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A blogger who agrees to draft sponsored articles always has to have in mind certain number of compulsory criteria as will have to respect the announcers (as a certain ethics which marks its seriousness, or still the nearness of themes between the blog and the announcer). It is indispensable. Otherwise, the blogger will lose of its credibility with the eyes of his readers, will distort its thorough work and will sell "its soul" of blogger to the highest bidder. You know it, I did not give in succession to a big majority of the advertising projects until now... If I had quite accepted, my blog not would not be any more today than a simple commercial shop window!

In this case, "the deal" pleased me well because it stuck perfectly on my theme of the personal finances. It was indeed a question of speaking about a comparator of insurance, and it fell just at the right moment for me to verify if the price list of my car insurance was adapted.

When I arrived on , my first impression on the site was the one of a very big sobriety. The dressed ferret way English lord who looks at you of a suspicious air is rather original, but it is exactly slightly too wise, at least to my taste. I would have liked seeing him making the clown or breaking itself the head with paper sheets (of diverse insurances ... for example!) the whole in different decorations situated in the margins right and left of the homepage. In the same lineage, I would have insisted on the "independent" word by a bold or relief registration to focus the attention of the pioneers on the key point of the site.

As for the comfort (or ergonomics) of the latter, you will reach very easily the column which interests you. Crossed the stage of this selection, you will go rather quickly into the heart of the matter and it is really necessary to think of having armed itself beforehand with necessary documents before informing whatever it is. In this case, what I needed exactly? The car registration document of my vehicle, the current insurance contract, my driving licence and some other documents relative to the disasters of the last three years.

Take your time to fill the wanted information, but do not put to sleep you either in front of the screen: to avoid the hacking your confidential data, a timer was set up and you will be obliged to go back to square one in case of prolonged inactivity... Where from the importance to have all the indispensable documents nearby immediate!.

I wished to test this comparator a weekend, just to estimate its reactivity. I was disappointed not at all on that side. On the other hand, me who thought of having the best price list regarding car insurance, I made a mistake well and the answer came, scathing, at the end of a few minutes of wait at the end of questionnaire: The best car insurance, at least the one who proposes the best couples guarantees / price... I do not obviously have

All this to say that your personal finances can be always optimized, whatever are your personal characteristics (ages, returned, etc. ...). In the case of the insurances, for example, I recommend to make a regular balance sheet (every 2/3 the years) by means of a comparator of insurances to verify that you really have formulae of cover financially competitive and adapted to your respective situations.

Then naturally, we shall always hear the same remarks about the comparators of insurances: "I prefer to go directly to the insurers, it is more sure", "comparators propose low-cost insurances", etc.... For me, it is made ideas that penalize heavily your budget. I saw, of my own eyes, all the ranges of possible and conceivable services as for the car insurances and certain companies which are propose extremely known them for their reliability.

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