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Thursday, December 6th, 2012406/ 12 / December / 201212:00

legrand.jpgDThe years one "France Football" dating a few weeks, I had the pleasure to travel an interview of Jean-Raymond Legrand, new honorary president of the VAFC (Valenciennes Football club) from the beginning of the season, a photo of which you can see to the right.

Jean-Raymond Legrand began his professional career as truck driver trash can. He then created a company, then two, to arrive finally at the head of fourteen... To have left the sidereal space, this pure said self-taught to be more aware the value of the things than averages her people.

When he arrived at the head of the VAFC, this year, "he did a little the cleaning around him. The result is already there, under our eyes: a few months only after its coming in the presidency, the club represents regularly in five first ones place of the championship of League 1 with a very limited staff and a budget which is disproportionate with the heavy trucks of the elite.

This is what returns to me to the spirit of its comments on the failure: "if it does not walk, it's not serious, we shall say of me that I was not the right man for the job". Questioned about the wave of dismissals which followed its arrival, he answered basically: "you should not have of moods when it does not work".

I always have in memory some extracts of his answers on Gervais Martel, his ex-counterpart from Lens, eliminated after long years of checks and loyal services in the club from Artois and left on a dissonance: "he too much singed. He was not thanked even for the incredible job which he made there low!. I do not want to be as him"....

To return briefly on the weft of this last history for those who know it nothing, Gervais Martel injected millions of euros resulting from his pocket in the club from Lens (without having got back them never). Hummer allowed the RCL to become a champion of France, to participate in numerous European campaigns, and nevertheless, nevertheless.

=== > " If it does not walk, it's not serious, we shall say of me that I was not the right man for the job ". Never be afraid of dashing in the water. Anyway, the ridiculous does not kill, and that you succeed or not in your projects, you will have inevitably admirers but also detractors. Always settle limits not to be exceeded, precise objectives to realize according to a limit of granted time.

=== > " You should not have of moods if it does not work ". Immediately operational and good Legrand was that ignoring everything of the environment of the football, he realized that he needed to spread certain persons for the good of the club, what he did not hesitate a single moment to make. In the business or the business, he teaches we this very important principle: to be really effective, we have to remain faithful to our methods of management if they showed their ability, and to put aside our affects (feelings), as well as the sensibilities of some and others.

He too much singed (about Gervais Martel). I L was not thanked even for the incredible job which he made there low!. I do not want to be as him === >." The public does not still hold that the best images or the most beautiful moments, he holds often only what he wants to hold. This is why you should never run out physically and nervously for absolutely nothing: the labourer is worthy of his hire and nobody likes working only for the glory. If we are lucky enough to be adulated, never forget that people can also be very thankless. Always let us prefer to leave on a good impression that the low head after a resounding failure.

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011215/ 03 / Mars / 201108:00

Elisabeth had just been dismissed for economic reasons. She found a buoyant market and developed it on the Internet, an idea which allows him to make its living as well as previously as wage earner.

His business, it is to ride the wave persons who do not have the necessary technical luggage (or the time) to fit out assemblies videos from their photos, from their old dandruff, or of their camcorder.

His auto-entrepreneur's status allows him to benefit from a very advantageous tax regime, from simplifications of administrative procedures, as well as from a timetable in perfect adequacy with its family constraints.

Jean, his husband, also followed this way of the entrepreneurship, having undergone too the consequences of a redundancy.

More than French on three would like to become his own boss.

The question of the creation of an activity does not settle for the unemployed persons freshly dismissed a lot who do not find work immediately... It is moreover often what decides on the acting out.

As for those who already have a work but dream about a new El Dorado, rare are the ones who dare to leave him definitively to dash.

For this fringe of assets, it is often the opportunity of an impossible choice:

-Either they make "the big jump" overnight by leaving their work to make their project start, which is particularly precarious. (Unless having the very solid loins financially)

-Either they begin an activity parallel to their work, something which pleases them enormously and is not synonymic of duty, while hoping that a day, an income generated by this second activity will be sufficient to stop being used.

And finally, the helps granted regarding credit for auto-entrepreneurs Link >

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Sunday, February 6th, 2011706/ 02 / Fév / 201108:00

coco-chanel 2

Even if the set seemed to me very fictionalized, the work of this woman remains another reference in the field of the fashion, it is an unchanging symbol of the French elegance.

Born to Saumur on August 19th, 1883, she arises from a fairground family. Her mother dies in his twelve years, used by hard labour of the sale on markets and the frequent pregnancies.

She is denied then quickly by his father, who abandons him in care of the ladies canonesses of Moulins. The latter teach he the art of the sewing ... a passion which will not leave her more.

During an appearance in a café with live music very seen frequently by officers of the French army, she displays an unsuspected talent for the music hall by singing: "which that saw Coconut in the trocadéro?". She will pull of this song a nickname which will follow it all its life.

Woman in the irresistible charm, she arouses the greed of many wealthy young men, and will succumb to one of them, Etienne Balsan. The latter makes him the life of luxury discover and its splendors, and presents him persons of the high society of the time.

The fairy tale will last only some month, because she quickly notices that she is not any more in love. Furthermore, he does not support her in his project to open a business dedicated to his original creations of mode. (Dresses and hats which she does not hesitate to carry during worldly events)

A many years' long love relation makes a commitment then, Capel (contrary to Balsan) has a total confidence in its stylist's talent. From 1910, he lends he the necessary money to open his very first shop in full Paris, and the success is almost immediate. The continuation? You know her certainly: she will create an empire of the luxury very diversified (jewels, flavors, clothes) which lives even today.

Some business concerning her during the Second World War is evaded in the autobiographical movies:

---> his connection with a Nazi officer who will appoint her to sign the Peace with England.

---> his multiple attempts to snap up the actions of Jewish families during the activity.

At the liberation, she "will save the skin" thanks to her friendship with Churchill, but had to exile itself in Switzerland during 10 long years.

87-year-old dead woman in 1971, she always worked at the emancipation of the women and their development. By his mysterious personality and its tempered character, it became a legend.

"I returned to the body of the women his freedom; this body sweated in ceremonial clothes, under laces, corsets, bottoms, fillings"

"At thirty years old, a woman has to choose between sound behind and the face"

And so many other delicious sentences here Http: // www.dicocitations.com/auteur/926/Coco_C hanel.php :

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Friday, January 21st, 2011521/ 01 / Jan / 201115:09


Born on January 13th, 1951 in Chamalières (Auvergne), he arises from a very modest family.

Her mother passes on to him her love for the cooking, the passion which is going to guide him all its existence.

From 1968, he begins his career with a learning "the brothers troisgros" to Roanne, one year or this restaurant is going to obtain its third star to the Guide Michelin.

His CAP in pocket, he works then in Paris for Claude Verger in "the barrier of Clichy". Thanks to his quality work, he sees confiding the management of "the golden coast" of Saulieu. (Burgundy)

In 1982, he buys this restaurant by setting of very financial major risks. He succeeds in making of this sign the Mecca of the French gastronomy in 1991, and publishes in the passage his first work (" the surge of the flavors ").

He becomes then a world-famous leader, a kind of ambassador of the French cooking. He commits suicide on 24/02/03, probably under the influence of very negative comments resulting from some gastronomic criticisms. In its disappearance, his wife and her right hand decide to immortalize "the spirit Bernard Loiseau", with certain always intact success today.

Bernard Loiseau was a visionary, he had understood the importance of the media and used it as of a formidable weapon.

"The golden coast was of use as springboard to its talent, he knew how to take advantage of this gratitude by developing several by-products (books, ready-made meal, accessory of cookings in particular), as well as by opening two additional restaurants on Paris as well as other establishments of leisure activities.

Its company "Bernard Loiseau LIMITED COMPANY" became the same side in stock exchange in the edge 1998.

His big defect lived certainly in the constant anxiety of the lapse, it was a perfectionist in front of the eternal and there even, a dissatisfied one chronic in front of any work which claimed itself carried out.

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2011702/ 01 / Jan / 201114:00


In the history of the wild children, Marie Angélique is a case to part, a star in the twilight of these numerous small lost sheep which have as a rule only little luck to readjust to the modern life.

Everything begins in 1731, to Songy, in Champagne.. Villagers perceive a girl dressed as a savage soar on a tree, not far from a cemetery. She will live there one night, before being enticed by the food and capturing.

The girl emits only strange sounds to express himself. She indeed so suffered from the lack of the contact with the adults that she declined at the behavioral level, developing a way of life very close to that of animals.

To understand how this was able to arrive, step backward: in fact, everything began for her in 1718, when she is removed by strength of his native tribe (the foxes) by the French people, who massacred all his family with America.

Taken by force in Provence, she runs away from it at the age of 9 in December, 1721, together with another black girl whose language she does not understand. Together, they will roam 10 years in the forests of France and Navarre, in the most total autarky!

Both live a very rough life and return to the wild state. They communicate mainly by signs or very basic shouts. They adorn themselves with mud to protect itself from misdeeds of stinging nettles, insects and frost, look after their physical troubles thanks to herbs of the forest and feed on all that the nature can offer to them as food.

I invite you to consult these few information in his subject:

Link Wikipedia >

And this link which gives much more pushed information >Link

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