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Thursday, January 31st, 2013431/ 01 / Jan / 201312:07

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012312/ 12 / December / 201213:08

At the moment, I lift some cast iron in sporting room... To be in good physical shape was always essential for me, for several reasons. The first one, it is that I understood very young that the sport plays on our mental: a sportsman will always want to surpass himself, to reach his goals. By practising a sports activity, that she is individual or collective, our will will be multiplied tenfold, our much better state of mind, and we shall approach the problems with more recoil on the events (serenity).

The second good reason in favour of the sports practice, it is that to create of the wealth (financially speaking) for ourselves without being able to matter on a help supernatural as an earnings in the bingo or the inheritance, be healthy allows to use completely his capacity of credit without particular bothers.

Indeed, those who have never had access to an important credit ignore can him be, but he is very frequent to have to answer medical questionnaires or to have to make a medical examination pushed before picking up an agreement of loan (at the request of the insurances which are going to cover this loan). For example, these same insurances are entitled to ask you if you smoke or not, what can impact considerably on the rate of your insurance if you are regular smoker.

To lie on his health can have a disastrous effect: if the insurances discover that they were deceived, not only they will refuse to assure the remaining duration of the credit, but moreover, prosecutions are possible according to the cases.

However, everybody will not be lucky (I say luck but certain persons really look for their misfortunes ...) to be healthy. Everybody will not have either necessarily a capacity of credit, of the time to go in for sport, some money to feed correctly or look after itself.

Most of people very often give up in front of these difficulties and do not even try "to go farther". To go farther consists in approaching these problems under a positive angle and in considering that most of the time, these handicaps are only temporary tests to be crossed, when it is not about psychological blockings or about preconceived ideas. (I cannot make this because I am too old, or I not to make it because it is above my strengths, etc. ...). Personally, I still knew only the sky for only limit whatever are the tests met on my passage!

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012314/ 11 / Nov / 201213:56

First of all, I played a tournament of poker yesterday evening, just to maintain my level of game and to change me the ideas. It was the tournament "in recaves" that began at about 9:00 pm. As a rule, I do not like the tournaments in recaves, but this type of tournament has the advantage to offer more subsidies... With players who do not stop "reloading to stay in the running, the freed prizes can be very interesting for the first ones. Since the last article dedicated to the poker, I had to replay two or three different tournaments on the Internet. In this evening pokérienne, all the knocks seemed to me strange and I had the impression to play on another planet...

The silliest blow which he was given to me to see followed upon this relaunching with carpet from me with a served royal pair. At this moment of the tournament, I am in great difficulty with something 30000 tokens and I row to take out the head of the water. The manure is transformed golden when two types follow me with 120000/130000 tokens each. Both have a pair of ladies in hand... That one of them has a pair in hand, I expected it, but the same, it is extremely rare (!). The picture posts nothing for anybody, and I triple my carpet at one go to return above the average carpet...

The rest of the tournament will have been just like this blow, totally strange and populated naughty meetings between cards. I also took time to answer some e-mails, proof that we can make several things at the same time. On this tournament, I end all the same 194th on 1152 players after more than three hours of game and only two recaves... Final Bouquet, I end with a royal pair in hand which comes to face a pair of served preflop.

The 1st of the tournament gained something as 2800 euros. You can consult my last results here, in particular a beautiful 184th place on 4913 players on a tournament in 50 euros of ticket of entrance:

Recently also, I rented two French movies which were not bad at all. The first one is called love lasts three years, and the second the first name.

Which has never heard about the small French movie... The kind which still struggles to give way one sun in the middle of the stereotypical American spectaculars. The type of movie who can turn out to be a pearl or the most sneaky some sleeping drugs … The advantage of both movies which I advise you, it is that they will make laugh in family, in couple or with friends.

In "the first name", you will see that a dinner in family can badly turn further to the choice of the first name of a child... It is necessary to say that Patrick Bruel made hardly all the same...