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Sunday, January 20th, 2013720/ 01 / Jan / 201314:14

Some are of us are shocked and\or annoyed slightly too easily. One of the keys to be happy, it is exactly to avoid falling in extremes, not to reject his failure on the others and to be capable of introspection. Who has never dreamed about last great journeys, about money with profusion, about big moments to live?. Who has never blamed the others for it than he should before any blaming himself?

The world is imperfect by definition, it is such as it is, and in an adulthood, we lose his illusions and his desires for revolt to quieten down and concentrate on what is essential in our lives.

Let us let the others take advantage of all that the existence can bring to them: a day, our tour will come if we have some patience, some perseverance and the humility. The whole world will never be as we want whether it is, but we shall always possess the power to return happy people around us.

If we feel ill at ease with certain aspects of the life, it is the whole demonic mechanics which can be set up. That is we can waste unconsciously the existence by too narrow conceptions of the life, the conceptions which we entraineront inevitably in the depraved slope of the perpetual dissatisfaction.

I am going to quote only an example. Let us imagine that you are too much a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, theoretically, it is rather a quality than a defect. I even, I admit it, I am him a little, it is what moreover allowed me to obtain an honorable status in the company and to multiply my income by 44 in 18 years. (Well, it was not too difficult, because when you are at the lowest, you can make only go back up ...).

The imperfection is (very fortunately) present everywhere: at all the human beings, but also in the shape of objects, etc.... In certain degree, the perfectionist harms clearly: look at all costs for "the shelf space" and for "the beautiful", it is to waste his time, to leave it the health, while ruining that of its circle of acquaintances to whom we shall not stop righting the wrongs. (Well, yes, because everything has to be without harshness, in compliance with what is made of better, especially at our close relations ...).

I too, dream about a world populated with responsible individuals and with open-minded people … But "this ideal world" does not exist, and it is necessary to live with it. Know how to accept the imperfections of the world without trying to correct them constantly, it is can be the step most mattering towards the happiness...

Music: Tal - "nothing is completed"

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012422/ 11 / Nov / 201213:30

Of all the qualities with which the human being on this planet can be endowed, he is one that it is very difficult to acquire completely: the wisdom. To look for constantly the wisdom in the daily life does not absolutely prevent from using diplomacy and\or franchising in any given Because if you are surrounded with intelligent people, they will always know how to read between the lines or reveal your opinions situation.

The wisdom, it is also knowledge to say no because if you do not know how to make him, estimate it whom you will have of you same is naturally going to decrease and your ambitions will go away naturally, while at the same time, your credibility will inevitably be soiled if you occupy functions with some responsibilities, so tiny are.

The impulsive persons are often surrounded with the other persons who react in the same way, the effect of group playing height. What will be the direct effects of "our whims "? We shall lose many things, and I have already made these errors in the past, quite as you. We can lose friends by hurtful comments, money on an irrational very favorite, love because of completely mindless acts … To be completely conscious of it, it is necessary to have made these errors many times.

A lot of people, daily, acts before thinking and regret then bitterly the consequences of their "hot" reactions, but it is very often too late for what is irreparable.

In the comments: mixtures, exaggerated comments, insults, lack of respect hollow out for oneself or the others, a too irascible character, a contempt, arrogance, etc....

Particular case of the comments on the Internet: Attention, necessarily do not trust to you in what you read... The exuberance is often the standard to entice the customer.

In acts: the uncalled-for gestures, the discourteousness, the violence, the fact of breaking objects voluntarily, decisions taken too quickly...

Makes what win the wisdom in the common life? Some money, faithful friends, but especially, the professional, indispensable stability to build itself a future.

The only big snag, it is that the wisdom must be often "worked" … This quiet nature also demonstrates a certain self-control, indispensable to be better in the life professionnelle/les business. This way there, for me, leads slowly but surely towards a total serenity for several years. Indeed, that he can exist of more interesting than to hunt our own ghosts?

"The man of property is right and just, but not stiff and inflexible; he knows how to comply but not bend." (Confucius)
"The reed bends but does not break" (the Fountain)
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012122/ 10 / Oct / 201218:00

The obscurantism is an attitude which consists in refusing the distribution of the knowledges in all the domains, often for religious pretexts. This is the way Galilee was judged by the inquisition for heresy because he claimed that the Earth was round.

Link Thus the obscurantism is the refusal of the modernity or the intellectual curiosity with as ramparts the religious dogmae. Of course, it is necessary to accept the spirituality of others, but also to remember that the man was able to evolve over the centuries thanks to the technical and scientific progress, more than by the help of the catholic religion for example, which was able only to calm certain warlike heats by establishing peace days. (As God's truce >).

It is distressing, but the obscurantism is not new and it exists from time immemorial. In contrast, the agnostic or the atheist will be more opened to all the conceptions of the Universe as the scientism " because he will look for Cartesian answers to explain the birth of all the forms of life down here.

What the scientism, will you say to me? The scientism asserts that the experimental science is superior to all other forms of interpretation of the world (who the religious shape). The scientism tries "to organize scientifically the humanity", according to the definition of Wikipedia:

This conception of the humanity is fascinating, I suggest you having a small outline. I could extend for a long time there above given that I was brought to treat some of these subjects on of other one sites, but I am going to be relatively synthetic.

The confrontations between the science and the religions are frequent. Certain sulphurous scientists work on a unique model of mathematical equation, a model which would allow to include all the already existing laws of the physics and which would tend to demonstrate that they are any outcomes "of a creator of the Universe". But for the moment, their works are vain and unreliable because these researchers carry generally "a double cap", with the plurality of religious offices and scientific diplomas. Thus they are not credible of the whole in their searches.

Science and religion are never compatible. The scientist is rather one pragmatics, he tries to understand, uses "models, and prefers to stand apart religious and philosophic influences. Often so, he popularizes his theories for the general public, and no matter the provided him with financial means if he reaches his purpose.

This above, Michael Persinger. It is about an American researcher in cognitive neurosciences.It is persuaded that the religious faiths are artificially created by our brain to answer our deepest fears: fear of the death, the need to be reassured, etc.... He has not proved scientifically this hypothesis yet,But he works on it seriously in laboratory.

Somebody who is pragmatic will be interested much more in the science without making him a blind confidence (opposite drift in the ethics are possible in the future). Even the birth of the man can be scientifically explicable. "The curious truth", freed from the religious constraints will like theories as panspermie (earth fertilized Link from the outside, to see here >).

During the experiences of imminent deaths (or NDE for Near death experience), witnesses speak about a frequent vision "of a white tunnel" during the brain death. This vision is often got back in purposes of religious proselytism, but it can simply be understandable by the liberation of a chemical substance (endorphins). This last substance is automatically freed when the brain faces a situation Link of stress. (To know more about it, read here >).

Félix Baumgartner, one of the pioneers of the humanity?

Finally, to enclose this article, I wanted to greet Félix Baumgartner for his jump on more than 38000 meters in height. People as Baumgartner, somewhere, make move back the obscurantism while pushing away the limits of the human being. They can be also seen as pioneers who advance the humanity, and will certainly allow, one day, to save the human race, even if some despondent spirits will always find that it is about a useless wasting of money or of time.