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Saturday, December 8th, 2012608/ 12 / December / 201211:43

The fence of my FCP in June of this year can be considered as a strategic error, but I did not absolutely lose nothing in stock exchange, its closure having intervened later than planned with some profits.

Http: // www.boursier.com/opcvm/cours/bnp-pariba - midcap-france-d-FR0010077859, FR.html Since then, this Mutual fund took a star to morningstar () and would have been able to allow me to gather in 1000 euros of movable capital gains. (This is the way we name the stock-exchange capital gains). For those who did not follow my adventure in stock exchange during one year, here is the type of fund whom I had selected:

It is really necessary to speak about what arrived at me on this plan there, because it can arrive at everybody (finally, especially to those who have a certain desire for the risk). With one +/-30 % and a little more than 5000 euros in game, the daily variations became very important and I really began to lose the thread of my priorities. In stock-exchange term, I was "a low hand" and I did not have the completely quiet spirit: I indeed have a balance sheet to be presented to my banker from next year onwards, balance sheet which must be most convincing possible.

Thus it is necessary to respect stages before dashing into the hard-line investments, do not especially burn out them. Have "the free spirit" and the solid loins, it is to have already reassured the ground and the future of your close relations, by paying off at least the property loan of its main home... This, it is the very first education "of the small beetle" that puts the feet in stock exchange!

From the beginning of the year, the unemployment increases in France. No single indication is not in the green. I say well: no one... Whether it is the confidence of the French households, those of the frames or business managers, the indicator of the climate of the business, etc. ... brief, the indications which usually scrutinize all the stock-exchange investors. "The life in pink "? No, in this case there, it is rather the life in grey for the stock-exchange investments.

Until now, economic growth rhymed with increase of the stock exchange and falls with the unemployment... But does recession rhyme with increase of the stock exchange also, which would be completely illogical?

The CAC 40 was 3100 points in June of this year, and we found better that to add an additional tax on a CAC which looked for itself in one tidy up (channel) included between 3000 and 3500 points for the last year...

And then suddenly, at the beginning of September, a lightning ascent of the CAC begins, a completely delirious ascent and without a scrap of rational explanation. Certainly, there were well some positive data for the spreading of the debt of Greece or still some reserved measures of the pact of competitiveness, but not of which soar up to 3600 current points while we are going to return in recession next year (what always means a reduction in dividends), while the problem of the French sovereign debt is settled not at all and while the unemployment continues inexorably to increase.... And obviously, I am not the only one to ask the question of the legitimacy of this vertiginous increase, as you will notice him in the reading of the video which I propose you.

Of these observations, it is necessary to hold that there n is no more logic in stock market price. I would not go so far as to say that the stock exchange became "a casino", but in the light of these contradictory elements, there is all the same of what to ask the question. Am I going to return in stock exchange in the years or the months which come? Everything will depend on opportunities, but the idea would please me well under another shape...

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012230/ 10 / Oct / 201214:36


We always have to teach the contact the best and train us to evolve, it is imperative. Those who have no initial capital have to understand how to establish it one (my blog was conceived to describe this process), and those who possess one have to know how to use him at best, what is not still obvious without advice adapted around one.

Ludovic of is an experienced investor, fascinated by the real estate investment, in particular the vacation rental. In the optics to take advantage of the life while becoming "a real investor", the vacation rental can interest me in a more or less close future... But I was going to say that at the bottom, all which touches the investments interests me, because I am someone rather curious about nature and I never miss projects!

With the book Grow rich thanks to the vacation rental,I discovered a world which I knew not at all: that of the seasonal renting real estate. All the stages to be respected concerning this type of investment are described by the purchase up to the resale there. This work under digital size also swarms with advice regarding tax system or regarding marketing, but especially, especially, it collects testimonies of numerous private individuals which sometimes made important errors during their real estate purchases. We discover to the reading of this work somebody who is worried about a certain ethics, about a welcome of the vacationers to the services which they propose to his customers... And it also, it is extremely pleasant in the current world, while the souçi of the profit could take him on the quality of the service provided.

Addresses all: young and less young, persons in the tight budgets (less than 30000 euros) and even those who do not live necessarily nearby immediate in tourist places, because it is important to call back that his author lives in several hundreds of kilometers of some of his apartments with renting vocation. This work, Ludovic sells him to 29 euros, but I am certain that he will certainly make it save several thousands to those who will buy him... "Satisfied or your money back", that he said, for me it will be very satisfied "!.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012205/ 06 / June / 201217:35


One of my purposes is to help to build a capital to invest, because it is extremely pleasant to make, it is necessary to say it (even if at the moment, my PEA is in small shape but I am going to leave with him a few years ). Nevertheless, often, when I consult certain blogs dedicated to the investments, nobody explains to build how a savings of departure to begin, as if it was already natural to possess it already one. Yet, if I made a success, for my part to establish it one (what is a wager at the moment!), it is because I proceeded by "quartering":

  • Increase of disposable income.

  • Reduction of compulsory spending.

But there is another another means: that we call collectively "the discount" on spawns rather high.

There are two manners to obtain discounts on asking prices:

  • The putting in direct competition of several actors in a given market.

  • The fact of "showing muscles" and\or of turning heels when there n are not other possibilities, that is when you feel hurt by the practised prizes or the used methods.

You summon several companies to realize a project. No matter the type of project ..., we leave on a project there which will cost you necessarily several thousand euros. Everything takes place then in any clarity: all the representatives of these companies will have to be informed that they will be in competition and will have to position some with regard to the others.

In theory, it is the best way of forging you a vague idea of the cost of what for what you ask. You will obtain then a more or less wide fork according to what you suggest making, but distrust you especially of the most cheaper price: it often hides a slapdash job or faults.

That he is not completely in your ropes financially .

Build a capital of departure to invest, by time current, Ask necessarily to pass there, while finding the most valid intermediaries.

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012213/ 03 / Mars / 201212:00


As I indicated him in the newsletter of the last month, my mutual insurance company has just increased by 10 %, and my car insurance will take the same ascending slope. To counter these sometimes inequitable increases, it is necessary to know how to play elbows and use its consumer's decision-making power.

I have already explained what represent for me "the savings of set". What I call "savings of set", they are fixed costs, to the row of whom appear the mutual and other insurances, which represent a consequent part of your budgets.

At the moment, if I have a lifestyle which was completely inaccessible me a few years ago, it is especially because my efforts concern essentially these expense items. Indeed, at least for me, it is not by cutting down on my small daily pleasures that I shall be happier, on the contrary. If we go without everything to obtain something, the effect will be strictly the same as that of the diet: we shall resume kilos... I know moreover some women whose husbands were stingy and considered even the number of used toilet rolls ... useless to say the hell that this life of couple to the everyday life has to be!

I find really distressing to pay a high price for services too much while they could be obtained in the cheaper. For mutual insurance companies and insurances, we have all, more or less, known this kind of situation: my car insurance is managed by such agency, my mutual insurance company by an other one, whereas my house insurance is managed by the third sign.

And you know what? by centralizing all these services in one and the same shop, not only you win a crazy time for the steps, but moreover, we can grant you good one old discount.

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Thursday, March 1st, 2012401/ 03 / Mars / 201219:54