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Friday, February 1st, 2013501/ 02 / Fév / 201312:57

In life, it is necessary to know how to navigate... And sometimes, also, row against the current to distance itself.

Before Borgen, there were no series dedicated to the politics *. Can be that an original scriptwriter would have it thought, but he would not have can be not added this characteristic touch to the central figure: it is about a woman, a centrist of surcroit, who is going to be propelled at the post of Prime Minister in Denmark.

Can we be centrist and show hand? Birgitte Nyborg (the charming actress Sidse Babett Knudsen) demonstrates him splendidly. Very comfortable in his role and particularly attractive in its hoisted tailors hiding pulpy forms as one pleases (...) She manages as well her family boat (mother divorced raising two girls, at least in the second season) that his employees.

In the high spheres of the Danish power, Nyborg is as well courteous as firm. In any type of debate, she knows perfectly how to turn the situations to her favor when her opponents try to make him lose pedals.

Pedals? They loses them a little, from time to time, well shielded from cameras, behind the scenes. We see for example her going off the rails "by knocking down all which is on its passage further to smutty media revelations, be allowed go to the arms of his driver one day of depression (and why not ...), to handle the bluff with African leaders mysogines who look at her with curiosity.

In brief, Borgen is an unusual series which I appreciate enormously. The third season is at present in the course of shooting. I can't wait that Arte decides to spread the next season, as it was the case last year. In the meantime, I taste the season 1 in DVD in French, not subtitled as the video above. I really advise this series to all those who do not know how to negotiate or who are always afraid of making important decisions ... or even those who say themselves inside: "I am a woman, thus, I shall always obtain less than a man.".

* Addition: all in all, there was already a series dedicated to the politics, The West Wing (in the White House), but it was far from being comparable.

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