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Sunday, January 20th, 2013720/ 01 / Jan / 201314:14

Some are of us are shocked and\or annoyed slightly too easily. One of the keys to be happy, it is exactly to avoid falling in extremes, not to reject his failure on the others and to be capable of introspection. Who has never dreamed about last great journeys, about money with profusion, about big moments to live?. Who has never blamed the others for it than he should before any blaming himself?

The world is imperfect by definition, it is such as it is, and in an adulthood, we lose his illusions and his desires for revolt to quieten down and concentrate on what is essential in our lives.

Let us let the others take advantage of all that the existence can bring to them: a day, our tour will come if we have some patience, some perseverance and the humility. The whole world will never be as we want whether it is, but we shall always possess the power to return happy people around us.

If we feel ill at ease with certain aspects of the life, it is the whole demonic mechanics which can be set up. That is we can waste unconsciously the existence by too narrow conceptions of the life, the conceptions which we entraineront inevitably in the depraved slope of the perpetual dissatisfaction.

I am going to quote only an example. Let us imagine that you are too much a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, theoretically, it is rather a quality than a defect. I even, I admit it, I am him a little, it is what moreover allowed me to obtain an honorable status in the company and to multiply my income by 44 in 18 years. (Well, it was not too difficult, because when you are at the lowest, you can make only go back up ...).

The imperfection is (very fortunately) present everywhere: at all the human beings, but also in the shape of objects, etc.... In certain degree, the perfectionist harms clearly: look at all costs for "the shelf space" and for "the beautiful", it is to waste his time, to leave it the health, while ruining that of its circle of acquaintances to whom we shall not stop righting the wrongs. (Well, yes, because everything has to be without harshness, in compliance with what is made of better, especially at our close relations ...).

I too, dream about a world populated with responsible individuals and with open-minded people … But "this ideal world" does not exist, and it is necessary to live with it. Know how to accept the imperfections of the world without trying to correct them constantly, it is can be the step most mattering towards the happiness...

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I too am someone who likes, to be strong in my business which I manage, when I have the possibility of it of making him, of making something, build something solid, I find that it is important.

But for the moment it is not too much the case, because I look for a small work for the place of residence, it is very hard to find something solid.

Comment N posted 1 by 20/01/2013 CHICK at 5:18 pm

Hello Bernard,

I did not still make correctly my living. I learnt to sell on the clear (in numismatics especially), to write, etc.... Today, I can earn money about everywhere, and I think that it is the case of everybody on the condition of being fascinated by what we make.

There are many domains where we can begin with absolutely nothing, and I would say that it is compulsory to become aware of the real value of things. You are redeemed, you have time in front of you, and that, it is something very precious that everybody does not have (I envy you lol). In your place, I shall use this time to train me in certain domains (even if it means paying a little, it is compulsory and I also made him).

I shall share probably my experiences in the sale in an immediate future, by beginning by proving my skills. (More than 140 transactions on sites of on-line sale)



Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 20/01/2013 at 6:01 pm

Article interessant! I had just said to my spouse that I find that people think back to front! A little more logic and reason! Good evening

Comment N posted 2 by 20/01/2013 Khanel3 at 6:48 pm

Cuckoo khanel,

I hope that you are well. It is completely that: as you, I find that there is a lot of people which think of fault.

Very good evening

Gestiondevie.over-blog.com Answer of him in 20/01/2013 at 7:13 pm



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