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Monday, January 28th, 2013128/ 01 / Jan / 201317:50

pilotedemavie.jpg"Definitely, is not which Guy Fréquelin who wants".... Such is the reflection that I was made by closing this work in the suggestive title: "pilot of my life". The title is really suited, nothing to say.

Guy Fréquelin is born in farmers' family, exactly to Hûmes (Haute-Marne), not far from Diderot. It is necessary he around thirty pages to speak about its youth in the farm until its military service, the whole in a simple vocabulary, deprived of the usual whims or the stylistic devices appropriate to the purely literary erring ways. In the expression of its lines, you inhale constantly this desire to get straight to the point, without subtleties nor excessive sentimentalism.

Guy begins his career as seller of cars, then competes for his first one rally as co-pilot, a passion which will push him to become one of the best of all times racing drivers.

On March 1st, 1972, Guy Fréquelin makes a heavy decision of sense: he slams the door of his post of seller and decides to live on the motor racing. His bosses shout to the madman, but let he all the same (very sympathetically) the possibility return home in case of failure. From the page 48, everything enchaine and the first feats of arm in competitions surface in an infernal rate. He will get finally his first contract pilot's pro in Autumn, 1976 ... is only four years having stuck its job of commercial!

With this work, we enter the glorious past of a type who obviously never forgets a thing... His memories? Victories, of course, but also despairs, injustices, without forgetting tributes to any friends died in the fire of the running. This book travels little as a novel, with this difference that some photos come to cheer up a rather exciting narrative, illustrating a bygone days where everything seemed clearly easier.

As reader, we laugh generally little and we have especially puts itself especially in the skin "of the hero" for most competitors of us. Sometimes, we also try a big tiredness in front of so many omnipresent technical elements in the sentences. (Kind of tires, characteristics of vehicles in running, etc. ... a lexicon was inserted at the end of book)... But would it have been possible to skip over technical elements to tell this history? I do not believe it.

Within this work, some monologues mark the spirit so certainly as the iron burning on the skin. "What I like above all, at your home, it is that you always tried to take out there. Your will your determination to win and your desire to succeed urge me to confide you this post". (P 142 when Guy sees proposing a post in his size in the direction of PSA ...). The tribute is magnificent, the promotion far from being undeserved.

For his passion, Guy Fréquelin will risk his life several times, and not that on the asphalt... The difficult conditions of air transports during of "the Rallies-raids", everybody has it already more or less heard, if only by Daniel Balavoine's tragédique experience.

I particularly liked his first impressions when he meets Sébastien Loeb, in March, 2000. At that time, Loeb seems like to him an introvert type but its stopwatches were so hair-raising as it could only make him sign in his stable.

Dominique Heinz, one of the first team members of Sébastien Loeb, will have this reflection about this young foal: "or this boy is crazy, or it is a genius!" (P194). People do not often realize it: the genius is often associated with the madness. It is trivial, but the brilliant idea can completely be born having banged the head somewhere!

I cannot say you that I quite appreciated in this work. I especially loved the character, its very honest, requirin and precise side. But in any sincerity, those who do not like motor sports will find no interest, as well as those there who do not understand that we can want to live his life intensely... (If, if, there are people who like a riotous life, I assure you )

Guy Fréquelin always piloted his life... And he continues to make him, retired today... Can we Moreover speak about a pension? Not really, because our man is still engaged in the paragliding is found to climb Acotango (6052m, in 2007 during a stay in Bolivia.

The big lesson of this book, it is certainly that nobody else than has to you decide on what is good or not for your future.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012326/ 09 / Frog / 201213:11

(Page 11) be amazed at the other one, it is any more not to think of oneself, in the mouth". Completely all right with this approach, theoretically... But when you have anybody who is very close you and who is in the poverty, what do you do? you go to take care of poor people nearby and you let him be dying without regrets?. The happiness of our close relations and ours pass above all. By time current, numerous are the ones of us, exactly, which know needy close relations. In a private capacity, if I said how long of my life I crossed to solve the problems of others even before settling mine... And I continue, in particular with this blog and in the common life. Yet, if you concern too much poverty of the world your back without ever thinking of you, you become a kind of psychological sponge, and you accumulate bags of bones to the point that your brain extends beyond it. In this domain, I too much gave until now and I still give. Yet, at some point, it is necessary to think of its own happiness!. There is well a thing that I understood these last years: you cannot make the happiness of people in spite of them. That is why, without regrets, send to show unceremoniously the gossip and the malicious gossip, or by the humor, the spirit, and even in a very muscular way, without pairs of tweezers! Make what well seems to you, but especially, always keep the sense of justice and the equity! Enjoy the life "freely" so you can, and allow yourselves absolutely all the dreams!

Page 19. "If we have the possibility of earning money, the Lord will hold accountable to us. Bah, thus hold. Would not God like" the money "also, accidentally?. Has he a cash register? Only here we are, I would not have certainly more much in pocket by my arrived there high, in the train where go things (laughter). And then, I have an armed cast-iron alibi ... (I always make what seems to me just).

(Page 30). (About the handicapped persons). "For a handicapped person or an accident victim, it is very important to protect the sexual pleasure". Hem... Hem. I think that of it if I woke up in wheelchair and what moreover, somebody would come to whisper me about this sentence there: "your thingy, there, between legs, you can more use it the whole"... And well if the case arises, I ask that we finish me on the field, without any pity... Very fortunately, I am not in this situation, which is to be wished nobody.

From the page 48, he begins to speak about subjects "sensitive" as the persecution of the Christians in the Muslim world, about the violence in penitentiaries, about the respect that he has face to face certain occupations at risks and will gather certainly the approval of most high society by this very objective approach.

Page 122, "the young people (in trouble, editor's note), say to us this very important truth: the animal does not cheat, the animal does not lie, the animal never resumes what it gave. When a child was thrown in the nature, in the street, because after a beautiful orgasm his parents have of it to do nothing more I can say you that the young people whom we get back understand perfectly that they were abandoned." I would say almost bravo. It is believed, certainly, it is going to shock it more of one that a priest so expresses himself, but I want to say that it is of the "healthy" provocation, that gives responsibilities the possible parents who read this book, and god knows that the parents who mess their offspring are many. We shall teach the passage that he believes in "a paradise for animals" (why not, possibly, it is a beautiful poetic image, in any case ...)

Page 144. "The humility, the base of the authority". I share enough his point of view, but it is necessary to know how to be also sold in the world of today and question. For me, thus, the ideal would be to reconcile the humility, the talent, and the natural authority. To show his ability in the work, with his friends, with his banker, in the business and what we begin, to be humble in spite of the success, to to give from time to time of his time or of its money, etc. ... as possible. The whole in the modesty, with the pleasure as the vector.

Directly in the continuation, the page 144. "The Christ spoke with authority. When he asks the storm to stop, the storm shuts up. The water becomes level. And Jesus makes its marathon on quiet waters.". It is typical of this character, I let enjoy you, it is absolutely delicious...

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012611/ 02 / Fév / 201208:00

maviemiracle.jpgI always liked biographies, particularly when they emanate from people who crossed very difficult periods in their existence (I have another current of it), certainly because I feel very close to them, to part my real-life experience.

Annie administers the community "testimonies of success" and also holds the reins of the blog "let us imagine together" (see my blogroll). That's an understatement that Annie was not "spoiled" by the life. Become paralytic at the age of 26, undergoing then the loss of one of his children (Laurent) at the age of 14, Annie is undoubtedly a miraculously cured person of the life because she found the strengths to continue to live nevertheless.

In all honesty, I do not know if I would have had his courage after events so traumatizing, and I wonder very sincerely if one of us would have found this moral strength. Already, from time to time, the energy begins to miss me because the sensation to spread considerable efforts for "not much" is familiar to me, my nature very requiring always getting the upper hand!... Then, yes, Annie, we ask for more of it, works like that.

I do not adhere to 100 % of all that Daniel Sévigny in his concept of "the positive thought" can say, but if he allows persons to get up after such tests, he deserves amply to integrate the group restricted of the benefactors of the humanity. The disabled persons also have the right to be happy, to know love, to travel, to live completely these wonderful moments which make the life, as demonstrates him this book.

And when the stigmatization of such or such category of the population becomes common currency, he always makes well call back what is the tolerance. Regarding happiness, he cannot never exist "of superior beings" or "inferiors", the thought and the action requiring no supernatural power. Annie so demonstrates us that we can "be reborn" having touched the bottom the bottom in many aspects of our life, the have best still depending only on us.

Site of sale Http: // nnie / dp / 2355088810 :

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Friday, July 29th, 2011529/ 07 / July / 201112:10

gestes-du-succes.jpgI read for you "the gestures of the success, the words of the success" of Joseph Messinger, psychologist and specialist of the verbal and not verbal communication.

Joseph Messinger is someone who is placed well to speak about the subject, him who made a success late of his first work was published in 42 years ...). Since this masterstroke, he lives exclusively on his feather. (Ah, the lucky person!)

Formidable analyst of the verbosity, he deciphers the language of famous people and gestures to be privileged to communicate effectively with the public.

The first part of the work enormously pleased me, me who am nevertheless enough requiring. In these front pages, he lingers for a long time over these words which "gain". He supports his argumentations of personal anecdotes, sentences or famous songs (omnipresent Jean Jacques Goldmann), speaks about the philosophy of the individuals who leaked out durably, unwind beautiful stylistic devices. (Hyperbolas, metaphors, etc. ...)

The continuation is rather reserved for initiated and for enthusiasts, the others risking strongly to prop up along the way or to find the indigestible piece, because it is not any more a question than of speaking about the body movements. Understand "body movements" in a very vast sense, that is the handshake in the simple wink.

You will learn to decode subtly the signs which betray thoughts around you, around the type of smile whom we send you in the positioning of the knees of your interlocutor. (Euh, who scratches the head, there?)

Between lines, reader is constantly made sensitive on the interest to know the meaning of the mimes, of which the indisputable strategic interest is smelt from the first one produce you.

Thanks to his personalized railings, I learnt quite a lot of things on my personality (in particular that I adopt very often entrepreneur's postures and that I am one "offensive extrovert ")

The only snag, and I had announced you it, it is that the second part of this work is with difficulty digérable for somebody who interested only vaguely in the body movements.

Some of you will abandon certainly along the way, bury under an avalanche of too technical information. For the record, the desire to dig up only what interested me (and to consider the work as a collection) was oppressive, so certain gestures seemed to me little usual.

To finish on a positive point, Messinger seems to be also a burning defender of the positive thought. At any end of work (just before an index anatomical psychology), he presents us even with some sentences filled with vitamins for booster our will.

Globally, I am not dissatisfied with having bought this book. I am even going to resort to him to arrest certain situations.

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011219/ 07 / July / 201108:00

manuel-manipulation.jpgOyé, Oyé, citizens of Web, we are all more or less treated by somebody else of "more powerful". We deceive the children, the employees, the retired people, often to buy the social peace. We lie (if only by omission) to his neighbor, to his husband (-), to his friends, to his family, to protect something more important still.

Very foolish are the ones who imagine themselves that our government, however high-ranking they are, have the universal truth (…).

The manipulators can be everywhere and nowhere. We can never say goodbye définitement to all the schemers, even by being very smart!

Truce of alarmist comments, let us come down again in the rez of road of this irrational fear: who was not ever a victim of a strange stroke of fate and has not seen there ever the hand of his enemy?. That is why the title is pat in the eye (textbook of manipulation), and we burn with desire to go through him. The subtitle is it not less (obtain all that you want), which vast program!

Before opening the front page, I have the feeling to be a mine clearance expert or an old witch on the point to consult its illegible scrawl. I know that I open him and that it "is not suitable" to the point of view of the social reports.

To tell the truth, once the ended faintness, this idea enchants me completely, me who always soak thoroughly into the bath of the politically correct.

Certainly, I am not in the point to brandish this find in the library and to make for it an emblem, but I already smile nothing that to see the head of my a wife when she will see me managing me in the box with this book under the arm... All this with the most natural possible air, naturally!

Then, what I think of this book?... Of what to swim in troubled waters in swimming pool of inside or outside, but not of which to make him in a sea infested with sharks (laughter). In bulk, I deliver you the first chapters on the daily relations: "how be been thought of as a present?", "be selfish, it is more generous!", "identify his relations of support".

The continuation is not not less straight as a die as for sparring matches there: "how lead a man by the nose?", "learn to speak 'woman'", "thwart the liars", "learn to lie really"

The ambition was big, certainly disproportionate. To reveal the lies of any sizes, to lead plots, go out gaining latent wars, resume the power of a sphere of influence or still to obtain a pay rise asked certainly for more than 300 pages.

However, this book is not disagreeable of the whole. First of all because of his value for money, completed. Then because he has the boldness to draw a yellow line not to exceed regarding generosity or condolence, it is so rare and especially saving. (Laughter). Finally, he also contains some reliable elements of psychology which I know perfectly (in particular on the body movements) and he is very understandable.

Here we are, I read this firebrand ... I advise it strongly especially to those who discover the professional life, and generally, to the persons whose generous nature plays tricks ... (of pigeon?)

Manuel of manipulation, Gilles Azzopardi (specialist in relations and communications strategies). Publishing I read 6,70 euros in library. (Do not choose the size in 18,91 euros)

One of the sites of sale:

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