5 minutes, by placing you on one side then of the other one

Then stretch as a cat then get up. You passed in mode singeing of fat.

During your day, multiple "angels" are going to appear at you. Be attentive, he is going to need to jump on their proposals.

A moving?

A vague knowledge asks for help you for its moving the next weekend? Turn darker! It is an exceptional opportunity to make a natural and useful exercise.

By drinking well, you will develop the muscle while refining you.

Take him as a game, pamper the things which you have to transport, make also a good part of laughter with the others there, and the profitability will be maximal.

Take pleasure to return this service. Wait for nothing in return.

Somebody says to you that he is going to move soon and does not ask you nothing? Take the initiative! Suggest friendly to him helping him.

Improve your you to

You look for ages for a small piece of furniture adapted to tidy up your lumber room in the entrance of your housing environment … And you find him nowhere. Never mind! Take off to the closest DIY store and make cut it some wood of pine to build you even your custom-made piece of furniture. Some live and some well chosen elbows will do, a little varnishs to polish up the whole and the tour is played. During this time there, you have: carried by boards, screwed, assembled, varnished, sanded, and drunk a good bottle of water.

Here is the whole in one: you are your piece of furniture and one kilo less.

You are free Saturday evening?

Here is a magnificent opportunity to lose weight. Invite your friends on Saturday evening to have dinner and tell them to BRING NOTHING. So, you will be obliged by everything to prepare without reflecting even about the fact that you are losing 3 kilos to be prepared for them delicious one meal, between the races and the cooking. Choose him rich in fruits and vegetables and call it "the vegetarian challenge". How find to make of the delicious without resorting to the usual opportunities.

Attention to alternate always your activities with breaks of rest.

I am certain that you understood the idea. I carry a glass in your future intense activities!


Photo credit: MuseForEalth

Have you a list of projects?

If yes, bravo! You are a member of 5 % of persons which notes the desires and purposes.

Take advantage of it … Look for the one who is going to be most getting tired physically, and carry out him from tomorrow morning. I have personally one Http: // www.terre-de-liberte.com / checklist/ () and I can assure you that the weighty concerns have no place in my life. Why? Because I realize permanently my projects and those others.

If you have no list of projects …

I created a guide of Http: // www.terre-de-liberte.com / creations/ () who offers you 7 methods, only or in several, to find ideas, create projects and finish in it with the lack of tracks to start.

Remember there …

What imports, it is to use every situation offers which you the life to transform her into beneficial exercise for your body. With usual precautions for your back: we always bend by folding knees. As soon as there is a physical action to be carried out, make him! You will so associate your loss of weight and your dream body with all your projects, without needing even to reflect it.

Reduce during 3 weeks the TV and the position sat in front of the computer, replace them by a beautiful stroll, and you will see, everything takes shape.

Stéphanie, of the blog Earth of Freedom.

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I am not convinced of the efficaicté but why not! Vouchers fetes of paques!

Comment N posted 1 by 08/04/2012 Khanel3 at 07:52 am

Cuckoo Khanel,

I hope that you are well. Good parties of paques also!

Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 09/04/2012 at 1:02 pm

The body needs everything, can be ds certain cases to decrease the quantities if we have no intense effort to make, the sport of way balanced as everything, here is my opinion, on good Easter Sunday, the small chocolate all the same? Kisses

Comment N posted 2 by 08/04/2012 Witney18 at 12:39 am

Couc witney,

A chocolate? Euh ... not, rather a whole rabbit (laughter) because when I began, I cannot stop.;)


Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 09/04/2012 at 1:04 pm

We lose 3 kilos by preparing a meal, we lose 1 kilo by tinkering a piece of furniture?...

Comment N posted 3 by isabelle on 08/04/2012 at 9:32 pm

Hello Isabelle,

Thank you for this comment. I always prefer to have critical comments that absolutely nothing.

Well, if I ask the question as guy, I prefer all the same the sport that the do-it-yourself ...;)

Very good day

Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 09/04/2012 at 1:13 pm

Here is of excellent advice to be followed, it is important to settle objectives, whether it is in the life a staff, in the leisure activities or in the work, ca allows to be situated and especially to remain to motivate to move forward

Comment N posted 4 by 11/04/2012 Sporting rooms Marseille at 10:14 am

To run to lose weight is an excellent means to lose some unwanted kilos. The more you execute, the more you lose it. But distrust! The first weeks are most important. For the persons who suffer from obesity and who live a sedentary life, it is important to increase gradually the intensity and the duration of the exercise.

Comment N posted 5 by 17/04/2012 Matiss at 9:19 pm

I have just received the news of the month and I voted, not for a president, but for your best article of the good for being"!

Good continuation, better thoughts!

Comment N posted 6 by 28/04/2012 Annie at 4:26 pm

Cuckoo Annie,

I hope that you are well. Thank you for your vote!

Very good Sunday

Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 29/04/2012 at 1:07 pm

I have a concern, me not not big but since I have my bb (that makes 2 years), I have rolls, I heard that to walk is enough for losing of the stomach, how long a day is it necessary to walk to firm up the stomach? And that is enough?

Comment N posted 7 by 22/01/2013 Chloe at 3:07 pm

Hello Chloé,

Except that rolls (overweight), fast walking adorned me "too light". You see, there, I am registered on a sporting room for 3 months.

At the end of 45 minutes of conveyer belt 2x a week during 1 month, I begin only to see the effects on my small paunch (light, the paunch). Later, some add creams to firm up the skin, etc. ... but me, I do not believe in it.

Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 22/01/2013 at 7:50 pm



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